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  1. Great post. I am about 22 hours in and am in two minds about this game. I love the setting, visuals, combat and general progression. In that sense I am enjoying it more than Odyssey, which I felt overwhelmed by (too many areas blocked off due to some arbitrary level cap). In fact Valhalla is absolutely stunning. I'm also enjoying the little mini stories you naturally bump into while exploring. Each area feels different, nuanced and detailed. However, I'm only finding myself playing it for an hour at a time. It's hardly addictive. It could just be the mood I'm in though. I think it's the Raids. They've definitely started to grate. I much prefer just exploring yet you are forced to Raid to progress things. Going to push on.
  2. Yes, to people who are obsessed with games (surely most people here) a top 100 is breeze. Apart from agonising over what just misses out.
  3. My upgrade is about £30 for 213 days of Premium so seems about right. Though I have no idea how the calculation works. I have 185 days left of my current PSPlus subscription, never had Now, so I really can't fathom it.
  4. I'm just on the basic vanilla PSPlus so am now on Essential. I can't really complain as I've always wanted to play a Monster Hunter game and get World for free. There's also one or two others like Fallout 4 and the Crash Bandicoot trilogy I will try. The random selection of 2 to 3 free PSPlus games continues, albeit they've been pretty terrible in the last 6 months. The price stays much the same at £50, though I'm hoping there will be annual discounts going forward that will bring it down to about £35. I can't imagine upgrading though. I don't play enough games to justify Extra or Premium. Also, I can't be the only person who gets paralysed by choice? I'd rather buy one game every couple of months and really focus my time on it.
  5. What's the difference between OlliOlli Stance and OlliOlli World? I bought the former but may have got the wrong one. Not that it matters too much, it was only a couple of quid.
  6. I thought today's word was genius. I got to my last guess with only one letter found: "A". But there really wasn't any other option and squeezed through.
  7. Yes @Stejay. You won't be disappointed with Lego Undercover. I played it on Wii U and despite the loading times had an absolute blast. It's my favourite ever Lego game.
  8. After watching 4 episodes I'm still enjoying it but on the Bubble impersonation front, I can't now watch the guy doing Johnny Rotten without thinking of Rik from The Young Ones. I thought he was going to do the people's poet bit at one point.
  9. Thanks. Bought. It's great. A bit off topic but this from chapter 1: "My grandad was a grumpy old sod, but he was funny with it. He would sit me on his lap – there was no weird shit there, nothing noncey – and he had this rag that he used to blow cigarette smoke into and then hold it over my face. I fucking loved the smell of those cigarettes. Breathing in the smoke from that rag was one of the best and most comforting feelings I’ve ever known. When it got put back in the drawer I’d be shouting, ‘Where’s me rag? Where’s me rag?’ It wasn’t just for special occasions, it was for all occasions."
  10. I knew I'd seen him somewhere.
  11. I'm thoroughly enjoying Pistol. It's cartoony and prismatic but it captures the energy of the times. I particularly like how the vintage footage is woven in like Leo Sayer and Rick Wakeman. I could've done without the lack of widescreen though. That smacks of pretension. Makes me want to read the book it's based on.
  12. This sounds like a book club only with games? Cool idea.
  13. Yes, Wise Owl has been the best this series by a long chalk.
  14. Axiom Verge (Switch) This starts off brilliantly then gets mired by some basic design missteps. I can't be too critical though, as I believe it was designed and coded by one person, Thomas Happ. Putting that aside I felt like it was hitting an 8 or 9 early doors but ended up at a 6. Around half way through there's a tipping point on a par with the goat puzzle in Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars. The infamous pink pool. The game simply doesn't teach you how to deal with that and it's overlooked by a lot of people, including myself. But more frustrating is the aimless backtracking. Now I don't mind backtracking as a rule, so long as I feel like I've got a purpose and a sense of directed guidance, rather than raw trial and error. There are a couple of moments in the game where a signpost would've streamlined the entire experience. I'm not asking for flashing cursors on the map but when the only way forward is by going back to speak to a previous entity I think it's deeply unfair and cheap not to point that out. Another minor quibble is that a lot of the weapons simply never get used leaving a sense of disatisfaction. Did anyone ever use the freeze weapon? Thought not. A bit of game testing and QA would've probably ironed out these much commented on gripes, but given it was a one man band I can forgive a lot. Still had lots of fun with this and I look forward to the sequel which I understand puts more emphasis on exploration rather than combat. 6
  15. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is currently at its lowest price ever (£8.99). I'll have a bit of that. Also, Spelunky 2 is on sale. Anyone played it on Switch?
  16. This has been a consistent series but for me there hasn't been a belter yet. Also, Kid/Nap broke the convention that it has to take place in a single location. Not that I'm complaining, it was decent enough.
  17. As soon as Bradshaw gave this two stars I had to see it. What a ride. I can't wait to see it again as I'm convinced I will enjoy it even more second time around. The daughter was amazing.
  18. I don't think anyone has put Resident Evil 4 as their favourite game but at this rate it has a chance of getting top spot, certainly top 3. This is almost as exciting as Eurovision. Edit: it'll be BotW.
  19. Lovely to see Excite Truck make someone's list. It was on my 'maybes'.
  20. Yes, two episodes in and it fleshes out some of the backstory which is interesting. I love the fact they've included the documentary makers. Talk about meta textual.
  21. I messaged MTCGames and they confirmed the codes will be honoured, but not until the service launches in June. Then codes will be converted. So I believe as I am a PS plus member (with 6 months left) my 12 month PS Now code, which is £47, will convert to 183 days of PlayStation Plus Premium, which is worth about £50. Essentially I get no added value as it is worth pretty much what I pay for it. I'd be as well upgrading to PS Plus Premium, which I believe is £99, and not have the worry or hassle of getting the code. Conversion: 12 month PS Now voucher Non-Subscriber: Converted to 183 Days of PlayStation Plus Premium Essential: Converted to 365 Days of PlayStation Plus Essential Extra: Converted to 219 Days of PlayStation Plus Extra Premium: Converted to 183 Days of PlayStation Plus Premium Best Free PS5 Games To Play In 2022
  22. The ones I've seen are on MTCGames website. 12 month PS Now Gift Card for £47. I can add one to the basket and all looks legit. However, after what @Pelekophoros said it does sound too good to be true. Presumably if you buy one of these gift cards Sony would have to honour it to some degree.
  23. So if I buy a 12 month PS Now subscription in the next couple of days, will this grant me the top tier of the new service for 12 months? These codes still seem to be online for £50. Seems too good to be true... Just for clarity, I have a current PS Plus subscription which has 6 months left on it.
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