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  1. My girlfriend loves this too whereas I merely like it. It takes place in an alternate universe, that's how I get through it.
  2. Only Johansson above Hopkins because he hasn't transitioned yet. ;-) I've just got a thing for her. Plus Marriage Story, Under the Skin and Lost in Translation are wonderful. Between the male actors Hopkins range is marginally better but Hanks' output and consistency is incredible, plus he's got a lot of years left in him.
  3. It took me three sittings. Like watching pai...
  4. Martin Compston is going to seriously get the piss taken out of him when he goes back into school.
  5. I'd rather he was working on a new Star Wars film.
  6. I'm totally the opposite. I love survival games like this and No Mans Sky. It's when the going gets easy I tend to lose interest.
  7. I understand and agree with your disgust at the human race but comparing it to an individual's heroine addiction is a false analogy on more than one level. I think we only differ on one point: you believe there's hope for the human race. A noble and optimistic position and I respect you for it. If we all stop eating fish then the planet has a chance. However, given the base, selfish, greedy and venal behaviour the film depicts to say this is unlikely to happen would be a gross understatement. It is a brilliant documentary which highlights (as have so many others such as Blue Planet
  8. Mawdlin

    F1 2020

    The start of the new season has given me the appetite for a modern F1 game. It must be a decade since I've played one of these. There's a current sale on PS4. Any tips on which is the best from recent years? 2018 (£6) 2019 (£11) 2020 (£16) I'm not that fussed about drivers being in the correct teams or anything I just want a thrilling racing sim.
  9. Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition I got close to the end. So close. About 24 hours in and probably only one or two more dungeons to go. There were short spells where I enjoyed it but it felt so off the peg and generic, with every game element being done better in other games before, that I never got over the overriding feeling that I'm only playing it to fill time. I think I could've got to the end if the puzzles had been a bit more imaginative. But not only did they start repeating they became block-slidy and irksome. This was not awful just bang average.
  10. Anyone seen Seaspiracy on Netflix? I thought it was well done. The main guy has the charisma to take you on the dark journey that ultimately makes you think what a disgusting species we are. When it comes down to it though, its conclusion that we have to stop eating marine life of all kinds won't work. It's the same moral argument that to save the planet we need to stop eating meat. But the moral get out clause, to meat and fish eaters (and I am one), is always that we can target *how* its produced to fix things. But as a species the film all too starkly sho
  11. I don't think the technical issues helped at all but this linked to the pacing issues killed it for the 8 and 9 out of ten scores it deserves. You can imagine your typical reviewer trying this for the first six hours and, quite rightly, thinking it's generic, poorly written and buggy. But it blossoms into a beautiful thing soon after, and especially when the hordes become a thing. The writing noticeably improves after a bit of a duff set-up too.
  12. Great line-up. Days Gone is one of my favourite games of the last 2 years. Good to have it again if only for the Survival mode. Anyone played Zombie Army 4?
  13. That looks interesting and it will probably make me go back. I loved NMS but once I'd got past the survival and base building bit I felt like there wasn't enough purpose to keep me playing. Expeditions may just fill that void.
  14. I have started Shadow of the Colossus four times now. I struggle with, but beat, the first boss every time then just give up.
  15. Great write up. I'm currently playing this off the back of it being a psplus freebie last month. I'm certainly enjoying the setting and characters but it is early days. It feels like a Bioware game, though the combat is definitely a bit easy so far.
  16. Any Picross game or variant.
  17. It is all speculation at the moment but some 'detail' has leaked about Apple's new AR/VR setup. VR looks like it will be as comfortable as wearing a pair of glasses/or a slightly heavy blindfold. 105g compared to 503g on Quest 2. https://www.caesarvr.com/vr-ar-news/killer-features-of-apple-s-vr-ar-headsets-have-just-leaked I won't be getting rid of my Quest 2 anytime soon though. Rumour has it Apple's system could cost anywhere between $1000 and $3000. An AR sidewalk bowling game seems to be the only thing leaked gamewise. Sounds dangerous.
  18. Great so far. I have no idea who Mike Wozniak is but I'm definitely seeing him when the Edinburgh fringe starts again.
  19. I wonder if Edge will go under 100 pages for the first time ever.
  20. I completely agree with you. Moss is utterly charming but I found the puzzles all a bit samey and when you think about it they have a similar logic pattern to a lot of the block pushing style chores that troubled Lara Croft's adventures in the early games. Astro Bot is my favourite new IP for a decade and, sadly, Quest games still feel short and somehow unsatisfying by comparison. It might be worth trying Shadow Point though (if you haven't already). It is not on a par with Astro Bot for sheer fun but the puzzles are something a bit different and quite mind-bending. Nic
  21. Cool, the mechanics are excellent. I will see if I can get to the next stage but I'm also finding it bastard hard.
  22. I just started it too. The gunplay and feel are excellent but the world is just a bit too brown and uninteresting. It doesn't help that a lot of enemies materialise out of nowhere so nothing feels like it actually inhabits the space. I've had a good few hours out of it but not sure this is a keeper. Does it get any better?
  23. I love this too but have found the first 3 episodes of season 3 a bit dull - perhaps due to covid. They tried very hard to extract some drama out of the Bottas / Lewis dynamic but failed. All they could come up with was the one race where he beat Hamilton due to the latter receiving a ten second penalty. I'm hoping for better as it goes along. Edit: I concede there was some amusement to be had from Bottas protesting in every interview that he had what it took to beat Lewis and be World Champion while simultaneously having the demeanour of a whipped dog throughout.
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