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  1. I found this one way too cluttered and frantic, which is a shame cause I could see it was a good game but I was so pants at it that I ended up not liking it. - think I played it on the game gear and liked that version better
  2. SUPER CARS is my fav racing sim on the spec. it's a top down view one. think it was 128k only but can't remember. POTSWORTH & CO is good for a cutesy wander-round-em-up, underrated game I thought. RAINBOW ISLANDS and RODLAND really show how good arcadey style platform games could be on the speccy. WONDERBOY had horrific scrolling but was still enjoyable to play somehow. ARKANOID and BATTY were the 2 big bat-n-ball releases but they were both hard as nails. KRAKOUT was a great variation on that style, and way more playable EMLYN HU
  3. I love how this thing is still on amazon https://www.amazon.com/DURAGADGET-Childrens-Princess-Headphones-Detailing/dp/B01BWMHMBE/
  4. could do, or just make it something that's automatically included in the initial pledge/donation *if* the product comes to fruition... would be a risk still, obviously. these things could never not be.
  5. you don't pay postage + packing for an 'idea' though...
  6. lol he came back... got a bit lee fidgety being out of the limelight? if it doesn't have a CE mark I'm almost certain it's not allowed to be sold. whether ebay police that kind of thing I don't know
  7. yikes, can't deal with that guy's voice at all. 22K views in a day though, so at least the word is being spread even further...
  8. "The whole Vega+ campaign was a research excercise in examining the consequences of what happens when a crowdfunding platform is deliberately abused, and for being unwitting guinnea-pigs in this trial each backer will recieve £10,000 as a goodwill gesture."
  9. this 'trolls' excuse is the worst kind of bullshit. it is impossible to be "under attack" from trolls...the simple and 100% effective way to defeat a troll is to ignore them. if you take the bait and react to a troll then you 'lose' and the troll 'wins', but that's entirely your fault.
  10. retro.business has resurfaced, with no products at all. not that it ever had any. the most useless website ever devised in the history of the internet.
  11. looks like the retro.business site is no more. reports are saying the haters closed it down with one big evil surge of telepathic hatred. what does a poor guy like Levy have to do to make an honest buck in this unforgiving world, while fondling plastic bums?
  12. eh, you've got it easy... when I signed up here I was lee fogarty. wanna trade?
  13. sounds like some obscure type of fetish... maybe it is.
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