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  1. Anyway, your negativity has gotten to me, and I am not that kind of person, so I'll stay away from this thread. It's a new type of videogame competition by someone who has been running an independent gaming site for 13 years for crap's sakes. He runs the LAST remaining independent gaming website when all his contemporaries have long shut down, and all you weebs are interested in doing is trashing everything he does. Enjoy your Polygons and your Kotakus then, because you deserve them, and enjoy your thread full of hatred. I am out.
  2. Are you comparing the donations to a forum that features content by hundreds if not thousands of people, versus those to a site that is written by one? Not to mention that in this entire forum that includes a bajilion of pages by a bajilion of people there is not even a single page that will survive and have the impact of a single one of icycalm's essays like Arcade Culture, and so on. Remember what Itagaki had said to his competitors. Don't take off if you don't want to be shot down. It is no accident that no one knows any of you jaded people here, or gives a crap abou
  3. He is picking the best games in each genre. He has 5/5 GOTY reviews on all these games on his site. You might think that some esports pos is better than those games, but it's his competition, and from his perspective his choices make perfect sense. You are welcome to prefer mainstream outdated crap like Counter Strike or Street Fighter or Overwatch, but that's not what he and his site are about. None of his clan members play that stuff, why would they feature it in their competition? It wouldn't make any sense. Fortnite got 2/5 on his site, Overwatch 3/5. His site champions Siege and For Honor
  4. Rather paranoid for a functional adult. I am not the creator of the contest. Did he traumatize you guys or something and you see him in your sleep, or do you harass all new forum members as a matter of course?
  5. Too bad there's no one willing to give anything to a bunch of jaded old guys jeering in a forum about a brand-new type of promising game contest.
  6. There is a playable demo available now: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22370242
  7. Good call. It should be medieval Newtonian mechanics instead, since they are British Brexit-approved. We don't need dem dirty continentals, we gots our own mechanics! They can't take you to the moon, but they sure can take you to Derbyshire, and that's all that matters!
  8. I gather the organizer doesn't give a toss about losers who want to watch games. He wants to PLAY them, and there is nothing tedious about playing masterpieces like Rust or Civ.
  9. I think that 2 Japanese games, 3 American ones and 7 European is a good breakdown. The point is not to represent everyone equally, it is to have a good tournament, and there are more important considerations than equal representation, such as games that actually fulfill their purpose. The next year they will choose an all-new roster of games, and the national balance will inevitably change. My guess though is that there still won't be any African or Eskimo games.
  10. It is supposed to attract the best videogame players in the world. If they didn't feature African or Eskimo games... call Kotaku, once again, I guess.
  11. I count 3 American games out of the 12 in the tournament.
  12. They forgot to add hentai games and Super Mario Dumbed-down world, for sure. Maybe next year. The organizers are European, fyi. The most titles are made by European publishers or developers, and no "American PC gamer" has heard of Mushihime-sama or Under Night In-Birth.
  13. This tournament, on top of showcasing THE BEST VIDEOGAME PLAYER IN THE WORLD, has the added advantage of BEING ACTUALLY FUN TO PLAY. Think about it for a moment. In EVERY OTHER tournament you are going up against aspies who do nothing than play that single game for 20 years straight. There's no fun in fighting these guys. But in this one, though winning THE WHOLE THING will be a superhuman feat, winning a SINGLE event will be feasible for far more people. That's on top of the game selection being stratospherically superior to the tired Counter-Strike/StraCraft/Overwatch
  14. Tell that to the decathletes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decathlon
  15. I think it is clear the contest is not meant for "many people". The man who is even merely willing to compete in Under Night and Factorio is a superman indeed, let alone the actual winner of such an epic competition. Most gamers, like most people in life, are only involved with a couple of different activities. The man who boxes AND studies quantum mechanics is an exception, and that's who this contest is made for: exceptions.
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