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  1. Did you try pool after the latest patch? We fixed a whole bunch of issues. *Should* play much better now
  2. Yep. We know about this. And the various weird detection issues. Not fixed yet but we'll get to it
  3. I always wanted to add a "revive" purchase in the shop for multiplayer and a coin attractor of some sort but not sure how tit should work as they'd be one and done, as opposed to drops.
  4. If you mean "goals" then yes it's possible. Actual achievements/trophies is a lot more tricky as you have to follow some very strict rules. One of the reasons IMANOK code trophy is a pain is because originally it unlocked as soon as you did the Konami code but we had to change it because of some rules. It was super last minute and we sort of forgot that it would become unachievable after a point. We have a fix incoming for that now though.
  5. FFS... found the issue today! It won't be fixed in the next patch but I'm hoping the one after will address some of this stuff. The person who took over pool (was started by a part time intern) isn't happy with it either and has a ton of things they want to do with it to improve it but has some other non-games dev work at the moment.
  6. So power is analogue dependent on speed and distance of the stick/mouse but the bounds probably need tweaking. Might also see if adding a (very hacky) collider behind the hole that will dampen the bounce. As I say more pressing issues first though.
  7. Whenever you hit a gopher you get extra time, but only a really little bit. Thump-a-gopher makes me rage because i ALWAYS hit woodguy and he costs you -50 points and resets the spawn speeds. If you don't make any mistakes it gets dead fast. That's where to get high scores. On Vostok 2093 - It depends on what upgrades you have. if you've got all of them maxed you need to use the laser and the best level to use it on it the gold head boss on the 4th level IIRC, as he stays in the middle of the screen and you can avoid hitting any enemies in the early part of the level. Actually maybe it's the first animal boss. Originally there were no enemies spawning on the boss bits but it felt kind of dead so we added them, but with weapons that auto target it makes things more tricky. The enemies that explode when the boss dies DON'T count towards the goal. It's definitely doable (and not that difficult), but you have to not crash into enemies.
  8. Happy to hear suggestions (not that I'm promising anything). Our first few patches have all been about game breaking or progression blocking bugs, but once the next one is out of the way we're looking to actually do some quality of life stuff and actual gameplay improvements. For me, the big issue with pool is how powerful the top power is. I'm also not convinced the colliders on the pockets are right but I've checked them umpteen times (including just now while typing this). Adding UI to let the player know they can add spin will be straightforward but i suppose i need to play with ball mass and forces.
  9. The story behind this is that almost all the music for the game was written specifically for it by Kieron Pepper - formerly of the Prodigy. This stuff was commissioned by our publisher Wired Productions with me sending them a bunch of stuff I wanted similar vibes to. That's all the stuff you buy from Disk Jammers (little windjammers/flying power disc nod there). All the already unlocked tunes on the jukebox is stuff I got us outside of that. Almost all of it was composed for the game. Bobby Freeform - my mate Russell, Bruise Machine - my mate Paul, and all of the Mono Memory stuff except Outrun the World, was new and specifically for the game. Bruise machine as a name was made up in about 4 seconds after a few beers thinking of a name for this fake band. I know Kieron did the same for all of the music he produced. As the CEO and Game Director I get LOOOOOAAAADDDS of cold emails about people wanting to do music for games. Some of it is fine, but 99% isn't really appropriate . I always make a point to have a little listen though, if someone's spent the effort to send me it. Britt got in touch on twitter and I though "here we go again", but he was really knowledgeable about the game already and thought his tuff might be "era appropriate". I had one listen and was instantly sold. I was really into grunge and so on as a kid (Sonic Young tshirt on one of the customers, the king wash is on Murray Street, a bunch of other references) and there was none on the soundtrack; which had already been locked down, but I was like, fuck it... I want this in the game! Had loads of really good chats with Britt over twitter just about music and us introducing each other to stuff we'd not heard of. iirc he hadn't heard of Sebadoh - which I was reaaaaally surprised by given some of the tracks on their albums, and there were plenty of bands he introduced me to too. Because of the deadlines and so on we couldn't really get custom stuff done, so instead he basically let me pick a whole bunch of tunes from their existing albums. It was super cool, but also really hard to narrow down which ones. AND THEN... we had a launch party and I invited Britt and he brought me a whole bunch of Recluse merch and CD's. It was lovely.
  10. Looks more like 13 year old me, but I'll happily take the Joseph Gordon Levitt comment as a compliment!
  11. Skull - like a bomb that does a square of 9 Worm - a line down whatever column Arrow - flips board upside down (what was on the top in now on bottom) Stacked boxes - adds 1 to all numbers (7 becomes = ) The last one shuffles a random number of blocks to a random number
  12. Switch patch is live now. We have a hotfix incoming for some nasty progression blockers and trophies/achievements that don't pop on other platforms. Hopefully early next week depending on format QA. Then we can finally start doing some nice quality of life and gameplay tweaks. Other stuff... The "Assistant managers assistant" is me in 1993... KONAMI CODE on title screen means you'll always S-Rank washing. On pool you can add spin if you press circle/equivalent (or is it square?). Physics are still a bit janky though Other than the Recluse and one of the Mono Memory tracks, the music was entirely created for the game (and is streamable with no worries about copyright takedowns). Most of the band names are made up for the game too. More on soundtrack coming soon Blockchain vs. Drop7... So Blockchain is based on blitz mode in Drop7 but we tweak a fair bit. Each "round", rather than or always taking 6 spawns for a new line to appear we have a random number between 5 and 8. We have power ups (this is the big one) and crucially we encourage big scores by rewarding combos with the power ups. Blockchain is my personal heroin. Bugai (not-puzzle bobble2) is the game that I've worried about the most as it's really close to the original. Along with Windjammers (which we didn't dare touch) it's the most played game in the office. At uni me and a mate would play first to 50 on the PS1 version of it to decide who would do the washing up. We always called it Bugaaaaaaaiiii, as that's what it sounds like they say. That mate's nickname is Effaz (the king pig in woodgal's Adventure) and he grew up on "Goswick farm" which is next to a golf course (one of the courses on the golf game. The Woodgal Adventure music is also used in a game called Maths Prodigy or something. It's a free library one and I didn't know until my daughter was like... Dad, that's the same music as in that game I used to play. The graphics in Llama were done by my daughter. The game is big... It was made by effectively 7 of us.
  13. Indeed. But not too modest to be hitting F5 for ages to see if anyone else would make one. Thanks for all the kind words. It's been a passion project for sure. And for a team of 7 folk making it it's a BIIIIIG game.
  14. It's verified but there's a bug with the UI currently. Will be fixed in a patch that's coming VERY soon (I bloody hope).
  15. Sooooo.... Our next game which we'll be announcing a release date for very soon is basically this thread turned into a game. It's called Arcade Paradise and it's a sort of light management sim where you run a laundrette with arcade in the back, but everything is fully playable. All built by us from the ground up and really some could be standalone games I think. One of the games is a side scrolling brawler, which has a pixel art laundrette in it. And you can go inside it and play a bunch of arcades...
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