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  1. Oh really? I watched both sequels in the cinema and then never ever again Glad to see the storyline stuck with me
  2. I've never played this or even paid attention to it before but the mention of vampires and werewolves has gotten me really intrigued/puzzled, can't even begin to decipher how that would work in the canon or whatever. Definitely need to give this a play through on dolphin now
  3. Any on good series s and game pass bundles around at the moment? Definitely going to have one of these in the house by the weekend
  4. Yeah i understand the logic of that, theres a lot of charm to those ps1 f1 games as they are. Reading this thread made me realise how much time I must have spent on these a few years back as loads of the courses still feel so familiar and I dont really watch many of the races anymore Might download some of them at the weekend and have a play around
  5. Have you tried the PS1 games on Duckstation? Curious if F1 97'S draw distance is improved much by it I could of course just find out myself
  6. Probably going to buy a Series S this week. Does it run redream for the dreamcast games or is it flycast only?
  7. I would think the fact that Dr Dre is making music for it means it's going to be a return to a San Andreas style location more than anything
  8. This colonies game looks like a good laugh Art style on Fists is cool as well. A couple to look out for here, thanks
  9. Pretty easy this Yoshi game but the music/sound design is so good Mario Kart feels weird but am I just used to PAL? I don't know, it's been years since I played it
  10. Have they really made a mess of monkey target? It would be 90% of the reason i would be buying this
  11. In weird timing we were talking about an Earthbound remaster the other day on Teams so im going to go for that And a new cosmic smash Can't see another racing game from Nintendo unless its excitebike really
  12. Type 4 is obscenely good on duckstation. It could almost be an early ps2 game
  13. What's that one on the top row with the mad looking kid on it
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