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  1. I tried to do the whole PAL SNES & Dreamcast in a different life, i do sympathise with whoever ends up with this code in a box. If i was collecting full set pal vita i would definitely need this £500 seems like an incredible price though. What was the last public sale?
  2. Did anyone ever get Duckstation working on this or is the CPU too shit
  3. We seem to have encountered a glitch. Anyone else had problems with This happens Feels a bit buggy on the switch, this game. Couple of crashes. Don't know if it's the same elsewhere
  4. Can i ask what those speakers are? Very nice
  5. There is a massive, seemingly endless Lemmings game on mobile, fwiw Not quite the same game but it is doing well it seems
  6. When i was 8 or 9 - year 4 i think? Dunno for definite - we had a chippy round the corner from my nan's, cycled through a few games. One month it was Pit Fighter and for whatever reason, maybe an easy setting, i just smashed it as Kato, got to the two big lumps and flew through them easily I'd only done one credit and there i was against the lad with the mask, a crowd had formed, the tension was rife. I gave him a few digs but he's a twat and bang, i was dead. My nan gave me another 20p though and I did it. Legendary status. A complete fluke i think
  7. Would e.g. a Megadrive retroarch core on my pi4 be able to do this as well? I'd love to be able to play an optimised version of this game
  8. Still can't believe that they messed up Monkey Target so badly Tried it again the other week and it's just depressing
  9. Never been so excited to deflated coming into a thread in my life Ffs
  10. I think anything other than Switch II is a terrible decision, can't see them deviating from the console/handheld hybrid now either, they'd be foolish to do so. Maybe you end up with better processing power and a bigger screen? At a push, a better VR headset than the weird labo one I wouldn't have put it past them to call it the New Switch U 3D XL historically but they've been a lot smarter the last few years
  11. This i disagree with- the Amiga emulator UAE for ps2 was made using the ps2dev kit and out there for years, when you look at the shovelware scenario towards the end of the ps1 and ps2 runs, grabbing a load of games you had shaky rights to and putting a wonky front end on them was an easy way to make a couple of quid What I'd be less sure of is the idea that this is a standalone game, more likely part of a collection of spurious games like the playit "arcade classics" one or similar I had all kinds of nonsense for ps2 back in the day, sadly its all gone now, but i don't doubt that this did exist somewhere
  12. Is this a subscriber cover or retail? Havent bought Edge in a while but like the look of it
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