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  1. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6027/ There is a new translation of this & sounds like they fixed a few of the issues previous patch was causing. I always wanted to try & finish this so going to try & give it a go on the 350 now that it might make a bit more sense? Seemed really broken last time
  2. Well I didn't expect to read that. Really weird and sinister even, what is all that stuff about the socks. Madness
  3. I fluked it with Peach and feel no shame
  4. You could try disabling large frame buffer? I really don't know much about Linux tbh but I do remember that causing some problems
  5. Check what graphics plug-in you're using. Your spec doesn't sound that bad, you might have defaulted to ZeroGS which is shite
  6. interested just out of curiosity if you're not planning on keeping it
  7. What's that handheld next to the GPD? Some of those Saturn games I haven't even thought about in years, pretty cool
  8. the Flycast core in Retroarch runs Sega Rally 2 as it was but it's still a bit of a mess
  9. Finally unlocked Champions Road this morning after struggling on piranha creeper after dark for a couple of days Absolutely ridiculous level feel like throwing the joycons out the window What a game
  10. I have been wondering if this was too good to be true, there's just been something holding me back on this. Don't suppose you've tried cosmic smash on dc, or psp everybody's golf have you? Probably the only two I'd actually play anyway.
  11. Okay, trying to graft out the character completion stamps now, done all the level ones etc- is there somewhere in game where I can see what levels have been completed by each character? We flew through it initially just changing characters randomly to amuse the young lad and now I have no idea who completed what. Unbelievable game, can't believe how good some of it has been
  12. My son wants a poster of all the characters on the stamp screen now. Any hi-res images knocking about
  13. Haven't really played Bowsers Fury yet- 3D World is new to me so we are clearing it first- but I assume at some point you can actually get rid of Bowser and just have a big open map to run around doing jumps in?
  14. Excitebike/truck etc Jet Force Gemini if you're allowed to call that Nintendo & not rare- I was looking forward to that Tamarin ripoff of it but it didn't have the vibe
  15. Wonderm


    You won't be paying less than 65 for the physical unless you get lucky. Must be a very limited run
  16. Haven't played it much yet but the radio adverts might be the worst thing I've ever heard Something about buying a robot cat that fights for you? Made it sound horrific
  17. Ah yes ps1 to dreamcast now that's a shout. Still far more longevity in the Sega stuff from that era than most ps2 or xbox, visually and gameplay both
  18. For all the talk of ps1 games I actually think a lot of them come across really well if you're playing them on a handheld now - I've loaded up rg350 with about 3 dozen and the gameplay does hold up really well in that format. I can imagine they look like shit when you're trying to play them on TV or emulated etc but as for the reduced handheld size I think a lot of it really works.
  19. Can't watch the video in work really- dolphin is accessible now? Any word on redream?
  20. Have you played the original monkey ball on gamecube? Monkey target probably the best mini game of all time
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