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  1. Wonderm

    Nintendo Switch

    The only other one I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is Pode
  2. Wonderm

    Nintendo Switch

    Have you tried Unravel 2?
  3. If I have an old ps3 wheel should I assume instant compatibility? (thrustmaster ferrari) The idea of my work pc becoming a quasi outrun cab is ridiculous
  4. How does AO Tennis 2 perform? Seems like a perfect 73% game on metacritic and 20 quid is a big reduction But if it runs like shit compared to ps4 or whatever there's no point
  5. The RK2020 is better than half price on amazon there https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B089NQDM72/ Has anyone pulled the trigger on one of those yet?
  6. FBA v0.2.97.44 for Opendingux/RG350 No problems with it so far.
  7. Its a great piece of kit. Love the dual sticks allowing vertical shooters to just switch and let them play how they should in FBA too. Only game I've had trouble with is Mr Driller on PS1 which keeps flickering. Shame but only problem.
  8. Managed to pick one of these up for £50 off Shpock this morning. Haven't had a look in as the missus has renewed her MD Sonic obsession instead. Great bargain anyway
  9. So, a lot of you have had these rg350s for a while by now- does the ps1 emulation hold up? What about anything beyond it- can it struggle through some n64 games?
  10. There are plenty of hacked vitas on ebay
  11. Ah yes, tbf the ability to play it without spamming with credits may help a lot. I didnt think about that
  12. How many courses in golf on 51 worldwide games? Turf Masters is a masterpiece, buy it. I never played the NGPC version outside of emulation, but some strong comments in this thread. Either way the best 2d golf game no question.
  13. Ended up using the moped glitch and knocking the R out of it's holding pattern in the square. No idea how I'd have done it without the glitch, absurdly hard. A rare misstep that I think. Not many to go now.
  14. Ah ignore me then. Historical association there
  15. Thought the switch was getting the new pga game too?
  16. Edit- I just wish they'd put out one of these handhelds with a bigger screen than 3.5. Doing my head in.
  17. Me & the lad are slowly getting to 999 moons in "lockdown" (is it still lockdown?). We were on 610 when i last stopped playing it. Truly a wonderful game, possibly the best jumping mechanic/physics of anything ever. Can't fault it really. In terms of just pissing about and jumping round aimlessly, it's probably my favourite game ever. But... Jump rope genius can go fuck itself.
  18. Whats the screen quality like in comparison to RG350, does anyone have both?
  19. Wonderm

    Nintendo Switch

    What golf game? Edit- Nvm, didnt know pga was coming to the switch. That has made my day.
  20. Wonderm

    Nintendo Switch

    Cant believe how good Heave Ho is, can't stop playing it. The Mrs is far better at it than me and that is getting to me though
  21. Thank you! This is more detailed than the one i found Cant wait to fuck everything up and break it
  22. I just wish there was something decent with a 5 inch screen. I am getting too old for small screens
  23. Would have loved a modded 360 for this lockdown. If only I'd have saw this pandemic coming
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