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  1. Just now, MattyP said:

    Absolutely addicted to Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz on the Wii. Never played it before those party ganes are amazing fun. Four player Frisbee Golf is the firm favorite. At the moment. Not even touched the main game yet.


    The Wii is probably the best old school console made IMHO and the most inclusive. And fun. :)


    Have you played the original monkey ball on gamecube? Monkey target probably the best mini game of all time

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  2. 1 hour ago, SeanR said:

    Apart from SF Rush 2049 did Midway ever manage to make a decent racer on the N64?


    Cruisin USA/World/Exotica are all gash

    California Speed manages to be worse than those 3

    MRC is worse than I remember. (and I'm talking the lifespan of this thread, not back in 1997)




    FZeroX is woolly

    ExciteBikes 64 might be good if they didn't have a top speed of 40kph

    Lambourghini Racing and Beetle Adventure racing are carried by their licences

    V-Rally 99 isn't as good as the playstation v-rally games

    Stunt Racer 64 is nothing of the sort

    Destruction Derby 64 tries to use the power of the console, and makes the same mistake as DD2. Are we racing, or are we destroying?


    the F1 games that I played vary in quality (per my previous posts)


    the only saving graces are RR64 and WipeOut64



    That just leaves the Top Gear games to play...





    Mickey's Speedway USA? 

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  3. 1 hour ago, deKay said:

    Already have Overcooked and Snipperclips. Heave Ho seems a similar sort of thing. Looking more for something story based to work through - like the Lego games and Knights and Bikes.


    Have you tried Unravel 2?

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  4. On 07/07/2020 at 14:36, Ry said:


    Which version of FBA are you using?


    Most of the roms pre installed in the M are not working for me. 


    I don't know how to add the correct Romset to it. I don't have any issues with consoles in general.


    MAME and FBA are pretty useless for me. Which sucks as the one I'm selling is fine. 


    FBA v0.2.97.44 for Opendingux/RG350 


    No problems with it so far. 

  5. How many courses in golf on 51 worldwide games? 


    Turf Masters is a masterpiece, buy it. I never played the NGPC version outside of emulation, but some strong comments in this thread. Either way the best 2d golf game no question. 

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  6. On 11/06/2020 at 18:45, Wonderm said:


    But... Jump rope genius can go fuck itself. 


    Ended up using the moped glitch and knocking the R out of it's holding pattern in the square. No idea how I'd have done it without the glitch, absurdly hard.


    A rare misstep that I think. Not many to go now. 

  7. Me & the lad are slowly getting to 999 moons in "lockdown" (is it still lockdown?). We were on 610 when i last stopped playing it. Truly a wonderful game, possibly the best jumping mechanic/physics of anything ever. Can't fault it really. 


    In terms of just pissing about and jumping round aimlessly, it's probably my favourite game ever. 


    But... Jump rope genius can go fuck itself. 

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  8. 12 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    Aren't Take Two publishing that new WWE game? (And the golf game)


    What golf game? 


    Edit- Nvm, didnt know pga was coming to the switch. That has made my day. 

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