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  1. I just wish there was something decent with a 5 inch screen. I am getting too old for small screens
  2. Would have loved a modded 360 for this lockdown. If only I'd have saw this pandemic coming
  3. Endless void levels would probably be my ideal 3d Mario game. Great idea
  4. Im missing being outdoors- the driving range specifically- and started looking into golf pitch monitors yesterday before realising that my Mrs might have a slight problem with me dropping £2000 on a good set-up (not sure I'd pay it anyway). It does link in with The Golf Club if you're taking that seriously- I know some people really really do- plus it would genuinely help my overall game I'm sure. I do really want a go, as the last time I did one of these (4-5 years ago), the standards were nowhere near as high. Im pretty sure that was reasonably old at the time a
  5. This is on the SNES app on Switch now by the way, if like me you have it and never use it.
  6. Can we combine this one with the gamecube version too? What a game
  7. To add a new contender to the mix, we went NQ64 on Colquitt St last night and it's fucking decent. A Good row of consoles with everdrives (well, sd2snes), plenty of fighting cabs, and 4 linked Outrun 2006 machines too. Don't get back home much so can't vouch for Arcains but this was very Good if you're nearby
  8. This comes from a These Football Times issue solely about Liverpool. Loads of good articles in it and an interview with Carra as well. £10 but i would definitely recommend.
  9. This system really needs a good golf game. Its the only thing missing. Yes i know it has turf masters but I've been playing that for 10+ years. (and im still shit at it).
  10. N64 needs one of the Wrestling games. No Mercy or maybe WCW/NWO Revenge?
  11. Quick question do i need a gamepad to get this up and running, or could i manage it with just the wii u and a usb xbox controller (for example) There's one without gamepad going really cheap near me
  12. Clocked this last night, it had been annoying me. I normally don't spam credits on mame just to get through games but had to on this, i was struggling too much. Think it was a mixture of slight lag and being a bit shit in the end. Anyway afterwards i was thinking about just how long it had been since i first played it and now I've finally cleared it. Fucking years! I might start going through all the other old games i got nowhere near finishing and start using some save states. Good game i think, albeit pretty unfair at times. Wouldn't mind trying the saturn one next,
  13. Got really vivid memories of playing this on a cab in the chippy round the corner from my nans when i was a kid, so was quite eager to play it again to be honest, not sure I've touched it in years. Feels a bit stiff in mame, couple of frames off every now and again, but maybe im just awful at it. Eventually got to 3-4 but trying to time those jumps in the sewer in 3-3 is getting to me a bit and then brigette neilsen just keeps doing me in. Good game, although i think im going to struggle beating it without some serious save states or dozens of credits. These retro gam
  14. I would have loved a true sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky. Great story- albeit too much padding eventually - and lovely art style. Was so good when i was a kid. Otherwise, Cosmic Smash 2 please. Such a clean style that it could have continued forever with new levels really. Edit- this also applies to Neo Geo Turf Masters
  15. The handling is decent enough; i wouldn't say there is a vast difference between cars necessarily, outside of the obvious speed increases as you grind through. My main complaint would be that the races are a bit too short, certainly to begin with. By the end they have started to stretch out but even then, not as long as I'd have liked. Asphalt is better and its free, albeit more arcade.
  16. Its an emulation xmas for us- planning to revisit N64 classics on the pi4 with my brother all xmas, will probably just play No Mercy in spite of having 20000000 other games on it like the olden days. That & PS4 Everybody's Golf
  17. Transformers on PS2 was an incredible achievement at the time
  18. From a major artist's point of view there is a lot of money to be made from streaming, but at a lower level (I.e. 10k or less streams for smaller independent artist), its not really that much money, especially if you look at conversion rates if the product had been sold rather than streamed. Most lower level artist money is realistically made via bandcamp as opposed to streaming services. I suppose you could argue that the steam store is the gaming equivalent but the profit margins are pretty different from what I understand. That said if you're an artist who finds th
  19. It is seamless to be honest. Just a shame there isn't a better skin
  20. How is performance for people like me who don't have a pro? Only got an old base model
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