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  1. Holy shit I had no idea it was that easy. Tempted to do this and get a Hdmi mod now.
  2. There's a thread with a bit more information on dingoonity- a couple of posters there have the prototypes up and running. The jz4770 chip is certainly better than the one I've been using and emulation upto neo geo/fba in that is pretty accurate once you're using updated firmware http://boards.dingoonity.org/ingenic-jz4760-devices/bring-on-the-rg-350-(jz4770-based)-handheld/
  3. The first one is one of my favourite games ever, blew my tiny little mind as a kid. Really hope they don't fuck this up.
  4. Not that pricey either https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OKAMOTO-AYAKO-MATCH-PLAY-GOLF-Can-save-Boxed-Super-famicom-SNES-Japan-14683-/183754065226
  5. Okamoto Ayako to Match Play Golf It's... okay. Better than I remembered actually.
  6. This is the crux of it really. If the old contracts don't cover this then it becomes quite shaky legal ground imo. Saying you bought the IP and that entitles you to all rights and monies as a result is vastly simplifying things as it really is dependent on contracts themselves. & as gone fishin touches on, in terms of music royalties you've got all kinds of forms of payment from different entities and contexts- PRS, MCPS, PPL- covering your sales, performance, mechanicals, radio play etc, with different rights for performers, labels: Say I bought the r
  7. you used to be able to cut through the pit lane on the second lap in expert in the arcade, and I think in beginner during the first lap? It's not every lap Still haven't took another run at this but quite certain it was in the dreamcast version as well as the arcade. Never played the saturn one
  8. Always was a pretty average game but has to be one of the greatest titles ever to be honest
  9. Most the gamecube and dreamcast collections are on archive dot org as full romsets for posterity
  10. I know the dreamcast version of this so well that the arcade version feels a bit... off. It is very sensitive but once you get the handle of it I dunno, I like it a lot. Just reminds me of being 17/18 really - this era of Sega racers was the pinnacle I think. Beautiful presentation, dodgy music, angry multiplayer. Something was lost when sega started dying off, the blue sky gaming never really got replaced. What was the course that starts off on the bridge? Going to go and download this now
  11. Do you still have to short it by bridging pins or is there another way now?
  12. There is another course it got mentioned in a thread recently - Scotland, on the CD version. Haven't managed to play it yet.
  13. Bought a Pap K3 Plus as they're really cheap now. (as little as £30 if you get them off aliexpress/dhgate, but £40 on amazon). It's the same chipset as the RS-97 mentioned upthread but a bigger screen- 4.3" instead of 3", which my old man eyes find a lot more palatable. The emulation is largely spot-on up until neo-geo/FBA. Also got PSX & Quake engine emulators if you install the custom firmware in the comments of the video below I must admit I haven't played many PSX games yet but does seem to run In The Hunt okay. Worth the £30 if you
  14. Depends what you're playing. Dreamcast was my go to for years and think it's perfect for racing games- Ferrari Challenge on this absolutely pisses playing it on a dual shock on ps2. Perfect for Cosmic Smash. FPS though, not a fan.
  15. Been trying the android version of this out today and to be honest it's an unbelievable achievement, coming from reicast. Now- is anyone was making cheaper bluetooth ripoffs of the DC pads? I know there's the dreamconn but I can't justify £100+, it's mental.
  16. Never played the DC version outside of emulation in all honesty but the arcade game is a dream
  17. Sega Rally 2 does run in demul but the quality's a bit dodgy- unstable framerate and the audio is all over the place Dont know about every CE game in general, but the arcade version runs a lot better in Supermodel.
  18. Managed to destroy my vita trying to repair it (dpad was battered and now won't switch on) and looking at options. Is there anything slightly cheaper than the gpd that's got a chance at emulating dreamcast? Now that redream is doing so well I'd assume any windows tablet could take a punt at it but none of them seem to have hardware controls. Unless I'm missing something
  19. Are you making sure the power is off completely when you put the USB in? If its connected to a live power source then it will knock it back- the USB needs to go in before it's plugged in. Otherwise no idea sorry
  20. If you want to use coinops there's a few big images on arcade punks that will basically do everything for you. As a front-end it is great but I need to figure out how to use it without the videos really, as it does slow it down a little
  21. +1 for shock troopers. Windjammers is essential too although I don't think it's in there as a neo geo game specifically
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