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  1. To be honest I had half-forgotten just how many great games were on the ps1. In The Hunt just looks incredible; need to look more into the 2d games for it, I ignored them horribly at the time.
  2. The vita one is great but often think it's a bit too cute for me. Physics probably better in the vita one but this has a lot of charm I think.
  3. I have been playing Everybody's Golf 2 on the ps classic lately. Would agree with the general sentiment about Tiger peaking 04-05, but I think grinding through the earlier stages on this with "Mel," the bald and fat one, is in terms of atmosphere remarkably close to what golf is actually like on most English courses. Overweight bloke with a combover struggling through seemingly unforgiving greens, ending up +6 out of nowhere. Its just like playing with the blokes from work. Actually think this is my favourite Everybody's Golf now. Need to
  4. Wow and I thought I was making progress, that's seriously impressive. What a game this is
  5. Beneath A Steel Sky. Showing my age maybe and I know it was basically a Blade Runner homage throughout, but got to be one of the best written games of all time. Blew my mind when I was a kid, genuinely.
  6. Expert mode on smb1 would have me throwing the switch at the wall but i really really want it
  7. To be honest if this is in the baltic quarter it's going to take it into a very different market than the Bury one as well, isnt it Really intrigued by this even if Cain's ales are a bit shit (imo)
  8. This is really really good. Get the feeling it's going to be extremely tough by the end of it
  9. Okay thank you that makes it a better investment than having to double dip. Trains could be a problem but mostly okay with that
  10. Haven't really looked into a second switch but the lad already wants one so I'll probably end up with one of these lites eventually. But does the 2nd switch needing an internet connection mean it can't play "your" games when it's offline- I.e. We're on a plane but he can't play Mario odyssey because I bought it and it's digital? Even though its a linked account and stored on his device.
  11. On a professional level I've always found Ableton to be a different class, particularly if playing live, but yes the bar for entry is extremely high. In all honesty though I'd say 70/80% producers at low level just pirate music software. It is very easy.
  12. Fruity Loops/FL Studio? Pretty sure you can unlimited trial it as well
  13. There are loads of things this is underutilised for really. It would be lovely to use this as a midi controller for ableton Re exporting tracks from it - could you not use a Hdmi audio splitter? Would presumably get a better bitrate than exporting from headphone jack. Still not ideal I know
  14. It's a good laugh. I'll make my missus play it later and see how long it takes before she storms off and gives up.
  15. Some of these levels are just so technical. Never had number 1 so had no idea how mad it gets. I'm rubbish but so was the game Escape from Camp Deadly WVT-0N3-J5G
  16. It would be nice if there was a midi editor with this too, make some music for your level. Like the one in Mario paint
  17. I'm so impressed by this score Great game. I made a golf thread on here and played nearly everything, and nothing really beats it. I'm assuming Scotland is extremely hard?
  18. I know it's a rom hack but reading all this I'm now thinking it could be a similar idea to parallel worlds, the link to the past remix. I'd be well up for a much grander version of that
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