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  1. I don't think I've been this excited by a trailer for a game in I don't know how long. If it looks even anywhere close to this.. wow. Took my breath away that
  2. Has anyone got a good guide for replacing a d-pad in a vita? Working lovely otherwise but just can't press down! Alternatively someone I can pay to do it
  3. A substantial golf game is what the switch really needs right now
  4. Sorry if it's been answered before but if I buy Virtua Racing is the game in English? My boy would love it but I think he's a bit too young to muddle through Japanese menus etc. He might surprise me of course.
  5. Assuming you're talking about the ghosts here- I guess M2 could probably just alter the sprite so it doesn't look like a swastika but I thought they looked like KKK regardless! Might buy this now, you've stoked my curiosity ha
  6. There's a demo of that on the Japanese shop. In Japanese but easy enough to muddle through
  7. Okay after your comment in ps classic thread I think I'm going to look into mini PCs over the weekend now. Can you get the PC to boot directly into it? I don't like the standard retroarch interface really but if I can get this looking decent and run dolphin & reicast (all I really want is cosmic smash!) then I am sold. @Horribleman sorry for attempted thread hijack
  8. Thank you, I had no idea about either.
  9. Yeah agree with that- redream is something else, I haven't had anything really suffer yet. In reference to @Mars post I think there probably is a good market for some kind of all in one package. I'm surprised there aren't more hooky retroarch boxes floating about like the MAME arcade cabs etc. A £150 PC that booted straight to a selection of emulators (Inc redream/dolphin etc) would really clean up even if it is legally very dodgy. I think anyway
  10. Sorry- I have no analogue here, rather. They work fine by all accounts.
  11. Mostly been playing Everybody's Golf to be honest, so not sure, but has played everything I've thrown at it so far. Even Vice City loaded but no analogue made that pointless.
  12. After realising how to fix Retroarch I'm quietly impressed by this for under £40. PSP emulation mostly spot on and even got a couple of dreamcast games to work with reicast.
  13. Is the Switch getting the amazon game streaming service then? Just idle thought but why else the sudden tie-in.
  14. Having problems installing cores in retroarch- how do you do it without being connected to the internet? I am hungover and this is the wrong time probably but all the same
  15. Personally i just wish Sega would pull their finger out (i know) and get some Dreamcast/Naomi games across. How is Cosmic Smash not on this? It's bizarre
  16. There's Dakar 2 on the Gamecube, which is... alright. Remember thinking the graphics were pretty basic but played quite well.
  17. Any decent guides for opening one of these up- My dpad is feeling very sluggish, anyone got any experience in replacing them?
  18. I went through a horrific stage of this collect everything in sight idea, mainly SNES and Dreamcast, it reaches the point where you're just buying for buyings sake I think. I do know a couple of lads who are still in the business of trying to do "full collections" (where did this come from by the way?!) but you're just buying shit to fill up random shelves? I actually think I lost money when I sold most of it on but that was mainly just trying to get rid quick when I got laid off. Never again. It's all emulation now apart from the nostalgia stuff, but I play games on
  19. Yeah that's the one. I will play any old golf game, even if they're barely passable, but this might not even be that Edit- I think metacritic has given me the answer https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/the-golf
  20. Has anyone played that £8 everybody's golf ripoff in the store yet? Still really want another golf game for this but it does look shit
  21. Other option- if it's only virtua striker- is that it's a trimmed iso, which can sometimes cause problems. Loads of trimmed isos just wouldn't work in dolphin and pretty sure a few caused problems in nintendont as well? It has been a while. Maybe find a 1.4gb image and see if that works- if you haven't already
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