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  1. Any decent guides for opening one of these up- My dpad is feeling very sluggish, anyone got any experience in replacing them?
  2. I went through a horrific stage of this collect everything in sight idea, mainly SNES and Dreamcast, it reaches the point where you're just buying for buyings sake I think. I do know a couple of lads who are still in the business of trying to do "full collections" (where did this come from by the way?!) but you're just buying shit to fill up random shelves? I actually think I lost money when I sold most of it on but that was mainly just trying to get rid quick when I got laid off. Never again. It's all emulation now apart from the nostalgia stuff, but I play games on
  3. Yeah that's the one. I will play any old golf game, even if they're barely passable, but this might not even be that Edit- I think metacritic has given me the answer https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/the-golf
  4. Has anyone played that £8 everybody's golf ripoff in the store yet? Still really want another golf game for this but it does look shit
  5. Other option- if it's only virtua striker- is that it's a trimmed iso, which can sometimes cause problems. Loads of trimmed isos just wouldn't work in dolphin and pretty sure a few caused problems in nintendont as well? It has been a while. Maybe find a 1.4gb image and see if that works- if you haven't already
  6. Been swearing a lot at the big coins on these ice levels. Good game. Does look a bit cheap but who am I to talk.
  7. Incredible mod scene based around No Mercy as well, although the changes are too obtuse to get them working on anything that isn't a PC emulator (as far as I'm aware). Too much time wasted on Revenge back in the day jesus christ.
  8. Outsider art is a perfect way to put it. Played a lot of them but Hard Time (the one in a jail) the most, the man's in his own world. Incredible stuff really. Popscene feels like I should invest some time in it as well. The bible one is crazy
  9. Really craving an open world (drive around doing nothing in particular) game for this at the moment. Is there anything I've missed or forthcoming?
  10. Jesus christ. That's a game changer isn't it Going to close this tab quickly before I get any ideas that land me in the doghouse
  11. Yeah the package for this has to be the standard the retro packs hold themselves upto now, amazing work from Cifaldi and Co. Some awful games here but I quite like Psycho Soldier, once you get into the rhythm of it it has its charms imo Had never even heard of Prehistoric Isle before but keep coming back to it
  12. Sorry, I have robbed this idea from the boxing game one. Mostly been playing Everybody's Golf on the Vita lately, just an unbelievable game that. But the Vita is hacked and in lieu of a real sim coming to the switch I have a real urge to play a few more. Was always a fan of the links ones on PC and played a lot of old PGAs but were there any other unsung ones? Thinking upto PS1 really although I do have the gamecube set up too. Turf Masters is one of my favourite games ever so anything even slightly close to that would be good.
  13. Haven't played that many of the games yet but the overall package is really good. Not entirely sure it's worth the eShop price but cartridge was 27 Clearly a lot of work gone into it which is surprising
  14. Can you hack it without the Sony memory stick now then? Used to be that sd2vita didn't work until original hack was done via the sony one. Or maybe I'm wrong it was a while ago now
  15. How is the gamecube support coming along? Framerate was pretty slow the last time I looked into it, outside of the usual suspects.
  16. Its just a shame it'll be the same recycled NES games that have been knocking round for years. Price is hardly prohibitive but first impressions just seem lazy- at least open up the relatively untapped market (for Nintendo VC anyway) of GBA games or N64 rather than the same old same old. Seems bizarre to me that it's easier to play something like Metroid Zero Mission on my vita than Nintendo's actual hardware. Oh well I'll still pay it anyway and just moan
  17. What's the n64 emulation like? Only want the thq wwf/wcw games really, although a generalisation will do
  18. Are there any good games set in the Vietnamese conflicts? Maybe not the best thread to ask that but oh well it's done now
  19. Sorry to go back in time a bit but there's a demo of this on the Japanese e-shop if you want a look. There's very little text so you can get a feel for it.
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