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  1. Had the new UI for the last few days.. and now its vanished, back to the old dashboard with no option to turn it back on....????? WTF?
  2. Really cant work out the double clicking the side button to get pass through turning on or off - working. Seems really buggy for me... anyone else having issues?
  3. Yes, pretty much instantly for me.
  4. FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK! I was really looking forward to that getting me through May stuck in isolation!
  5. It needs a red Ferrari for sure..... then just has to channel the cannonball run and off you go.. I do so hope that you get another chance to work on it @S0L Outrun 2 is one of my favourite games of all time....
  6. @S0L Would love to know - is the Ferrari license THAT expensive to make it profitable? Sega/ Ferrari profit share? There must be more than one Outrun fan that works for the company... Would LOVE a new Outrun
  7. An index if you can afford it (or find one!) - but otherwise I think the Oculus quest is the best all rounder at the moment..
  8. Half Life: Alyx - if you love Half Life its just got a whole lot more immersive!
  9. Be under no illusions, HL: Alyx is fucking mega. And just based on my five hours with it - very, very deserving of a 10. I could not have had any of the experiences I had with it in any other medium other than VR, and the way it all hangs together is downright magical.
  10. Huge thanks... that seemed to work.. I think. Bit laggy at the moment, but I am running both connections overs wifi - so will try and connect the router to my pc. Love the idea of this game untethered though! It's fast becoming my favourite game of all time.
  11. I would f*ckin love a modern Outrun sequel:
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