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  1. So the stacking up Gamepass thing only works for non current members, right? I have Gamepass, but it comes to an end in Feb - what are the best value options for people that already have Gamepass? Huge, thanks in advance
  2. I love Nintendo. But I really can't be arsed to play any of these again... (maybe Galaxy).. I just feel Ive rinsed them all and my pile of shame grows every month...
  3. It’s ok. They wont see much difference between the graphics of the games
  4. The only concern I have with Amazon is whoever they choose to deliver it.... Please don't be those muppets at Yodel.... Please don't be those muppets at Yodel.... Please don't be those muppets at Yodel.......
  5. I think the main problem with TLJ, is that it is trying to throw away everything that came before - in chapter 8 of a 9 chapter book. This would have been fine in a side story, but I think a big part of the divide in the fan base, comes from whether people like that overall story, or just view it as a series of individual films. I imagine Ryan Johnson is the latter. But for people who see it as a saga (and really really dislike the film) this comes across as petulant and arrogant on his part.
  6. Seems S's are really plentiful... which is funny as I thought those were the ones everyone was going for... Still seem to be available on Amazon.
  7. @LaveDisco You avatar is how I feel this morning, looking at Game's website...
  8. The combat in that game stopped me playing it.
  9. Apologies if already posted: Amazon: Hope You Weren't Expecting Your Pre-Ordered PS5 to Ship on Time https://apple.news/AhT0g6XWOSRqZZcWUMip9Zg
  10. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I’ve got a feeling that this game is going to be quite broken out of the gate. It will quite possibly be spectacular in 18 months from now... but it just seems like it’s reaching for the stars in a very compressed, Covid affected timeframe. Hope I’m wrong but if something looks too good to be true......
  11. Killzone, and dare I say even Knack, looked like a big step up from the PS3 though. The way both Sony and Ms have both managed their respective launch games is bizarre.
  12. I honestly don't know. Maybe in the hope it recaptures some of the launch day vibes from consoles of the past...... it just a shame there aren't actually any games that I couldn't play on what I already have. That's definitely a first.
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