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  1. FFS! Can someone explain how permissions work on xboxes. We have an Xbox downstairs that has my account on (which is linked to my gamepass) and two family accounts for both my boys. And I have an xbox in my office with just my account on. All of a sudden I can’t play upstairs if they are playing a game pass game downstairs. It needs my account signed in for them to use games-pass - and if it is I can’t play any games (game pass or otherwise) upstairs… it’s doing my fucking head in - as it was working fine…, Anyone know how to set the Xbox’
  2. *not bad. *for a 360 game
  3. Well after getting it at launch and feeling a bit of open world fatigue after assassins creed - I finally played this for a few hours on the series x. And holy shit it’s beautiful, epic and mind bendingly detailed. I’ve only got to the title card (and just met Keanu) but I’m already of the opinion that it’s a master piece. The animation and characterisation are like being in a CGI movie you can freely explore (if 80s era Paul Verhoeven had directed a Blade Runner knock off with an unlimited budget). Long story short - I love it and can’t believe it’s been so widely derided.
  4. This is wonderful! Best animation I have seen since Spider-verse!
  5. Ok help please… I need to transfer all the accounts on a One X to my Series X. Not just my account - I need my kids accounts too - with all their data and saves intact. i have googled it but can’t find a definitive answer. I can see it’s possible for the main account - but it’s really the kid’s ones I want on there and don't want to have re log in and re verify everything. is there an easy way of doing this that any one knows?
  6. I booted this up on the Series x for the first time since playing for an hour at launch. in general I’m blown away by the staggering amount of detail on display… but it does seem more buggy than when I played it at launch. Textures that don’t load or pop in and NPC’s doing all major of wierd stuff. is the PC version ALOT better than the series X version? If so that might Push me over into upgrading. Really in the mood to play this now, after a few months of waiting.
  7. I wasn't sold it looked that much different when it was first revealed... but this really does look beautiful.
  8. Friday Night Dinner: I love this track (and this show) so always watch it
  9. No-one, at any point, has said there is. Just that a longer cut exists that has differences.
  10. Do you think he could, even if he wanted to? Apart from the fact it would be highly unprofessional, the SW sequels/working with Disney will be NDA'ed upto the wazzo. These films are products, created by a corporation.
  11. The Rise of Skywalker smells of a film that has been cobbled together by a corporate committee to a deadline. If you don't think several much longer versions of that film exist (without effects) you may want to read up on how movies are edited. It feels rushed for a reason. And the points above don't say its better - just that it exists with a slightly more coherent narrative. Which frankly isn't a very high bar.
  12. I think whatever went on behind the scenes of the Disney sequels is actually much more interesting than what they made for our screens. Obvs take with a grain of salt but this was leaked a couple of days ago. It may be completely fabricated, but a lot of it makes sense in terms of the broad strokes of what we ended up getting: What happened with the Disney Sequel Trilogy and the changes to Episode IX I worked on the sequel trilogy for its entire run. From ***The Force Awakens*** to ***The Last Jedi*** and ***The Rise of Skywalker***. The world has changed, as
  13. what the cheapest and best way to get hold of Hitman 1, 2 and 3? Sorry if this has already been asked.
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