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  1. Ford pulls the most endearing confused face in cinematic history (for me atleast).
  2. His dad sounds more like he worked for the empire - rather than the rebels.
  3. Never really heard of a Katherine Ryan before this. And thought she came across as a dick tbh, despite Louis’ best attempts to humanise her.
  4. Mario Odyssey was five Yeats ago. FIVE YEARS. Where is my new Mario game Nintendo?
  5. Do you think Nintendo are going to have a new Mario to tie into this in 2023? Seems like a great advert and a missed opportunity if not. The last one was five years ago.
  6. I think arguing the TLJ is not a divisive movie is a stretch. Even for K. Anyway, exciting director or not - I do wonder how interesting Star Wars is outside of the OT. For me at least.
  7. Started watching this with my 11 year old and 13 year old. We were all a bit bored after about 25 mins and switched it off, to watch the rest of Cobra Kai. I think we might be at the point that Star Wars TV shows have lost all their novelty.
  8. Total and utter bollocks that excite only bots or simpletons. The new assassins creed one being the worst current offender. All it serves to do is make the eventual gameplay look like shite.
  9. Wtf is the point of a cgi trailer of a game that won’t look anything like that good on release? They are just going to make whatever they do come up with look like dog shit. Great marketing there Ubi
  10. Is Red Dead Redemption 2 borked for anyone else following todays update. ??? Was fine yesterday but now its launches but never connects to Rockstars servers and steam just auto quits it now....
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