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  1. Decent effort and well done for getting this made. Nice creepy touch when the baby disappears. Like from me on Youtubes.
  2. I know its not the Nintendo way, but you'd think they could pump out a prequel/sequel to this... The engine is up and running and if they covered the events of a hundred years previous, most of the map is in place too. I love this game and in the meantime may have to restart...
  3. JAWS was the first modern day blockbuster without doubt and I too am fascinated by this era. But this is a SW thread and @Broker was (and still is) talking nonsense about Lucas, so I wanted to address that. But to your point Star Wars’ success wouldn’t have been possible without JAWS, and this period of friendship between Lucas and Spielberg resulted in some of modern cinema’s most beloved films .
  4. When Matilda gives Leon's plant roots by planting it.
  5. Yeah he really was. Lucas changed the entire entertainment industry with his unique vision (you could argue not for the better). Faster paced, comicbook inspired, big budget episodic content didn't really exist before Lucas came along. And everything was different afterwards. If you think he had very little to do with ESB then that is totally reductive and patently untrue.. At heart Lucas is an experimental filmmaker, that lucked out on a film that no one thought was going to work. And he rolled the dice again by making a sequel outside of the Hollywood system with his own money - that had a cliff hanger ending (a very risky first at this level). That takes an awful lot of balls. And the end result changed the cinematic landscape forever, and is very much part of his legacy. Lucas does seem to work better with limitation. His creativity shined when he was being told what he couldn't do, rather than what he could. He needs something to fight against. As soon the barriers dropped for him, things fell apart - but its impossible not to respect Lucas for what he achieved in the 70's and 80's.
  6. That would be great - thank you As far brand launch disasters go.. its right up there - so I hoped someone might have written an off the record account somewhere....
  7. On that subject, has anything ever been leaked about the initial Xbox One reveal? Would love to read about chaos created behind the scenes after that event...
  8. The very last sound bite of that interview.. is the best foreshadowing from George Lucas evers...
  9. Helping actors give great performances is absolutely the director's job. Not to mentioned that the director wrote it too.
  10. It is amazing how George Lucas pulled together some of the best acting talent of the whole 1990’s, and made them all collectively give the worst performances of their entire careers.
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