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  1. I so pleased I can still enjoy AAA interactive entertainment, without the nagging doubt that it should do better all the time. I get this with films and it’s fucking exhausting. 8 year old me is still in awe that a game like this exists atall.
  2. That bit was fucking terrifying.
  3. I don’t think i could agree with you any less. You should properly stop playing, because this bit isn’t going to get any better for you.
  4. I have an 11 and 8 year old and held off them playing Fornite for years. But resistant is futile once all their friends are on it. I have to say during lockdown it has really come into its own as a way of them playing and socialising with their friends. Id still rather they were on Zelda (and personally think its a shit game) but it is kinda heartwarming hearing them form little teams and allegiances - and basically use it like a digital playground. They have an hour or so a day, and only get that if they do their school work. God knows what we'd do without video game time, as its the only bargaining chip that seems to work these days I think its so easy to become our parents and forget what its like to be a kid. I'd much rather they play something that they are actively mentally engaging with, than passively watch shite cartoons on Netflix.
  5. It's not console wars or concern trolling, you dolt. I will buy both - its drawing attention to ms creating marketing problems for no good reason.
  6. What’s going to be the difference between the X and the series S? Is the X more powerful? (And Jesus Microsoft you have made this convoluted and confusing. Lord knows how the general consumer will navigate your naming conventions.)
  7. Deep in the second half now... This game is incredible. I don’t think I could take anyone seriously that hates it, as its the very pinnacle of the art form and has taken the story in a direction I didn’t expect atall. The set pieces and design just gets better and better, and to be honest I don’t want it to end. Game of the generation so far.
  8. That’s so sad.. he didn’t seem that old and is th mean behind the music of some of my favourite shows.
  9. Keenu looks older than the guy that plays Death...
  10. Of its time (and might not play as well today)... but this is one of the best played out (and performed) insults to another character in cinema.
  11. No chance. Disney will more likely just put the sequel trilogy out to pasture and not really make mention of them again. Like some embarrassing relative.
  12. I have not finished the game yet, but nearly keep clicking on spoilers in the other thread. So.... as some people will be coming to the end of game - it seems like a good idea to have a thread just for players that’s have finished.
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