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  1. I imagine its more to do with freak out online about the set leaks - and phoebe waller-bridge taking over the hat. It might work - but the vocal reaction is not a good look for Kennedy - to the Disney board after all that Star Wars business.
  2. I think this might be the best written thing on UKTV for me at the moment. I dont think any other series has captured being an adolescent in Britain (and the trauma of that!) quite so well. It deserves much, MUCH more attention than it's been getting.
  3. At this point anything could be true. You have to wonder whether Warner's execs and writers are all doing magic mushrooms in story meetings - out of sheer creative desperation.
  4. Seconded. Looks fucking awesome. What do you lot want? Adam west?
  5. The kids nicked my switch about three years ago after I finished Zelda. I just plugged it back into my TV and holy moly that UI and GFX interface looks fugly by modern standards. Nintendo really need to get their asses in gear and get a 4K switch out there as this is looking pretty long in the tooth.
  6. Oh she's a girl. Then Avoid!
  7. He will have heard plenty worse at school. This is almost the perfect movie for 12 year olds.
  8. This was one of the first games I got on my Japanese imported Super Famicom in early 1991. I was playing it in Japanese and had no idea what the fuck I was doing.... I still loved those Next Gen graphics though..!
  9. Nah... the book was even better. Crichton is pure class.
  10. What he says. MS were absolutely not expecting the new halo to memed every which way, for looking like dog shit. Hence the delay to do everything they could in 12 months to make it prettier. Guess we’ll see in about two months how success they were…
  11. I did. Only played up to the end of first mission , but it looked very, very similar to Xbox Series x version to me.
  12. My work lent me a GTX 2070 gaming PC - so booted this up. Gotta say it doesn't look any better than the Xbox Series X version to me. It was on Ultra everything (including realtime lighting) so a bit disappointed. I know the 2070 is an older card - but cant see how the 3080 version of this is going to be night and day (unless you want 90fps). And I suppose that leads me to my next question - what's really going to be so next gen, about the next gen update version of this?
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