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  1. Thats true. Chewie eating those bird Ewok things really deepened his character.
  2. The Last Jedi would have been far better received if it hadn't killed off Luke imo. Giving him a one movie to be grumpy, and then another whole film to redeem himself would have been far more dramatically satisfying.
  3. As much as I would like it to be true - their source is this guy: Why does this even get picked up as a story?
  4. Don't Look Up is great. It's smart, dark and funny.
  5. my download is crawling at a snails pace (4mbps!) despite having a 1gb connection. Guess the servers are being hammered.
  6. Was hoping the campaign would be ready to have a blast on this morning
  7. The Last Jedi is fine in its own right* But Part 8 of a 9 part film series - has no place undermining the previous chapters. As that makes for a very dissatisfying story telling experience.. (*well apart from some piss poor humour, and junior-high level morality lecturing).
  8. fuck me this game is hard online. I just die all the time. Can you have more than two teams (like old halo) so 3 players in a death match against each other (3 teams)? I cant seem to find a way to do this? Help appreciated...?
  9. played this tonight and enjoyed it with two other mates. We always used to play in death match with everyone vs everyone else - but cant seem to do that and now either have to be red team or blue team. As there are only 3 of us that gets quite frustrating as someone is always on their own.. Any ideas of how we can have three teams - or a team each?
  10. I'd rate the 2016 GB film up there with the Robocop and A-Team reboots. Amazing that one year could turn a reaction to something very, very ordinary - into a debate about sexism. And I think that originated from marketing folks getting on the defensive because it tanked on their watch. The new one isn't perfect - but it is utterly, utterly delightful.
  11. Saw this tonight. Yes - 2019 DHP you were on the money.
  12. How does playing online work on this, it seems very over complicated. I just want to race a friend online.. what’s the easiest way to do this? I’ve done a load of races but still can’t seem to open the friends Menu and the convoy option (not really sure what that does) never connects and just hangs. So what’s simplest way to play a friend?
  13. I imagine its more to do with freak out online about the set leaks - and phoebe waller-bridge taking over the hat. It might work - but the vocal reaction is not a good look for Kennedy - to the Disney board after all that Star Wars business.
  14. I think this might be the best written thing on UKTV for me at the moment. I dont think any other series has captured being an adolescent in Britain (and the trauma of that!) quite so well. It deserves much, MUCH more attention than it's been getting.
  15. At this point anything could be true. You have to wonder whether Warner's execs and writers are all doing magic mushrooms in story meetings - out of sheer creative desperation.
  16. Seconded. Looks fucking awesome. What do you lot want? Adam west?
  17. The kids nicked my switch about three years ago after I finished Zelda. I just plugged it back into my TV and holy moly that UI and GFX interface looks fugly by modern standards. Nintendo really need to get their asses in gear and get a 4K switch out there as this is looking pretty long in the tooth.
  18. He will have heard plenty worse at school. This is almost the perfect movie for 12 year olds.
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