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  1. The BBC review makes this sound great.... "I'm not sure how many fans want to see Indiana Jones as a broken, helpless old man who cowers in the corner while his patronising goddaughter takes the lead, but that's what we're given, and it's as bleak as it sounds."
  2. What time is the digital version likely to unlock? Midnight?
  3. A lot of that looks like a PS4 game (and not even a very good one). Think I'll wait for the PS5 version.
  4. The last two episodes of this season were fun but…. …it does feel like they should have stopped at the end of season 2, as everything this season has felt a bit regressive after that.
  5. Mainly because it’s so mean spirited and nasty. Well done.
  6. In a fascinating twist of irony, RoS and AOTC stand as two very flawed films (for very different reasons) in the overall saga. Like mirror images reflecting each other's shortcomings, they fail in strikingly divergent ways. AOTC boasts grandiose set pieces and a carefully crafted plot that weaves seamlessly into the overarching narrative. Yet, the film stumbles with underwhelming performances, lackluster characterisations, cringe-worthy dialogue, and direction reminiscent of amateur dramatics. Conversely, RoS shines with fun performances, zingy dialogue, and decent scene-by-scene direction. However, it falters in its complete inability to connect the dots, suffering from a woefully disjointed plot, ill thoughtout fan-wank set pieces, and a lack of context within the broader saga. Ironically, the heart of each film harbors the potential for a truly remarkable Star Wars film. If only they could meld their strengths – dynamic characters, a captivating plot, awe-inspiring set pieces, engaging dialogue, and a clear coherent narrative arc within the overall saga – the result would be the great Star Wars film many of us jaded fans have been waiting for.
  7. After not really playing Resident Evil since Gamecube RE 4 back in the 00's - I have played through RE8 (VR), RE2 and RE3 in anticipation for this. And I have to say I think I prefer RE2... (Gulp!). I am only at Chapter 3 (in RE4) so maybe it hasn't got going yet.. but with RE 2 I wasn't really expecting much when I started it up (bought in the sale for 6 squids) and it totally captivated me with its approach. I loved how zombie bodies stay put for the entire game. The constant menace of being stalked by an unkillable enemy and the level of polish on the whole damn thing. It just felt so complete. RE4 looks beautiful and is hugely enjoyable, but I can't help but feel it's a slave to the all the fans of the original. The respawning brain dead villagers (whose bodies do disappear) makes it feel like this game is very much from that 00's period - and like you are never clearing out areas - which I understand is by design, but just feel less satisfying so far than those former remake entries to me anyway. Of course it's great. But I do wonder if it could have been taken even further in being brought upto date.
  8. That sounds absolutely nothing like Peep Show (both in characters or set up) so why even use the title of a little known (in the US) UK comedy? Bizarre.
  9. Fuck that US shit. I want a new UK series of this with aging Jesse, Mark and Super Hans. Even if we get one every 10 years.
  10. i really want Star Wars to go back to basically being a sword and sorcery fantasy story - surrounded by technology.
  11. This is as great. Well written and very witty. Basically took the best of Thor Ragerok’s tongue in cheek tone and made it its own thing. Thoroughly entertaining out of ten.
  12. I really wouldn’t bother. TROS is a SW film made by a committee of corporate execs that can’t agree on anything. It’s a bit like looking at dumpster fire full of fireworks. It’s pretty if you look at the colours , but they can’t hide the smell of rotting fish and dog shit. I hated it even more than The Last Jedi - as at least that movie felt like it was someone’s vision.
  13. Lovers of the film never stop banging on about it either - in the same preachy tone.
  14. Don't worry its not the whole video - I timestamped this clip to a part that pretty much nails modern Star Wars:
  15. The should just put the whole SW thing on ice for 15 actual years and then announce Episode 10, 11 and 12 - and reboot the entire franchise. I’m not sure Star Wars has much left to give. We have seen it all again and again. The chaos at Lucasfilm and announcements that go nowhere - all feel like the dying embers of a fire that went out long ago.
  16. VR is definitely for the hardcore for now. And PSVR2 represents the best value way in to a high end experience as of today. Sony must know this too. They have been producing expensive video headsets for over a decade now and I think are taking a bet on the long game for this stuff. I’m also sure they have factored in discounting it over time, just like they did the PSVR 1. Do I regret buying one at launch? Not one bit, I have had some of my most visceral gaming experiences of the last five years on it - and that is worth the cost of early adoption for me all by itself.
  17. I really can't wait to read the book of behind the scenes accounts - of how Disney turned the greatest of all cinematic franchises - into a toxic dumpster fire. The stakes were always so high.. the pressure must have been unbelievable.
  18. Are there any big games left coming out for this? HL: Alyx, I'm talking to you.
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