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  1. I’m going to keep playing through the campaign as I’m nearly done but.. this game is boring. Not often that I say that about a game, especially racing ones, but this just doesn’t get my excitement levels up like a racing game should.
  2. Ah I didn’t even realise that the latest Pikmin on Switch was just another re-release. Nintendo really are taking the mick a bit aren’t they!
  3. Why is Pikmin on the list? Where the hell is Metroid Prime is what I want to know, Nintendo!
  4. I’m not sure sorry. You might get an update from UPS on Twitter for your parcel. They were quick at responding to me.
  5. Beware of Steel Series customer service. I have been through hell since early December and whilst I now have my headset, it’s still not over yet as I’ve been waiting nearly 2 weeks for acknowledgement of my refund of UK import tax request that I was promised.
  6. I miss the good old days of Videogamer podcast That was the ultimate in my opinion. I listen to Beastcast these days. Tried TCGS a couple of times (think it was their game of the year and then one after), but it was like being sat behind a table of annoying fellas having banter at the pub.. taking it in turns to take the mick out of each other. They spent most of the time doing that and I just wanted to hear about video games. Might give it a go again to see if that was just a wrong first impression.
  7. Just played the demo. I kinda wish it wasn’t first person again.
  8. That all makes sense now. I should stop playing it drunk. Thanks for pointing that out. Enjoying it a bit more since!
  9. This game is just okay. I'm playing for the first time tonight since my intense Christmas and NY binge. I don't really understand what it's trying to do in career mode. Most races I'm way out in front but then find myself having to drop back just to achieve the objectives e.g. drift and trade paint or I have to slow down just to achieve X number of drifts. It takes the fun out of just trying to win a race. And I think it's also broken. A number of times I finish an event without achieving all the objectives, but yet in the menu it then shows that all 3 have been achieved. This has
  10. Wish somebody from SteelSeries would reply to my support ticket logged 18th December about non-arrival of my headphones ordered on the 6th December. Their customer service is a joke and the moment they make contact I’m thinking about just asking for a refund.
  11. Ordered my Steel Series on 6th December from their website. Shipped from Denmark and days went by without delivery. Contacted UPS on Twitter who admit they’ve lost it Raised with Steel Series on the 18th and still not heard a thing from them. Can’t say I’m too impressed with either firm’s customer service. It think I’ve lost faith with anything ordered online unless it’s Amazon, after a couple of other unlucky incidents last couple of months.
  12. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals xxx
  13. I broke up for work on Friday so I cracked open my PS5 and have been hammering that since then. I don't think I've had such interrupted solo gaming time for such a stint like this before. Currently self isolating so I've been playing Miles Morales, DIRT5, Astro Bot, FIFA21 and Cold War on its freeplay week. It's been great.
  14. What is the point of a charging dock? What’s wrong with just plugging in the wire? Fair enough if there’s some other reason but I’ve never seen the need or point in them?
  15. I'm playing this as part of the free weekend on my new PS5 and it's bloody good! I used to be well into COD back in the day and dabbled a bit with the more recent MW and WWII efforts. This is very enjoyable and the maps I've encountered have been good. The shopping mall one is awesome!
  16. I wonder if we'll ever see a next-gen Rock Band. Was thinking about that the other day. I haven't played it since my Uni days but could be get back into, especially when I have visitors round to my house (ha... that might be a thing again some day).
  17. I feel bad for thinking that way about somebody, and wish her all the best and that.. but when she’s literally in my ear things got beyond my tolerance levels.
  18. Having just finished TLOU2, I’m currently listening to the Giant Bomb spoilercast. Oh my god.. Abby is soooo annoying. Even more so than usual. Every 2 mins she talks over somebody and forever keeps bringing up pointless negative comments that really shouldn’t take away anybody’s enjoyment of the game.
  19. Great. I now have an email saying it’s been dispatched. FFS.
  20. GAME really are a crock of shit. Just had to send this on their ticket system on the website. 18/11/20: email received with discount code for game. Order placed. 20/11/20: email received notifying me that game is out of stock and upgradable ps4 version being sent instead. 21/11/20: I cancelled the order and received confirmation email. 24/11/20: I received email to say payment couldn’t be processed (ermm.. the order was cancelled why is the system trying) 24/11/20: My bank account showing as charged with transaction date shown as today (ermm.. the order was cancelled why h
  21. Happy to be wrong but I’m sure the last Black Ops didn’t. Had a big battle royale though. Maybe I’m thinking of the one before.
  22. Let’s not forget that the last one didn’t even have a campaign.
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