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  1. Mine was sat at South West DC between 11pm Thursday and 11am this morning where it’s now at the Leeds MC. Then it needs to go to my local sorting office before I’m guessing being out for delivery.


    Originally RM had emailed to say to expect delivery this morning. That’s obviously not happened and I imagine it won’t be coming today now after all.


    GAME are the real idiots in all of this. Why ship something that’s pre-ordered on the afternoon of the release. Plus they’ve also changed my PS5 copy of Dirt 5 to a PS4 copy. They won’t ever be getting another penny from me ever again. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, MardiganX said:


    Just came in here to say I just received that code in relation to my PS5 pre-order so hopefully you have the same now. I wasnt intending on getting Dirt 5 but now it seems like I really have to as the other options are Control and Avengers.

    Thanks Buddy. Nothing yet but hopefully something soon. Still awaiting for the console to be shipped from GAME yet.

  3. 6 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:

    Where are you getting your PS5 from? I only ask as with the Series X I bought from game they sent codes making this £30 and then with the £7 I earned in reward points I could pick this up for £23 and it’s very tempting....


    The mentions of Driveclub out me off but at least explain all the broken stuff ;);) 

    When did you get sent the Game offer? I have a ps5 preordered from Game but didn’t receive anything about DIRT5 ☹️

  4. Christ. Has there ever been a more uninspiring upcoming next gen when this is the talk every time I visit the threads one of one these new consoles.


    At least it’s not chatter about backwards compatibility I suppose. 

    Sorry I’m just feeling a bit down.

    I just want something that can play the latest (good) games on something that doesn’t sound like a jet engine in shinier graphics. Was hoping to pick one up before Christmas, but maybe I should just stick with current gen and stop teasing myself for the time being.

  5. So I've watched video and I agree with those saying it looks like dog turd. It really does. I could not believe the pop in of the clouds in the distant mountains whilst going up the elevator. It's poor and I can't believe that Microsoft let that go out.


    As a PS5 owner this gen, but a previous 360 owner, I've missed the likes of Halo, Gears and Forza this gen. With the appeal of GamePass I was open minded about getting an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5 and I was sort of hoping that this 'conference' could lead me to have a decision to make. Pfft what a let down it was. Almost no gameplay shown and your flagship game looking embarrassing. 


    Whilst I do totally get the value of Game Pass, that's going to mean diddly squat to me, no matter how many games it makes available, if deep down I know that the 'best' ones are on another console.

  6. On 08/07/2020 at 09:36, Dudley said:


    I do have one question though, new game plus you keep your weapons etc but is there actually more ammo for them?  Because it's all very well letting me start with a flame thrower if, once I've fired it once I have to wait 10 hours for the first ammo for it.

    if I remember right from new game plus, you don’t start with the weapons, you just start with the upgrades that you have for them. So that when you pick up the flame thrower for the first time halfway through the game or whatever it is, it remembers that you had increased its capabilities.

  7. Does anybody here subscribe?


    I’ve become a regular listener to the beastcast and they’ve been advertising the premium as being on sale ending this week.


    Given the content I’m already getting for free, and the current situation, I’m keen to support. However, there needs to be some content on there I’m interested in for me to make the jump. 

  8. As somebody who really enjoyed Alan Wake, I’m disappointed in what I’ve played of Control. I don’t normally abandon games but this I’m going to have to.


    I don’t know if it’s partly due to being in lockdown and being stuck inside the majority of the day, but the environments in this game just has me wanting more. It’s so grey, it’s so dull, it’s so samey. 

    Other criticisms are the poor checkpoint system, the crappy map and layout, the constant feeling of what the hell is going in (sometimes I don’t mind that and I know it’s because I’m not reading the collectibles but this game doesn’t make me want to) and a frequent slowdown on the ps4 hardware. I also couldn’t figure out the upgrading weapons system properly.

    I did like the mechanics and satisfaction of grabbing and throwing items.


    I’m just glad I got this in PSNow. A couple of times in the past, I was tempted to buy it but I’m glad I never.


    I guess this is just one I’m against the grain with but I feel all the better for giving up on it.

  9. my thoughts



    a) some good ideas for games there

    b) expected faces to look better - saw nothing that I haven’t seen on current gen

    c) gameplay. Where was it? That’s what has frustrated me. Basically a lie.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Protocol Penguin said:

    Family pack. :( 

    I’m in the same boat. My GF has had a little dabble and would have been for her to visit her niece’s island but this silly set up prevents it.

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