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  1. Really wish it was MP. That’s where my memories of this game are at.
  2. Just joining the party on this. Is there a beginners guide / advice page anywhere?
  3. I don’t really have a backlog in the sense that many here do. I don’t purchase games unless I know I’ll get to play them in that given month. Usually if I know I won’t get to a game in the near future I just buy it months later and by that time it’s usually cheaper anyway. What I do have is a tonne of games that I know I want to play. Many of them are ps4 games that I’m interested in but haven’t played because life this generation has meant I don’t play as much as I used to. I’ve coined 2020 as the year of gaming for myself though. I will play any Switch games that take
  4. wtf So yeh.. Goose game. I got stuck for ages in the pub with break the dart board and drop the bucket on the angry man’s head and then a little quiet year 7 girl in work (school) told me what to do. I went home that night and her plan worked. I was chuffed. She came to me at the end of the week asking how I got on and I then told her what I did to finish the game and found the rest really easy. Her face dropped, she looked gutted, and said she’s been stuck in that bit for hours.
  5. For me I can entirely see AngryH’s point. Think you’re all being a bit harsh on him. I felt the same way initially then decided I’d get my girlfriend and brother to play it too which added value for money.
  6. I did the whole thermal paste thing and I made not a single bit of difference.
  7. Thank you to whoever it was sharing their experience of using these about a month ago. I read with interest and got some for Christmas. I recommend then to anybody who plays a lot in handheld mode. It’s so much more comfortable.
  8. After my Zelda or Witcher thread I got the latter for Christmas. Only an hour in so far and I have a feeling this is going to be special. I didn’t even realise that the Switch version includes both expansion packs too - bonus!
  9. Am i right in thinking it’s impossible to get all 999 moons on this game without a walkthrough or guide. I’m on 810 going for the lot and have been using one and so many I’ve thought how on earth would I have supposed to have known such a such was there.
  10. Did anybody got this? Worth it as a christmas gift?
  11. I want to buy it. Scared it will be too hard.
  12. Another update? Seriously?! I’ve hardly played this game because whenever I do go to it requires another bloody download! Also why are downloads on PS4 so slow? It takes about 5 mins just for it to ‘prepare to download’. And then 5hrs to download 3Gb
  13. Which if these Apple Arcade games are good for playing touch screen on an iPhone? Thinking of something to play in bed to chill out too.
  14. Picked it up earlier. I’ve managed to get a few games of online divisions. Will hit it again tonight. Loving this game so far. Literally anything can happen. Just played a game as Liverpool v Arsenal and absolutely dominated the game. Got to about 70 mins at 0-0 so started to think need to take a chance soon then the opposition got a corner, drilled it in low and it bounced off my own player into the net! Finished 0-1
  15. Played the demo a little and I like it. i feel more in control that I do on last year’s FIFA where everything feels a bit scripted. what is the online vs mode like? I remember playing PES a few years ago and it was poor at showing stats about your record and your opponents. Does this mode show you your opponents record? I like to know if who I’ve just beaten is actually any good. And likewise if I get beat!
  16. I’ll give it a listen later today. Is the premise that you discuss older games? i like the idea of that since I don’t play the latest releases mostly’
  17. Yes I too am not biting until RE4 is reduced in price. I know I could get it for cheap on PS4 but something about playing it in handheld appeals to me.
  18. My PS4 is so god damn noisy. I’ve had it open to reapply thermal paste, checked for dust, checked airflow not being blocked externally. It’s quite frustrating hearing it even with headphones on.
  19. 2hrs in and I’m liking this so far. I liked Heavy Rain but remember very little about it, but this is giving me those kind of feels. Might give that another go after this.
  20. I’m hoping to revisit UC4 this summer. Maybe TLOU again for the third time. Also I didn’t get GTAV this gen and my only experience of it is on the 360. May give it another go.
  21. Thanks guys. So I buy 2 years of Gold and then it's an extra £1 for game pass ultimate? Is that a £1 every month? The only reason why I thought I had a few days left is because of this link here: https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass#join On there it says 4 days left - is that the same deal? Or is it something different?
  22. so I’m thinking about getting an xbox... My PS4 sounds like an aeroplane despite getting rid of the dust and tonight I intend to put some thermal paste on. If that doesn’t so the trick then there’s no way I can keep playing the way I am currently. Even through my headphones. Back onto my original point, I have a few questions if somebody wouldn’t mind making things clearer for me. How do I best utilise this gamepass deal? Do I pay for xbox live and then add on the gamepass? How much does that work out? i see that the deal ends up 4 days, how much woul
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