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  1. What’s with the shocking language.
  2. Thanks Stefcha... that’s a really big help. Thermopop now ordered and other items I will get as time goes on. It’s a Tennessee Landmann that I got Landmann 11507 New Tennessee Broiler Charcoal Barbecue - Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MT8Z68T/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_N.n8CbFSN4W8C Not been able to use it at all this week as the weather has been rubbish. Should get some action for the first time this weekend though! Going to keep it simple on its first run (burgers and sausages) and then look to experiment over the summer with more adventurous stuff. There’
  3. Thanks guys. might sounds like a daft question buts what’s a Thermanpen for? i’m guessing it’s something to check the temperature of inside of the meat? To check it’s ready without cutting it up? Because bbq’s cook crispy on the outside without necessarily doing the centre, right? /n00b
  4. Ordered a new BBQ that’s due ti be delivered tomorrow. Landmann charcoal thing of beauty. Can anybody recommend a good tools set and/or a good BBQ recipes / tips book? First time I’ve had a garden so my first BBQ. Got the week off so thankfully got the time to play around and experiment.
  5. So I'm not reading any of the earlier posts in this thread as I wish to avoid spoilers. I just came in here to stay that after all the hype I've started watching season 1. Does the production and acting get better? It's shockingly bad. Was it just really low budget back then? It looks like something that a first year university student would make.
  6. I read this thread so confused thinking it said Tommy Robinson. That was a strange alternate universe for a moment.
  7. Everybody was too busy wanking off Messi’s free kick on Wednesday to realise he was the one who committed the foul when it was awarded. Unless changing the angle / direction of your run and then leading with a punch is not only now allowed, but results in the other player being penalised.
  8. Steve Mcmanaman is terrible as a co-commentator. I've been unsure for ages but I'm now fully mind made up. Compare his input to the tactical analysis and insight of Carragher and Neville.
  9. Ah awesome. That's good to hear. Looking forward to it hopefully freshening up story wise.
  10. I've just finished the 'main game' and reached the epilogue. This has been pretty much the only game I've been playing since the beginning of December. I've heard the epilogue is quite long - any input on how much longer? I am still enjoying the game but also looking forward to moving onto another game soon.
  11. The Barcelona players coming off looking very tired at the end of half-time. I bet it's been a while since they've come off feeling like that.
  12. I too am thinking of purchasing this. I haven't played a racing game for so long (probably since Drive Club was more of a thing) and nothing has taken my fancy for a while. Is there enough content here for a single player to have fun? I found the last GT too much of a grinding chore and I was spending way too long in menus. How does this compare in that regard? Or... debating whether to look to another series to get my racing fix.
  13. That just sounds like a bad dream.
  14. For the past 12 months I’ve heard this phrase over and over. What makes a game Metroidvania? is it something to do with a cross between Metroid and Castelevania? But I never played either of games so wouldn’t know what is meant by that either!
  15. They really need to release more DLC for this for me. They had the perfect framework and that meant I was fine getting this as a re-release, but that’s because I was thinking more tracks and characters would be coming soon. 30hrs played says I’ve enjoyed it but I want more!
  16. I can fully understand why but would never have predicted as such before the release of BO4. My favourite COD was MW2 and found every game since fail to reach those heights. I liked that WW2 stopped all the jetpack nonsense but felt it was a bit too basic and the maps boring. This new game has plenty in the bag to keep things entertaining whilst not going overboard. The maps I’ve played soo far are great too.
  17. I’ve been playing fine on PS4 the last few days. Been enjoying multiplayer since getting this from Santa. Played Blackout for a good few hours last night with some friends and it was awesome. Most I’ve been enjoying COD in years. Is there any way to view my overall stats?
  18. Me too! Just played my first hour of it and managed to win an entire 2 matches! It’s a lot of fun so far, but could do with my skills improving!
  19. I’ve been listening to Giant Beastcast instead this year after advice from someone on here. I tend to listen ti about 1 in 3. Does anybody know if they do their own version of GOTY or is it a combination of the two teams for this?
  20. For me it’s any Mario. Takes me back to the early days of my gaming hobby!
  21. What do we all think made MW2 better than the recent CODs? Personally I think the maps were awesome. That and the kill streak rewards were really well balanced.
  22. Is Destiny 2 the same kind of grind as The Division? I feel like a new space based FPS in my life but not sure if this is what I'm after.
  23. Damn I wish this was playable on Sony Playstation 4. I used to play this on Microsoft Xbox 360 and IMO is the best multiplayer FPS of the past two generations. COD has not captured that magic since.
  24. I thought this was good. Went in with low expectations but was reasonably entertaining for an afternoon solo trip to the cinema.
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