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  1. I thought this was good. Went in with low expectations but was reasonably entertaining for an afternoon solo trip to the cinema.
  2. What the..
  3. I managed to blast through this and it's now completed. I agree that the first half was better and it was also scarier too. At times I was confused towards the end but having read about it since it all fits together nicely. I too wonder what the outcome would have been if I had made the other choice. I'd say it's a 7/10 and well worth a play. Is the DLC worth downloading?
  4. This does indeed look good. V Rally reminds me of younger days with the PS One. Jeez.. I must have been in primary school still. I've been longing for a racing game on the switch so this is excellent news. Also.. about the Nintendo Online - it's a real bummer that it's only NES games on the library of games. I was hoping for SNES, N64 and GC games. I've always thought a Nintendo version of Netflix would be the way to go. It could also be a good way for Nintendo to gain insight into the demand for games like F Zero and Wave Racer and other franchise that they've yet to r
  5. It's late and I can't sleep due to jet lag. Decided to creep out of bed, into a dark room and play this for the first time in months. Read a walkthrough just to remind myself what happened most recently and now I'm up to 'Happy Birthday' and have just put a cassette tape into the VCR player. I'm going to regret doing this when the rest of town are asleep, aren't I?
  6. I wonder what caused the mass exodus from Videogamer. Everyone just fancying a change at the same time? I'll give beastcast a go. What's the idea behind it - is it just a spin off of bombast?
  7. This is my Rum choice at the moment. Bartender on holiday in Mexico last summer got me into it.
  8. I listen to Video Gamer but it's nowhere near as good as it was about 2 years ago. I might give some of the suggestions in here a try. I did attempt Giant Bombcast on a few occasions but it's just too long and drawn out, and they sometimes talk as though gaming is a bit of a chore.
  9. My gaming resolution of 2018 was to just play more games. Other than Watch Dogs 2, DOOM and Horizon Zero Dawn, I didn't really play many games in 2017. This was mainly due to other commitments in life. So far I've made good progress of Mario Odyssey (finished the main game now just collecting moons), finished Horizon Zero Dawn and completed COD WW2. That's quite good going for me, and I'm also likely to finish Sonic Mania and Uncharted Lost Legacy in the near future. Oh and Mario Kart 8 is getting some playtime too. I suppose another resolution is to try more genres an
  10. I used to buy Games TM every month but stopped about two years ago as the quality seemed to be getting worse. I echo the thoughts from others about it being strange that Future Publishing closed down their online presence. Surely the benefits of keeping up a community amongst readers would been a way to tap into the potential of the new age of Internet rather than block it out all together. I long for the days of NGC now that Nintendo are back on form. Occasionally I'll pick up a magazine if I'm travelling somewhere and there's a WH Smith on route.
  11. Hello everybody. Just dropping in here to say hello.I've been a lurker for a couple of months and thought it must be about time that I get involved and make my first post. If you were to ask me A/S/L, I would say 29 Male Leeds. For lent I have given up not posting. You have me until Easter at least. Let the good times roll.
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