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  1. I'd have thought that 1984 would have met your criteria for science fiction simply by the ability of the state to use monitoring technologies against its populace that if not impossible would have been amazingly glamorous for 1949. I *have* always considered the handmaids tale to be science fiction (not that i was a fan - at the time i think i would have sooner read a transcript of the twisted sister concert that the womans memoirs were supposedly taped over) , i don't know why you believe that because the science in question is biology that it is automatically rendered exempt from the genre. Science fiction is almost always about society, the gee-whizzery is just sugar.
  2. i suspect you can localise it more than that.
  3. 50 first dates science is everywhere
  4. children of men is science fiction pd james in the independent.
  5. Cant say that it bothered me. What i would have liked to seen, though, was a bit at the end of the movie where those two american agents who hassled indy either congratulating him for being an upstanding american or told him that they were keeping an eye on him or whatever, as it is despite him getting his job back and a promotion it still felt a little unresolved to me.
  6. I think it depends on how precious your brain is.
  7. I sidestepped the series and that poster still isn't exciting. Still the fact that McG knows how to use wordart gives me the confidence that he's got the technical chops to pull this thing off.
  8. ..its a shame about next, i thought it looked Ok from the trailer and picked up a copy i saw in a charity shop a while back - just haven't got round to seeing it. on the plus side i have discovered from this very forum that i am almost completely undiscerning so thereis hope for it yet.
  9. Thats a pretty good premise, i like the sound of the thing. On a completely superficial note i really do think that it time that nic cage adopted some kind of hair strategy though.
  10. Its nice to see spacestation silicon valley on that list. I would add mischief makers on though.
  11. I thought that those random references actually did a pretty good job of fleshing out what indy had been doing in the interim between the last movie and this one, perhaps it didn't contribute to the pacing or tightness of the thing but for those geeky enough to care it was appreciated.
  12. I subjected my daughter to the breakfast club a couple of weeks ago (its not as bloody twee as i remembered it actually and a great lesson in the value of rewatching films alone before watching them with your kids - not because it would have shattered her innocence or anything but there were a couple of moments where i would have quite happily had the ground open up and swallow me) She loved the movie, however, and so did i. I've gotta say that rockys post is just chock full o' wrongness - its a great movie.
  13. use it as a hub for a set of missions starring a thinly veiled (or not so thinly since they have used the license previously) version of 'the warriors'?
  14. If the Play exclusive content is anything like the Game exclusive content it'll be a little slip of paper inside the game box.
  15. Looking forward to it, sounds kind of like National treasure: Bath edition. Maybe they'll finally find the ancient evil which has long been suspected to be hiding under the EDGE offices.
  16. Lovely soundtrack too, The theme seems to get reused on so many trailers and stuff that i wonder how many people still recognise it as beetlejuice though.
  17. crap, i didn't think of that - it would be the perfect tie-in to the DVD release of crystal skull (which i presume will be november like the star wars prequels were?) That is unless that other indy game resurfaces at E3 or whatever.
  18. Yeah, i've been planning on seeing superbad (i've just got really behind on stuff recently) its damn good to get a recommendation though a lot of my DVD choices recently have been ... questionable. You're completely right about stephen chow, if he's in it and hes used well (which seems to be the real trick if poor old jackie chan and chow yun fat are any thing to go by) this would be worthwhile for him alone.
  19. I havent seen knocked up yet, but we are talking about the guy who looks a bit like a young rory mcgrath right?
  20. At least now i know why my mum was so paranoid about me discovering and playing in abandoned fridges when i was a kid.
  21. bugger, i said the same thing, in this very thread, over a year ago. things to do: 1)remember to read whole thread before posting 2)learn to use 'edit' button
  22. I really don't want a reimagining of Sherlock Holmes, what i'd really like to see is the normal, familiar comfortable vision of holmes which we have all come to expect but pitted against predator. now that would be a kickass movie.
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