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  1. So sorry to hear that Mine was shipped with tracking and arrived promptly, plus it’s still in my order history as a past order. Hope you get it sorted out today...
  2. Mine arrived from MS this afternoon, via UPS. Lovely little piece of kit!
  3. Xbox Series X and PS5 digital for me (both on preorder). As others have mentioned, the X will be my main machine this gen, the PlayStation for exclusives only.
  4. Episode 6..... Jesus Christ!! Now that was good
  5. That was fucking immense!!! Brilliant, brilliant first episode, can’t wait for the next one. Strangely, neither me nor the wife had any problem understanding the dialogue.
  6. Starts 19th August on Sky Atlantic. Can’t wait!!!
  7. Hmmm.... I’ve just been able to buy Silent Hill Downpour a second ago from the U.K. store, so not quite sure what’s going on?
  8. 1980: Arcade: Pac-Man, Missile Command, Battlezone, Berzerk, Space Panic, Star Castle, Phoenix () Console: Space Invaders (Atari VCS)
  9. Just had an email from Amazon UK, CoreGrafx Mini console released tomorrow (5th June)!
  10. Just had an email from Amazon UK, CoreGrafx Mini console released tomorrow (5th June)!
  11. Will they though? Yes, PlayStation is a massive financial success for Sony, but Microsoft have more (much, much more) financial clout (its actually frightening!). I don’t think it’ll be that cut and dried, but we’ll see. I do agree that the first year or two may have indistinguishable titles, but once bespoke Series X titles hit the ground, again, it’ll be very interesting. Like many, I think the Xbox will be more powerful (possibly, a lot more), but the PS5 will have the better exclusives. Not rocket science, I know, but win/win for those of us planning to get both systems!
  12. Played this cart on my Atari VCS way back in 1980..... loved it and still own one
  13. Adventure - Atari VCS: to my 9 year old self on Christmas Day 1980, it felt like a (primitive) open world, where dragons and bats roamed freely and there were hidden secrets to discover. Elite - BBC B: just staring at the vast tapestry of glinting stars, whilst ships moved around a spinning space station.... and my guided missile ran down my fleeing target! Sinistar - Arcade: the voice! You heard the booming, intimidating voice, before you came upon the cabinet. It caused many a player to panic, whilst being pursued by the Sinistar. Strider - Arcade/Megadrive: as previously mentioned, running down the hill, with explosions booming all around you. Sega Rally - Saturn: all of it!!! Resident Evil 2 - PS1: when you entered the police station for the first time. My jaw dropped as the screen panned out. Since these, I dunno, although I’ve enjoyed games on each format, nothing seems to capture that magic moment for me. Probably, the closest thing has been in Horizon Zero Dawn, when at times I’ve just stopped and stared at the huge robo dinosaurs/crocodiles/whatever the hell that was.... whilst the sun set or snow drifted down. Usually before I was trampled to death or eaten!
  14. No, I totally agree, although the OG Xbox with the pad is ok, it ain’t the same as a trackball. The 5200 with official (massive) trackball controller, is the nearest I’ve encountered to my childhood early ‘80s arcade visits.
  15. One of my all-time favourite games! The VCS port is very well done, but only gives you one missile launch site. The Atari 8 bit version is more faithful to the arcade original, but the best home version I’ve found is the Atari 5200 with official trackball (although the layout for a modded console and the niche controller can be prohibitively expensive!). Failing that, a modded OG Xbox running mame is great, with different pad buttons representing the 3 launch sites.
  16. First console: all in one Grandstand (Christmas Day 1977, I think) First cartridge: Adventure, for my new VCS (Christmas Day 1980... It. Blew. My. Mind.)
  17. The book is a great read and definitely recommended. Been looking forward to this show since it was first announced.... if they get it right (and HBO are usually pretty damn good), this could well be sensational!
  18. @Boobni82 just left you a 2 x 99K bells tip (punk in a Sega T-Shirt!)
  19. @murray left you 2 x 99K bells tip. Many thanks!!
  20. It may be hard for younger people to understand, but Atari was once a magical, wonderful, era defining brand. The box art, the design of the consoles, the arcade conversions (Space Invaders was ground breaking), were all something from the future.... at least, that’s what it felt like at the end of the 1970s). Its truly sad how far from the tree, the Apple has now fallen As SeanR hints at, the hope of a rebirth now lies with Intellivision...
  21. I absolutely adore Dino Crisis 1 & 2, so I kind of forced myself to play through & ‘enjoy’ 3 back in the day.... but the totally crap zombie/mutant dinosaurs and that sodding camera angle are just
  22. Dino Crisis 3 already kinda went there. Seriously, though, remasters/remakes of Dino Crisis 1&2 and/or a reboot would be amazing. There’ve been 2 Jurassic World movies in the last 5 years which have grossed over a $ billion each worldwide, but Capcom didn’t bite (pun intended!), perhaps the third JW movie might see them push the button (fingers crossed, but as it’s Capcom, I’m not holding out much hope).
  23. Oh I know.... but, I can dream! It’s gotta happen one day.
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