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  1. Yes, this one remains a mystery for now. The best head-canon i've got right now is that at the moment of redeemed-anakin's death, the spirits of Obi-Wan and Yoda were able to 'pull' Anakin's spirit into their timeless existence, thus allowing him to appear at that point in ROTJ. Will be interesting to see if force ghost Anakin appears after that. My bet would be that he will appear to Ahsoka in her series (Christensen's involvement is heavily rumoured), thus continuing the theme of force ghosts generally appearing to their former padawans.
  2. This is it. The overall battle between the Jedi and Sith in this era is the differing quests for some form of immortality. The Sith strive to preserve physical life - the tragedy of Darth Plagueis, the construction of Vader, the use of pain, anger and a thirst for revenge that is seen in the survivals of Maul, The Grand Inquisitor and Reva. And, of course, Palpatine's ultimate contingency plan for his own 'survival' (the culmination of his master, Plagueis', efforts to cheat death). The Jedi, once elightened, achieve immortality within the cosmic force. Those who achieve it are able to influence things for, we assume, eternity by virtue of appearing as force ghosts. However, as this series confirmed, the appearance of force ghosts does also rely upon the person seeing them being in the right frame of mind too. Ultimately Obi-wan's statement rings true because not only does he help Luke destroy the death star, he guides him to Dagobah and still counsels him in ROTJ. But Kenobi goes further than that - it's his voice that Rey hears when she first touches the Skywalker saber, suggseting that whilst not appearing as a force ghost to her (because that would frankly be a bit weird) he continues to guide the jedi of the future whether they realise it or not. Equally in TLJ Yoda's presence in the cosmic force allows him to influence Luke into dialling in remotely to help the resistance, and then in TROS the same ability allows Luke to return Rey to the correct path. Vader has absolutely no awareness of the force-ghost thing, or any comprehension of how a Jedi could affect the future once 'dead'. So the line makes total sense to me.
  3. I would not be shocked if there was a slightly more powerful switch made available alongside BOTW2. The thing struggled to run the first game particularly well, so if you assume this one may be intended to be bigger and better looking, it could probably do with some assistance. Running BOTW2 at 1080p 60fps would be a great selling point for an upgraded machine. Forget 4k for now and aim for consistent and higher frame rate. Doing so might make it achievable even in the current climate.
  4. Fully agree with this. Whilst I know fans who were disappointed, and I can see their reasons why, I also know many more for whom TROS is enjoyable - with that enjoyment being anything from 'fun but flawed', through to 'favourite star wars film'. All the 'you're better off never watching it' type of discourse is very reminiscent of things said in 1999 to 2005, and look where we are now with that trilogy's revival.
  5. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/05/16/all-new-playstation-plus-game-lineup-assassins-creed-valhalla-demons-souls-ghost-of-tsushima-directors-cut-nba-2k22-and-more-join-the-service/ Big drop of info. I love the way this: *** This title is available to PlayStation Plus Extra members as part of Ubisoft+ Classics. Access to Ubisoft+ Classics games is a benefit for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members. is included in the notes at the end. You would've thought that the inclusion of Ubisoft + Classics (presumably a stripped down version of Ubi + that doesn't include the new games day and date) would've got a bit more fanfare. It may be similar to how Gamepass has EA Play?
  6. I really enjoyed Dr Strange for its 2 hours (that really helped, it not being bloated) as a standalone story. It's a good, exciting and entertaining movie. I think it's tighter and more coherent than No Way Home and is a better movie as a result. I was actually expecting/hoping for something wackier - the title 'multiverse of madness' perhaps oversold how crazy it would be. However, in the grander scheme of the MCU it has continued the trend which leads to me agreeing with the above. I've kept up to date on the TV shows and movies, but they no longer have a feeling of co-existing in a coherent storyline to the degree that they did pre-endgame, and crucially as pointed out above I can't see how they're going to gather together a collective team that it's worth caring about for a larger story. Despite going through the events of the Infinity Saga, very few of the surviving 'Avengers' seem to give a shit about each other, despite the fact that it was assembling as a team that saved the universe. Having created this 'everything matters, everything's part of one story' type universe, I don't think that it's wrong to criticise them when it appears they're dropping the ball in that regard. The events of Eternals, for example, which were obviously meant to be quite epic, seem to have taken place in a total bubble with earth's great protectors seemingly not interested or even aware. As for people trying to criticise this film for political reasons, that seems like utter nonsense to me, both from the 'right' and the 'left'. Just as people of varying backgrounds can appear in these movies without that being 'forced diversity' or 'woke' I think there also needs to be an acceptance that female characters can go through certain journeys without that being 'mysoginistic' just because one may have hoped for a different fate for a certain character. It is, afterall, a kid's movie about wizards and witches travelling through a multiverse, not a gender studies thesis. It's just inoffensive entertainment that gives off virtually no moral messages at all, let alone immoral messages.
  7. At least Hoeg is actually a qualified professional. Whenever I've heard him talk on the Sacred Symbols or Defining Duke podcasts, I've found him to be quite careful to provide balance against the backdrop of legal knowledge, rather than try and be at all clickbaity. He's actually been talking a lot about how the deal is not a foregone conclusion, and what risks there may be to it going through, albeit that on the balance of probabilities it is highly likely it will. Schreier is simply wrong to read the share price as 'the market thinks this deal will fail'.
  8. Maybe general sentiment is not as negative as you think, especially amongst gamers who primarily use Playstation and/or don't have access to a MS platform for gamepass? I also think there will be a fair number who are simply hedging their bets that even if the service isn't top notch at the start, it'll grow and improve over the course of 1-3 years. Many made a similar leap of faith loading up 3 years gamepass in the early days and have been rewarded, so for a relatively small investment, people can hope the same happens here?
  9. But it's still New York, and ostensibly designed to be the New York of the present day. The characters may be fictional, but for all intents and purposes they are fictional people living in a version of our reality, but with added superheroes and supervillains. The game features FEAST because homelessness is a reality. Should that have been left out because it's a real world issue? The Marvel world still features the same institutions and political machinations as the real world. It's not some kind of full-on alternate reality where there's anything to suggest people of colour in the Marvel world have had it any different to how they've had it in the real world. Perhaps, if the mural had been of George Floyd, one could've succesfully argued that was a bit weird, using a 'real world' person's image alongside the message. If it was a mural displayed on Tatooine in Star Wars, or in Rivendell in a Middle Earth property, then the complaint it's out of place or distracting would bear massive weight, regardless that the message is one that is morally just. But as it was, it wasn't a mural of George Floyd, and it wasn't on another planet. It was a mural of Spider-man, and specficially and importantly Miles Morales, a black Spider-man, positioned in Harlem, New York, alongside a message that simply states that Black Lives Matter. And that should not be distracting for anyone, because it's just a fact. They do.
  10. Had to hold off on diving into this until the weekend, as my 7 year old had given up games for lent and we've been looking forward to playing this together since he was 5 I'm so happy with the approach they've taken to this. It's been made with such an incredible love for all of the Skywalker saga. It perfectly encapsulates that weird thing Star Wars does where it takes itself seriously, but is also aware of how ludicrous it is, all at once. And for young kids, the amount of content involved really does make this seem like an MMO to them. There's so much to do I can see my kids returning to this game over and over again for a long time. It's a shame that they've only done character packs for the DLC, and not got some Rogue One/Solo/Mando content to play through, but with the saga itself complete on the big screen, this seems as good a time as any to do a 'definitive' game like this for that content, and then hopefully release future games covering events not included in this one.
  11. Watched this again at the weekend. Can anyone explain why...
  12. Surely this. I thought the Potter films were all pretty shite, but it wasn't my thing and I could nevertheless see why kids would love them. The fantastic beasts films, on the other hand, just seem to be plain awful. In the history of prequel trilogies, this must now surely rank as the worst? (and yet it will continue with further films). Star Wars, for all the stick it got at the time from adult viewers, nevertheless hit a chord with the younger generations who now show fanattical love for those films. The Hobbit was a bit tortuous and unnecessarily long, but clearly not trash and gave Tolkien fans plenty to enjoy. Fantastic Beasts does what for whom?
  13. Two middle-aged middle-class university educated white men, one a liberal lefty and the other an outright socialist. They're neither going to 'tick the boxes' for modern BBC diversity, nor be approved by the forces trying to make the BBC "less woke" (i.e. more Tory). I can quite imagine that in such circumstances they could've been surprisingly short of friends higher up, despite their success.
  14. Sacred Symbols+ had a great interview with Hassan Karaman this week, and it's quite something. He has answers for some of the questions about things, but then hides a lot behind an NDA shield. Insists there is a game, that it's not a scam, and that the prologue will come (but will now be a 2 hour game, sold to fund the production of the real game). The way he describes BlueBox it's like the studio is less of a company, and more just a collective of people around the world contributing to something remotely. But there's still something about it all that reminds me of that lad from The Tinder Swindler - that he's just a man built on lies, and that somehow he's just creaming money off this. And I still think it's really strange that Sony allowed (and continue to allow) their 'App' to be on the PS5 store when there's nothing to show. He claims it's only a PS5 exclusive because it's 'by playstation fans, for playstation fans', and that Sony have no involvement. Yet the PS blog post announcement, and the app, still suggest they're more involved than he's letting on. All very confusing stuff. LSM have stuck it on their YouTube channel now so it's not behind the patreon paywall now and there for people to watch for free.
  15. Mayo tweeted that his security pass was cancelled before he left the building on Friday, meaning the doors wouldn't open and he had to be helped out. That was 45 minutes after they'd tweeted the announcement of the new podcast
  16. Nothing additional, is my guess - if you have both as I do, then the combined cost of them equals the annual cost of the top tier really, so converting the Now to top tier Plus still works, you're not losing anything. It'll get confusing when there are differing end dates to your Plus & Now periods, as I have. The 'winners' are the 3 people in the world who have been subscribiing to PS Now, but not PS Plus, because their Now now includes plus, whereas those with only plus don't get anything new.
  17. I'm aware of the line to which you refer, but I think it's a stretch to call that an explanation. If we're generous it's a way to head-canon it in lieu of an actual decent explanation.
  18. These are massive logic issues with the movie. But as far as I'm aware there are no answers to the questions you've asked. Marvel has big history for this - I remember after Endgame came out and the writers and directors seemed to have completely opposing views on how Captain America had arrived at the point where he was at the end of the movie. They are comic book films and dealing with nonsense ideas of time travel and multiverses, so you can argue it comes with the territory, and they're good fun, so you forgive some flaws, but the longer the MCU continues and grows, the more logic issues appear simply because it's not as thoroughly planned as many people like to suggest. Also for NWH:
  19. On Wednesday night I finished two games, which is quite something for someon who rarely finishes anything at all. Lost Words : Beyond the Page - xbox gamepass - stunned by this game. Found it really emotional and well put together. Basic as a game, but I felt that was for the best as similarly to "The Artful Escape" it wasn't a game where you wanted mechanics or puzzles to get in the way of narrative progress. Gears of War - Started the original Gears of War on my 360 back when it first came out, but never even got half way through as it just didn't click with me. Didn't like the characters especially, and found the movement clunky. When I got the Series S I decided to revisit it via the remastered version. This time I made it through, although it's still taken me over a year only playing it every now and then, and I still think the characters and dialogue are awful. Given the game & series' reputation, I'm glad to have played it to the end, but in no hurry to dive into any other Gears games based off this.
  20. I expect there have been better looking cosplays of the grand inquisitor at conventions. Maybe once the action is flowing it won't be so jarring, but when you've already had the species in live action, it looks like it could be a disappointing aspect. The Fifth Brother also looks a bit pants. It's strange because the overall production value appears as high as you'd expect. Much like previous trailers it looks like the majority of this footage is from first episode or two, but there's enough there to make it appear like the leaks about the plot are true and therefore I'm still very cold on the idea of there being a 'rematch' - would be quite happy if it were just kenobi evading and fighting inquisitors with vader in never coming face to face with him, but sadly i don't think the restraint will be there. Andor has been filmed in a very different manner - basically the production style of Rogue One - practical sets and locations (mainly in the UK), as opposed to using the volume in the way Mando, Boba and Kenobi have, and I think that (and the effects of the pandemic on it) have led to it taking longer, as well as the fact it's likely got more episodes and is expected/confirmed to have a second season. I think a lot of people are sleeping on just how good Andor could be - it's the closest thing to a movie they'll have made since the end of the Skywalker saga.
  21. My PS5 seems to disagree with Elden Ring in a weird way - when I'm done playing and I save and exit the game, and close it so that I'm back on the PS5 home screen (and I mean it's closed, not running in the background) if I go to put the PS5 in rest mode it thinks about it a bit and then switches itself right the way off. Turning back on then triggers a 'repair' of the internal drive (and my external if it's attached) before everything returns to normal. It's very odd, because it doesn't do it after playing any other game. Praise the Tarnished indeed...
  22. I wasn't going to get this, but then seeing the reviews, and the fact it's £45 on Amazon for PS5 (two thirds the price of a first party PS5 game ) I've taken the plunge and ordered for delivery tomorrow. My Souls history is not good - started but not got far in Demons, Dark and Bloodbourne. Maybe this time it'll be different. Maybe.
  23. I think this is where we're headed. Just like how you have the TV streaming services ubiquitous across hardware (Apple TV running on an Amazon Fire stick, Prime Video available on Apple TV, and Netflix and Disney not even needing to sell any actual technology). All the streaming services saw how it was going and relatively quickly those who were/are producers of hardware scrapped any efforts to block rival services from their platforms. The entry barrier on equipment is higher for games, and there's a more entrenched view on MS and Sony 'protecting' their ecosystems. But eventually I can see a situation where there are Xboxes and Playstations, but with very little truly exclusive to either, and both will allow subscription to the other's service. Gamepass on Playstation will feature all MS first & second party, likewise Spartacus on Xbox. As much as they'll be manufacturers of the equipment used, they'll be far more interested in being multiplatform publishers, who then use the content they produce to flog their own subscriptions. Its already closer than some realise - EA's subscription (whilst rolled into gamepass) is multiplatform already, and only needs the top tier to be made available on console as it is on PC to essentially match the 'day one' feature of gamepass. Ubisoft have their subscription service that is making its way to Xbox (PS must surely be inevitable) which provides 'day one' for all Ubi games, as well as cloud access via Stadia. If you start to look at Xbox and Playstation as software publishers more than hardware producers, then it becomes obvious that multiplatform is the future. Exclusivity will remain but be tied to your subscription, not your console.
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