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  1. These are massive logic issues with the movie. But as far as I'm aware there are no answers to the questions you've asked. Marvel has big history for this - I remember after Endgame came out and the writers and directors seemed to have completely opposing views on how Captain America had arrived at the point where he was at the end of the movie. They are comic book films and dealing with nonsense ideas of time travel and multiverses, so you can argue it comes with the territory, and they're good fun, so you forgive some flaws, but the longer the MCU continues and grows, the more logic issues appear simply because it's not as thoroughly planned as many people like to suggest. Also for NWH:
  2. On Wednesday night I finished two games, which is quite something for someon who rarely finishes anything at all. Lost Words : Beyond the Page - xbox gamepass - stunned by this game. Found it really emotional and well put together. Basic as a game, but I felt that was for the best as similarly to "The Artful Escape" it wasn't a game where you wanted mechanics or puzzles to get in the way of narrative progress. Gears of War - Started the original Gears of War on my 360 back when it first came out, but never even got half way through as it just didn't click with me. Didn't like the characters especially, and found the movement clunky. When I got the Series S I decided to revisit it via the remastered version. This time I made it through, although it's still taken me over a year only playing it every now and then, and I still think the characters and dialogue are awful. Given the game & series' reputation, I'm glad to have played it to the end, but in no hurry to dive into any other Gears games based off this.
  3. I expect there have been better looking cosplays of the grand inquisitor at conventions. Maybe once the action is flowing it won't be so jarring, but when you've already had the species in live action, it looks like it could be a disappointing aspect. The Fifth Brother also looks a bit pants. It's strange because the overall production value appears as high as you'd expect. Much like previous trailers it looks like the majority of this footage is from first episode or two, but there's enough there to make it appear like the leaks about the plot are true and therefore I'm still very cold on the idea of there being a 'rematch' - would be quite happy if it were just kenobi evading and fighting inquisitors with vader in never coming face to face with him, but sadly i don't think the restraint will be there. Andor has been filmed in a very different manner - basically the production style of Rogue One - practical sets and locations (mainly in the UK), as opposed to using the volume in the way Mando, Boba and Kenobi have, and I think that (and the effects of the pandemic on it) have led to it taking longer, as well as the fact it's likely got more episodes and is expected/confirmed to have a second season. I think a lot of people are sleeping on just how good Andor could be - it's the closest thing to a movie they'll have made since the end of the Skywalker saga.
  4. My PS5 seems to disagree with Elden Ring in a weird way - when I'm done playing and I save and exit the game, and close it so that I'm back on the PS5 home screen (and I mean it's closed, not running in the background) if I go to put the PS5 in rest mode it thinks about it a bit and then switches itself right the way off. Turning back on then triggers a 'repair' of the internal drive (and my external if it's attached) before everything returns to normal. It's very odd, because it doesn't do it after playing any other game. Praise the Tarnished indeed...
  5. I wasn't going to get this, but then seeing the reviews, and the fact it's £45 on Amazon for PS5 (two thirds the price of a first party PS5 game ) I've taken the plunge and ordered for delivery tomorrow. My Souls history is not good - started but not got far in Demons, Dark and Bloodbourne. Maybe this time it'll be different. Maybe.
  6. I think this is where we're headed. Just like how you have the TV streaming services ubiquitous across hardware (Apple TV running on an Amazon Fire stick, Prime Video available on Apple TV, and Netflix and Disney not even needing to sell any actual technology). All the streaming services saw how it was going and relatively quickly those who were/are producers of hardware scrapped any efforts to block rival services from their platforms. The entry barrier on equipment is higher for games, and there's a more entrenched view on MS and Sony 'protecting' their ecosystems. But eventually I can see a situation where there are Xboxes and Playstations, but with very little truly exclusive to either, and both will allow subscription to the other's service. Gamepass on Playstation will feature all MS first & second party, likewise Spartacus on Xbox. As much as they'll be manufacturers of the equipment used, they'll be far more interested in being multiplatform publishers, who then use the content they produce to flog their own subscriptions. Its already closer than some realise - EA's subscription (whilst rolled into gamepass) is multiplatform already, and only needs the top tier to be made available on console as it is on PC to essentially match the 'day one' feature of gamepass. Ubisoft have their subscription service that is making its way to Xbox (PS must surely be inevitable) which provides 'day one' for all Ubi games, as well as cloud access via Stadia. If you start to look at Xbox and Playstation as software publishers more than hardware producers, then it becomes obvious that multiplatform is the future. Exclusivity will remain but be tied to your subscription, not your console.
  7. if you read my post again, you'll see I was talking about my own experience with the chapter, and then passing a general comment on how people watch and enjoy star wars. but fuck it, i won't 'wade in' in future and give my half-positive thoughts on an episode in the thread about the show for fear of upsetting your desire for some sort of echo-chamber, as i clearly have done in the past. for someone who rarely posts it's amusing to be accused of 'having form'. mtfbwy
  8. I didn't say 'pretend you're a child' did I? Stop being disingenuous. My point was that my kids had an absolute blast and that made me happy. Weird that you'd have a problem with that to be honest. They're also far closer to the true target age group, so as long as they're getting joy from it, then I see that as a better barometer that it's doing its job than whether it pleases adults. Film & TV is subjective, so as much as you might want to say "this is good / this is bad", it's just down to taste. If it didn't work for you, fine, but that doesn't mean you're right and those who liked it are wrong. I know people who really didn't like the last two weeks' chapters, but love this one, and people for whom the complete opposite is true. None of them are right or wrong.
  9. To each their own isn't it. If it doesn't work for you, and you didn't enjoy it, that's a shame but that doesn't cast any aspertions upon your character. It's only how people express their disappointment that does that. As I said, with this episode it was only the joy of seeing my kids' enjoyment that got me past the issues I'd had on first viewing. That's the thing about Star Wars, it more and more resembles an all-you-can-eat world buffet. Take what you like, leave what you don't. Just don't be a weirdo by standing by the Lamb Rogan Josh calling anyone who eats it a cunt, or loiter around the Sweet n Sour Chicken telling people they're a bellend if they don't take any.
  10. The logic of the episode is easy to pick holes in. That's the way with Rodriguez really, a director who is overtly more style than substance, so I kind of expected it. On my first watch through I had plenty of fun but saw all these issues and was a little mixed and underwhelmed. However, on second watch through with my kids last night (7 & 3) I realised that, as they laughed, gasped, screamed and 'ahhed' at all the intended times, the lack of logic didn't really matter. This was just entertaining Star Wars action. Watch Star Wars like a child. Criticise it like an adult. Too many get those the wrong way round.
  11. Chapters 5 & 6 of BOBF are, essentially, the direct continuation of The Mandalorian after Season 2's finale. If this show had been called "The Mandalorian : The Book of Boba Fett" then there'd be less hand wringing from those who feel slighted that the show has veered off away from the titular character.
  12. The rules were in place for a reason, though. They weren't wrong, and the rule on attachment was one that Ahsoka followed herself when felt the pull of attraction, and seemingly still does. She had issues with the order, and how it had changed in war time, but I think people are confusing that with a wholesale idea of throwing out the entire rulebook. There seems to be this current reading of episodes I-VI that it was the fault of the Jedi and their rules, and that poor old anakin should've been free to shack up with a politician, as though that would not pose any dangers. This flies in the face of everything GL said about the Jedi and attachment - that the reason they ban it is because it leads to the fear of loss, to jealousy and to greed, and that in turn those leave one open to the dark side. Because Anakin started his training at a much older age than jedi should have done, he was much more susceptible to attachments, and the downsides of them. George Lucas was very clear that the Jedi were not bound to be celibate, and (as Anakin once pointed out) actually compelled to love all, even their enemies, but that relationships like Anakin's were possessive and therefore not compatible. He was also clear that it was Anakin who was choosing that path, and who was responsible for his own downfall. The Jedi without rules would not be an order. Without the need to sacrifice a 'normal' life to become one, they would cease to be the serene warrior monks of the star wars galaxy, and would just be a dudebro power fantasy. The failures that George Lucas was interested in were the way in which the order got mixed up in politics and war, not that the very nature of what they were was wrong.
  13. Thanks - does this even extend to online play, so if i'm logged in on the X, but the S is my home system which the kids are on, they could play online Sea of Thieves with me without an additional gold sub?
  14. The wife has surprised, nay, shocked me with a series X as a birthday present today. She's now slightly shocked herself to learn that that doesn't mean that I'll want to sell my series s to recoup some of the cost because I fancy still having that one on the small telly in one room and the series x on the big oled in another So what's the best way to set up the Series X - do I make that my 'home' xbox, or leave the home one as the Series S, or does it not make any difference - can I just use gamepass on both? If the kids start playing on one, does that stop me playing on another?
  15. So here's a question: Is there any way, on the Series S, to choose to download the xbox one version of a series-enhanced game? With internal storage at a premium and offensively costly to expand, but xbone friendly external storage cheap as chips, is this a downside to 'smart delivery', i.e. you can't override it? On my PS5 where I am entitled to either version I can choose to download PS4 or PS5, but I can't see how to opt for the non-enhanced version on Xbox. Any way to do this? (I already know that there are some 'enchanced' game which run on external btw - looking for a solution for those where they don't).
  16. If they follow the wording of "exclusive to platforms where gamepass is available" then what it may actually do is up the pressure on Sony and/or Nintendo to allow Gamepass, in some form, on their hardware. It sounds ridiculous, but then if you compare it to TV streaming services, they're now pretty much ubiquitous across each other's hardware - amazon and netflix on apple, and apple and netflix on amazon, and netflix not arsed about hardware and just being on everything. If MS are getting your gamepass subscription, then I don't think they give two shits what bit of hardware you're using. So rather than lose every CoD player to the Xbox ecosystem, maybe Sony will allow the MS ecosystem to exist to a certain degree within their own.
  17. I disagree with him on some of his political beliefs, as I expect many people on here do, but "absolutely rotten individual" is a bit harsh. I'd class him as a mild conservative, hardly some rabid right-winger. He's got some good industry contacts and isn't really in the scoops game, so whilst I wouldn't take this as 100%, I doubt he'd say it without good reason.
  18. Google launching Stadia, but essentially a shop selling games at full price, rather than it being a subscription service with a full library. The streaming quality I get on Stadia is streets ahead of what I get from xcloud, so their boffins clearly did a top notch job. But the commercial people fucked them by not offering anything close to the Gamepass model, instead modelling themselves more on the PS plus / Gold models which were/are in the process of being phased out by Sony & MS. A technical marvel, destinted for the (large) rubbish dump of abandoned google services and ideas.
  19. Will be interesting to see how MS respond here. Stalker's played a fairly large part on the 2022 Gamepass release schedule. Where a 3rd party dev shafts them like this with a delay, they must presumably now feel pressure to sign up a replacement. Cyberpunk's next gen version due around the time Stalker was?
  20. Ties in nicely with the idea that extended time on Tatooine in general causes one to age more quickly, as evidenced with Kenobi.
  21. Star Wars Sessions - two british lads running a superb pod. Weekly main episode plus a BOBF recap. Highly recommend. ForceCenter - brilliant American pod. Both avoid the toxic nonsense and agendas that are found in too many other places.
  22. I'm not suggesting it's a masterpiece, but I cannot for the life of me understand the joyless cynicism and snark this film has attracted. Perfectly entertaining film that has introduced Ghostbusters in a decent fashion (i.e. not the 2016 disaster) to a new generation, whilst continuing the legacy of the originals. The final act was executed fantastically.
  23. BOBF was filmed entirely in California. That doesn't rule out what you're suggesting, but this was not filmed in a neighbouring studio to the UK based production you mention. Andor and Willow are the LF projects filmed/filming in the UK for D+. Mando, Boba and Obi-Wan have all been US based. I thought the second chapter of Boba was superb, but is not likely to win around anyone who didn't like the first. This is a confidently made show that knows what it wants to do, how it wants to do it, and at what pace.
  24. Watched it today. Offensively shit. Like it was written at gunpoint by someone who'd been kidnapped, and wrote the script as a cry for help.
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