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  1. I disagree with him on some of his political beliefs, as I expect many people on here do, but "absolutely rotten individual" is a bit harsh. I'd class him as a mild conservative, hardly some rabid right-winger. He's got some good industry contacts and isn't really in the scoops game, so whilst I wouldn't take this as 100%, I doubt he'd say it without good reason.
  2. Google launching Stadia, but essentially a shop selling games at full price, rather than it being a subscription service with a full library. The streaming quality I get on Stadia is streets ahead of what I get from xcloud, so their boffins clearly did a top notch job. But the commercial people fucked them by not offering anything close to the Gamepass model, instead modelling themselves more on the PS plus / Gold models which were/are in the process of being phased out by Sony & MS. A technical marvel, destinted for the (large) rubbish dump of abandoned google services and ideas.
  3. Will be interesting to see how MS respond here. Stalker's played a fairly large part on the 2022 Gamepass release schedule. Where a 3rd party dev shafts them like this with a delay, they must presumably now feel pressure to sign up a replacement. Cyberpunk's next gen version due around the time Stalker was?
  4. Ties in nicely with the idea that extended time on Tatooine in general causes one to age more quickly, as evidenced with Kenobi.
  5. Star Wars Sessions - two british lads running a superb pod. Weekly main episode plus a BOBF recap. Highly recommend. ForceCenter - brilliant American pod. Both avoid the toxic nonsense and agendas that are found in too many other places.
  6. I'm not suggesting it's a masterpiece, but I cannot for the life of me understand the joyless cynicism and snark this film has attracted. Perfectly entertaining film that has introduced Ghostbusters in a decent fashion (i.e. not the 2016 disaster) to a new generation, whilst continuing the legacy of the originals. The final act was executed fantastically.
  7. BOBF was filmed entirely in California. That doesn't rule out what you're suggesting, but this was not filmed in a neighbouring studio to the UK based production you mention. Andor and Willow are the LF projects filmed/filming in the UK for D+. Mando, Boba and Obi-Wan have all been US based. I thought the second chapter of Boba was superb, but is not likely to win around anyone who didn't like the first. This is a confidently made show that knows what it wants to do, how it wants to do it, and at what pace.
  8. Watched it today. Offensively shit. Like it was written at gunpoint by someone who'd been kidnapped, and wrote the script as a cry for help.
  9. Thought this trailer was superb, bearing in mind the caveats that you always have to with a CGI announcement trailer that tells you little about story or gameplay. Perplexed at how there seems to be great ire about Quantic Dream making a Star Wars game, yet when it was announced Ubisoft would be everyone was just like "yay, no more EA". Both companies are proven to have utter cunts at their heads, but if anything I would say the stories out of Ubisoft are wider reaching and more systemic.
  10. So are they holding back the Gandalf reveal, or did the Tolkien estate / whoever controls the IP get wind of the plans to have him fighting Batman and Scooby Do, and put their foot down?
  11. possibly more aimed at the ipad/tablet market? Also Alien is a franchise that sells to a wide age group - the original generation of fans now in their 50's and 60's. Maybe they're hoping to shift it to some of that generation who don't have consoles but do have iPads?
  12. This is why I struggle to take anyone seriously who is getting angry on social media about them disrespecting the original it like it's the first time since 1990 that someone's had the idea 'lets try that again'. I certainly felt that the whole absurdist approach to money and wealth in the film, and that most of the characters are total dickheads, was very knowing, and given the people involved I'd expect that to be the case.
  13. Watched this at the weekend. 7 year old was in hysterics plenty of times, and the wife and i both easily passed 6 proper laughs each so, in Kermodian terms, it has to be considered at least competent in its comedy, especially when you consider it's not that long. Some great nostalgic references, as well as use of the classic score. Is the kid annoying? Yes. Absolutely, and it's a bit weird/jarring that he and his mum are British given it doesn't really play into the story in any way. And like most comedy films, there are some scenes that don't work as well as others and end up being cringe-worthy bad. But in the end this is really not the train wreck I was expecting, and it gave my family plenty of daft, early festive laughs. Pleasantly surprised.
  14. No, but that didn't stop me travelling into Helgen for the 256th time last night. Ah shit, here we go again.
  15. Finally Zak Snyder's MCU moment has come
  16. Saw it on Saturday. An overwhelming sense of "meh" amongst the audience. Overlong and dull. By far the worst experience I've had watching an MCU movie at the cinema. That's not to say it IS the worst MCU movie, but it's definitely competing for that title, and its length counts against it where some of the other lesser MCU titles are at least kept to a solid 2 hours. Tonally I felt it was all over the place. On the one hand an artisically shot (most of the time) and thoughtful 'epic' idea, but then interspersed with real b-team 'marvel quip' humour. It was too jarring and needed to commit more to being different, or simply be more fun like the Avengers movies so the humour felt more at home. It makes a critical and arrogant error of expecting you to care about the characters just because they exist, not because they're given any kind of real character development.
  17. always find this a strange argument when it comes to movies - do you want them to make something with the express intention of not making money? The second half of your sentence surely resolves the lack of understanding expressed in the first half?
  18. My 3 year old went fucking mental when he got far enough into the trailer to realise who it actually was. And then there are adults calling it 'unnecessary' and 'stupid' ffs - not sure you're the target audience lads
  19. Whilst I know they're two models based on the mo-cap artists, Spider-man PS4 was very much an Andrew Garfield look-a-like and the updated Spider-man PS5 actor very clearly a Tom Holland stand-in. As mentioned earlier in the thread - Ellen Page in TLOU is the one I remember the most though. It was very clearly meant to be like her, and was all the more weird being that she was starring in another Sony exclusive released later that year. When someone copies the likeness of someone who wouldn't go near a videogame, that's one thing, but she was literally working on a game at the same time so was not really an unrealistic 'get' for TLOU. I assume Naughty Dog never actually offered her the role, as if they had it would've been a monumental mistake to opt for David Cage's project over theirs.
  20. Saw it last night at an unlimited screening and thought it was utterly brilliant. A proper audio-visual feast that deserves to be viewed at the cinema on the largest screen you can. Thought they nailed the Star Wars / Aliens esque 'lived in' sci-fi feel. It largely felt like a real place that made sense, made with real care and craft. Probably the greatest use of slow-mo this side of Zack Snyder's Justice League, but overall a beautifully made film. I'm coming at this as someone who's never read the books, but did see the Lynch film a few weeks ago. It's remarkable that this movie tells half the story in a much longer running time, yet leaves out a fair amount of content that was covered in the first half of Lynch's version. Also think it's crazy that it's out, but the second half isn't even scheduled for a shoot yet. It's such an incomplete story, ending where it does, that they really should have 'lord of the rings'd' it and filmed parts 1 & 2 at the same time. I bet it's at least 3 years if not longer before we get part 2.
  21. I really wish they were more transparent about how long games are going to be on gamepass for. The 'leaving soon' list is suddenly quite long with a few things I'd like to try, but no dates that i can see, so no idea as to how soon is 'soon'. Rumour seems to be end of the month, but that's not very long given there's 9 games on the new list. By contrast, when something joins PS Now, it's clear whether it's a permanent addition, or whether it's timed, and if it is then from the day it joins you know when it's going to leave. It's a quality of life thing that I'd really like to see MS adopt from Sony (there's not many of those right now). But the transparency really helps you plan how you use a subscription service. At the very least, the warnings should be at least a month if not three.
  22. I'm seeing paralells between the discourse on social media around The Last Jedi and No Time to Die. A lot of people upset at the idea of heroes being humanised and mortal, at the films subverting previous 'traditions' of the franchises, and then chucking in a few complaints about it being ruined by 'wokeness' for good measure. Just as with TLJ I'm sure NTTD is a film that genuinely didn't work for some people, who have valid and fair criticisms. People who don't like DC's Bond are not going to get won around by this film, for example. But I defintiely think this is another case of the 'anti-woke' brigade amplifying the idea of the film being divisive because of their politics, not because they've actually appraised the film in a sensible fashion. (I'm referring to the discourse 'out there' not 'in here' - i've not read through this thread so have no idea if there's anti-woke stuff contained within...)
  23. Absolutely adored this on the Series S. Luckily had moved it to be on my 4k telly for a couple of weeks when i started it - not sure a small 1080p monitor would've done it justice. It's up there as one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've had, but with the caveat that it's barely a game. But that didn't matter to me - I was just too heavily seduced by the sights and sounds to give a shit that I wasn't really 'doing' much. The perfect game to play at night during a particularly stressful week.
  24. What next, a stock allocation for farmfoods? Why the fuck are they letting TV channels get involved in selling consoles?
  25. Finished it yesterday. Entertaining enough, if far fetched story, let down at times by frustrating game design - too many occasions where there was only once acceptable route or even order of doing things, where logically the thing I was trying to do first should also have worked. A common complaint of point-and-click, but a bit more work on making it branch more would've been welcome. What I cannot understand are the complaints about the content - sure, it goes to some dark places and some unpleasant things happen (as in many, many games), but it has an appropriate age rating that makes it quite clear it could get quite dark. There's nothing salacious or exploitative about the way it tells its story, and the unrealistic twists are not out of place when you consider the influences that it very clearly draws upon. A middling game with good production values, but not the kind of threat to society that some outlets seem to have been making out.
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