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  1. Looks lovely, but so far very basic play. Atmosphere-wise this feels very modern. Gameplay (so far, only 30-45mins in really) reminds me of Alien Breed on the Amiga. Will keep playing.
  2. Completed "The Touryst" before it disappeared from Gamepass, collecting the 1000Gs. Started off charming and interesting. Ended up frustrating and chore-like.
  3. Having a weird time in New York at the moment on the Series S - the Chrysler building is labelled as a landmark, but graphically it's just a black rectangular skyscraper. Don't have that issue on the PC version.
  4. Works well on my S, will be interesting to see comparisons. Compared to PC I'm finding the pop-in (and out) of 3D buildings quite off-putting. Very noticeable in New York. Understandable as it's bound to be an incredibly taxing element, but still I would've hoped for better. No idea whether things like draw distance will differ between the S and the X.
  5. I take it back. Just tried Gears 5 and that worked as well as stadia does for me, so fair play to them. First try was with Rainbow Six which was choppy as fuck even on menus (so not due to it being MP), but was clearly series X version as had the 120fps reference. My guess is they have varying qualities and setups of equipment at the moment (maybe not just One S / series X) and that explains the variance between different games as well. Whatever they're using for gears 5, that's the solution. Even worked well on my ipad, however even though the connection was running at good pace, i still get totally distorted audio on iOS - an issue with every xcloud game on there for some reason...
  6. Gave it a try in browser just now. Loads quicker and, yes, it's kicking out sharper graphics. However, over a wired 80MBPS connection the lag was ridiculous and audio remains a choppy mess. In comparison Stadia, while a shite offering overall, runs like a fucking dream. I keep hearing on podcasts, etc how this is such a revolution and how people are playing xbox games anywhere they want with barely any hint they're streaming, and I can only come to the conclusion that these people are full of shit.
  7. The problem I have with this is that Stadia works much better for me, and MS don't seem to be doing anything to address how crap their streaming runs. Essentially the same "service" of streaming games produces way more stable streams on any device I use if it's Stadia than if it's xcloud. In terms of software, MS are clearly streets ahead of Google, but Stadia is technical wizardry compared to xcloud.
  8. I worry about it, and then I remember that I have far less time than you'd need to play the games i DO have installed and haven't finished.
  9. TCGS first and foremost, no better british gaming podcast for me. Cane & Rinse when they cover a game I'm keen on. Defining Duke is great for xbox centric stuff. Sacred Symbols for PS centric. Kinda Funny Xcast, again xbox centric.
  10. Not really. It's Clone Wars at just about its worst. From a canon perspective it's important because it features the introduction of Ahsoka, so you see her first meeting with Obi-wan and Anakin, but if you've watched the whole series already going back to this movie will feel...odd.
  11. spent a few days trying this out at different times. on pc it works well enough, and consistently, but on both ipad and iphone it's total toss with unplayable levels of lag and glitches.
  12. After the latest patch (PS5) the sound of my horse's hooves has disappeared when riding. Have totally rebooted the PS5 but still not fixed it. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. The article doesn't allege that he defends sexual harrassment though - if that's what he did then that would be outrageous, but if he's just arguing for the rights of the accused to a fair trial that could be slightly different. There's a world of difference between the dickheads who argue that the harassment itself is ok, and the people who push back against the idea that allegation = guilty. 'Cultural appropriation' has been used as a term to cover everything from 'blacking up' to whether it's inappropriate for white people to have dreadlocks. One is clearly unacceptable while another would, to the vast majority I expect, not be considered racist. As you say, it's nuanced and people with differing views on it should be allowed to discuss those. Should Rihanna be allowed to do a photoshoot in traditional Indian clothes? There's a debate to be had there, not a clear right and wrong. Gamergate, whilst standing contrary to everything I personally believe, is nevertheless too broad a movement to simply be branded "far right" in my opinion. I think anyone who's far right would support gamergate, but not everyone who supports gamergate would support the far right. I agree fully that Gamergate (and the ongoing overall 'culture war') has been used by the far right to drag people into their ideology. But that happens because it does not appear in itself inherently extreme - presenting a 'reasonable' facade to draw people in, and that means there can be people attracted to it and subsequently caught in that umbrella who aren't far-right, never want to be, and never will be. Guilt by assocation with a movement so undefined is very dangerous. My overall point is not that this guy isn't far right - maybe a deep dive into his videos would uncover the fact that he's a BNP/EDL bellend. But based on what the article actually states, there's also an equally strong chance that he's simply right of centre, maybe a bit of an insenstive dickhead - neither things which would suggest he shouldn't be allowed to continue in his job. And as much as I may then disagree with where he sits on the political spectrum, and might even find him to be a total prick, does that deserve this amount of criticism? Maybe, but if the article wants to brand him as far right, and he indeed is, then it needs to evidence that, not just reference things in such a vague fashion that he might just be a bit of a tory. Because as fun as it is to brand all tories cunts and nazis at times, it's not actually going to get us anywhere, because it simply entrenches their opinion that the left is utterly unreasonable too.
  14. Look, the guy's clearly a bit of a dick, and I have no doubt he's got opposing views to me on the issues listed, but this shift to describing these things as "far right" is ridiculous and harmful to the arguments as a whole. The things listed here are all things around which it is possible to have legitimate discussions with differing opinions. The more people who simply have conservative views are branded "far right" by people like Polygon just for not being left-wing, the more of them will actually be pushed into the arms of the actual far right, thus swelling their numbers and making them even more dangerously radicalised.
  15. Can't believe the amount of support Carano's had. The right wing commentators who have leapt to her defence have made this all about the "Jews in Germany = Republicans in 2021" tweet for good reason. If you look at the full timeline you realise she'd be sacked from any job given her behaviour: November 2020 - anti-mask and "covid is a democractic hoax" tweets - warned by disney November 2020 - "the election was rigged" tweets - warned by disney November 2020 - mocks transgender pronouns - warned by disney, called to a meeting with her agents and disney where she was explicitly told her career with them was on the line, leading to her promising to cease controversial tweeting and then publicly acknowledging that Pedro Pascal had educated her on pronoun usage February 2020 - goes back to shitposting with something which, if not anti-semitic, is in extreme poor taste. Disney don't sack her, they just clarify that she doesn't work for them and that there are no plans for her to do so in the future. And the crucial fact that everyone chooses to ignore - she didn't have a contract. They didn't fire her because they couldn't / didn't need to. The decision to not hand her a new one is not the same as firing her. I'd say it's quite possible her role in Mando season 3 was going to be absolutely minimal anyway, before she started pissing people off, because that show's going somewhere she's not needed. They were going to instead have her as one of the leads in the Rangers of the Republic series, but pulled announcing that in November off the back of the original incidents. My guess is that if she'd kept her nose clean for 6-12 months then they might've got her back for that with everything blown over. She's got noone to blame but herself. The idea this is about freedom of speech is bullshit, because her freedom to speak has not been inhibited. But if you choose to act like a cunt on social media, companies are going to pick and choose whether they work with you or not. The fact she's found a home with Shapiro of all people speaks volumes. Her 'deal' with him will also not have come out of thin air. I would not put it past him to have set the whole thing up, getting her to tweet something designed to create arguments over whether it's anti-semitic or not, knowing it would cause a shit storm of publicity that he could then use to turn into followers & cash. Disney were in a no-win situation because they were taking shit for not acting on the previous incidents, but in many ways their hands may have been tied because as she wasn't an emloyee, they would've struggled for a formal disciplinary procedure. In the end, four strikes and she's out seems very generous.
  16. Rarely had any issues with HDR on either PS4 pro or PS5, other than the games where it's known to be rubbish (i.e. RDR2). What disappoints me most on HDR recently is that on the Series S it's locked to 4K displays, rather than being its own option, so whilst I have a 1080p HDR TV for that console, I can't take advantage of HDR on Series S games or the Auto-HDR on backwards compatible ones poor, given that a bog standard PS4 would allow HDR at 1080p.
  17. Got a pair of Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2 for my PS5 for Christmas. After a couple of weeks of using them I'm still weirded out by them. At times they seem brilliant, but at others (for instance idling on the PS5 menu) they seem a bit crackly/distorted. Anyone else got this model of headset?
  18. Mine's silent on start-up, unless there's a disc in the drive, in which case it spins it so loudly for about 15 seconds that it reminds me of my old PS4 pro fan noise. Once that's done, though, it's back to near-silent. I've certainly never heard its fans 'kick in' in any game at all. Any noise from the console is either inaudible over the sound of the game, or inaudible when i've got my headphones on. This is a stark contrast to the Pro where i could hear the machine even when i had my headphones on and the audio turned up loud The ony 'disappointment' i have sound-wise right now is when using it for playing movies - the disc drive is louder than i'd like even when it's not doing a mega-fast whirl.
  19. As someone who did succesfully get a PS5 at launch, alongside my series S, i'd suggest you stick with your original plan. They complement each other superbly and it's the perfect way to have one foot in each system. I'm using the S for gamepass and catching up on old xbone games, which is superb, whilst enjoying Miles Morales, etc on the PS5. I wouldn't want to swap the access to the PS exclusives for an xbox that runs the stuff on gamepass at higher res/fps than the series S does right now. I reckon it could be a good 2 years before theres's anything that's xbox only where the series x is essential over the series s, especially if you don't have a cutting edge tv.
  20. Yes, it's actually a Toshiba one not Samsung, which in terms of hard drives i'd maybe expect to be better. What I have done today is change it to the other rear USB port and tested it connected to that one, and it's not errored through a couple of cycles of turning on and going to rest mode. Meanwhile the port it was plugged into has worked fine for charging a controller (had problems using the front for that) suggesting the port itself isn't a problem. All very strange but will see how it goes.
  21. It's an older Samsung 1TB USB3.0 drive. I've got it plugged into a rear USB for the same reasons you've mentioned, plus the aesthetics. It must be something to do with the drive then. I've had it quite a long time so in some regards i was surprised the PS5 was happy to use it, and like i say it works perfectly while the console's on. My guess is that it's something to do with how the drive goes to sleep - the PS5 obviously thinks it's been unplugged when it hasn't. Thanks for reassuring me the console itself isn't doing this on a widespread basis. Will invest in a new drive
  22. Hooked up a USB external drive yesterday to get a load of PS4 stuff downloaded, and it works fine (brilliantly, in fact) until I close the console down. The next time it starts up it thinks the USB's not connected, so i reconnect it and then it does the 'you didn't unplug it properly' routine, checks for errors, and goes back to working. Anyone else getting this with external drives? Wondering if it's because of the specific drive I'm using, or a common problem across all makes/models?
  23. Lego games are the perfect entry in my opinion - totally safe, wholesome and always a good co-op experience. Whilst the most recent ones are undoubtedly the best games, for a 5 year old you might want to ease him in with the original lego star wars (via ps now, xbox backwards compatability, or on ipad/tablets) or lego batman & lego batman 2. The mechanics on those ones are more straightforward making it easier to learn the basics of controls, buttons, etc. My eldest is 6 and it's only in the last month that my Mrs gave me the go ahead to introduce him to playing on the playstation. He's had about a year of playing lego star wars and lego batman on an old amazon fire tablet, and that seems to have served as decent grounding, as he's got his head round using a Dualshock/Dualsense quickly and was able to jump straight in to solving puzzles and enjoying the better quality of Lego Force Awakens. PS Now has pretty much all the lego games on it, whereas Gamepass has none that i'm aware of at the moment, so a cheap sub to that (available for the cost of one game) could give access to all he'd need for a long time (even streaming the old PS3 games runs like a dream on my PS5, with a wired internet connection).
  24. Frustrating thing came to light about the Series S yesterday for me - plugged it into a 1080p display which supports HDR10, only to found that HDR functionality is locked to only work on 4K displays - the console appears to need to detect 4K compatability before it will allow HDR to be turned on. Bit daft if you ask me.
  25. Are you plugging the controller in before engaging rest mode? Mine works fine so long as it was plugged in before closing down, but doesn't work if you plug in the controller when the machine is already resting. This is the same as it was with my PS4 & Pro.
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