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  1. I'm now the proud owner of a Miles Morales disc and a Dualsense. Come on Amazon, don't let me down on Thursday
  2. bounced off it on PS4 when it came out. Gamepassing it on the new series S sounds like a good plan if the load times have improved.
  3. Very impressed with mine. Lovely and small. Silent at all times, so far. Gives off warmth from the ‘speaker’, but that’s the idea of it. The ps5 will be my main like you, where I’ll play all the Sony exclusives and big AAAs. Given I’ve got the S on a 1080p monitor (the 5 will go on the UHD TV) it feels like the perfect & affordable way to access gamepass and catch up on old Xbox games (not had one since 360) whilst also knowing I won’t miss the new ones from this gen. Only dived into a couple of games so far but they’ve looked and ran lovely. For me the PS5 and series x would be overkill right now. You should feel very happy with the S given you’ll get a PS5 so that envy of the series X will soon go.
  4. Setup of my S was superb. Set a few downloads going of gamepass games, and fully expect I'll fill the drive before they're all done
  5. and just like that, things change. I updated the delivery address with Argos a week ago so it'd come to home instead of work (due to lockdown) but just had a call from DHL as he was outside my closed office. Absolute shambles, and glad I've got the Amazon backup now, not going through the hassle and delay of rearranging delivery with DHL.
  6. DHL are 8 stops away with my argos order. Amazon yet to deliver to my collection hub. Looks like Argos are going to win the race and I'll keep theirs and cancel the Amazon one. Amazon have, in the last 24 hours, sent me codes for £10 off a controller, and 40% off 3 months of Gamepass ultimate. Already used the controller code and can't see they'll cancel the gamepass code if i cancel the xbox order, so thanks Jeff
  7. I'm alright with the S reviews. If I was getting it as my main next-gen for the 4k UHD telly in the living room, I'd be out, because it sounds like it's going to be quite obvious that it's underpowered when connected to a bigger screen. But the PS5 has always been my choice for the living room. The S will be a second console for me, for a 1080p tv in another room, and I'll pretty much exclusively use it for gamepass games. So for many i can see why the coverage will be a disappointment, but luckily for my needs i think the S will be adequate...
  8. cheers, will keep an eye out for it. I also have a backup order with Amazon for the S. Since the moment it was placed it has always said it's arriving on Wednesday 11th though, possibly because I selected my local click & collect locker instead of home delivery (it's outside a station, though, so no retail-closure issues with it). Will be interesting to see which arrives first - I am neither ruling out Amazon delivering to the locker on launch day, nor failing to deliver entirely!
  9. Got an S ordered with them. No email yet. Online just says "sit tight your order is in progress".
  10. I'm confident that for all the new games, and those for the next two years, it'll hold roughly to their promise - 100% on 1st party, but issues with lazier 3rd party devs. But I think that's what people buying an S are keen to see evidence of. It's suspicious, for example, that the Ubisoft performance rundown specified resolution and framerate for Series X, but didn't for the Series S for most games. Every time it says "4k 60fps on Series X" Microsoft want you to think "1440p 60fps on series S then" but if that's the case, why don't Ubisoft confirm it? If they were 1st party games i don't doubt that would be the only real difference, however when it's 3rd party and up to the devs, will they put maximum effort into optimising that frame rate? For me, the biggest problem we've seen to date is the inability of it to play the OneX versions via backwards compatability. Until they have it running the OneX versions of recent games like RDR2, albeit at a lower resolution, I think that takes some of the shine off it being "truly next gen" for some people, as it's not running things as well as a console from the last gen. Not such a huge issue for me as it'll be a 2nd console for me, mainly for 1st party / gamepass, and my library for BC is over on PS, but I can see this being a disappointment for anyone who upgrades from a One S to a series S and gets no real uplift on BC games, or (less likely, but worse) anyone who goes from One X to Series S and sees their existing games get worse...
  11. The embargo still lifts early enough to cancel the order if the information released isn't to your liking, though. If the particular retailer has seen fit to bill you before despatch, then they'll refund or worst case you refuse the delivery. It's later than ideal, but at the same time it's not the same as holding the embargo until the release date itself.
  12. they need to get positive information on the series S out. if it's as capable as we've been led to believe, show it off, and prove that the considerable saving does not come at a serious compromise. in terms of free games, their hands are kind of tied i suppose by the amount already "free" with gamepass. maybe chuck another exclusive like falconeer in there?
  13. I would love to know exactly why we've ended up needing this thing to support PSVR: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/10/this_is_what_the_ps_camera_adaptor_for_psvr_on_ps5_looks_like I understand that including an essentially defunct proprietory port on the back of the PS5 just for that old camera may have been deemed an wasteful expense, and that changing to USB makes total sense. But why oh why can't the PS5 camera carry out at least the same functions as the PS4 camera? If the option was there to either buy a new camera or use an adaptor, surely they'd just end up selling more new cameras? And what the hell is the giant rectangular box about?!
  14. the tv cabinet issue is also true of the direct competition, though, so Sony are hardly alone in having this issue. The PS5 is bigger, but it's thinner, so there's actually a greater likelihood it will fit (and nicely) in a tv cabinet space designed for a dvd player/set top box. If the PS5 had gone simply with a black box approach, they'd've looked very like the OG xbone, so instead they've gone bold and different, albeit not to everyones' tastes.
  15. https://www.techradar.com/news/ubisoft-ps5-xbox-series-x-upgrades This is starting to look a little fishy regarding series s. Ubisoft neglect to give any indications on performance specs for series s for watch dogs, immortals or asscreed, etc but then are specific about series s for For Honour... On top of the ray-tracing about turn for DMC, this is starting to worry me they’re hiding the levels of restrictions for the S to prevent mass pre-order cancellations of that model. Still probably going to stick with mine, as have no interest in paying for an x in addition to a ps5, but the lack of transparency on series s is starting to dent my confidence in MS’s new consumer friendly approach.
  16. Thanks. Ordered my Miles Morales ultimate for £60 which seems fair enough in the current climate
  17. Agree on this. I undestand the logic, that One X optimised games were chasing 4k which the Series S can't do. However, if the Series S does indeed outsell the Series X, then it would be nice if some efforts are made to optimise some of the games that suffer the most from this. I'd imagine RDR2 is the big one - having that game run at sub-1080p on a 'next gen' console will feel piss-poor. It seems the system is fully geared up to be smart enough to know what bit of kit is using it, so you'd think a simple tweak to get, say, RDR2 to run at 1440 or 1080 on a series S would not be that much work...
  18. https://www.theverge.com/21528481/gears-tactics-xbox-series-x-s-vs-one-pc-coalition-interview confirmation that gears tactics is better on series S than on xbox one x, which you would hope it would be. could be taking as sounding like a marginal improvement, though. as someone with a pre-ordered S, and no real interest in the series X, I'm keen to see how the impressions go. I'd assume that, given there are now stacks of the series s in warehouses, that there are some journalists who have them but just aren't allowed to talk about it yet...
  19. I should get an S the week before my PS5, but no plans to buy anything for the S, just play stuff on gamepass. Miles Morales will be the first PS5 game I play, that's a lock, and can't decide whether to get AssCreedVal or Cyberpunk as a second - probably wait for reviews to drop before deciding.
  20. looks fast and snappy, and of the "4k HDR age". happy with that. at this point in time we don't need the wheel reinvented.
  21. That's how i see it too, except with its output being 1440p you could actually stick it on the vast majority of 4k TVs and most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and the series X, assuming the resolution is indeed the only difference between the two consoles' output. I'll be using it on a smaller 1080p TV in my office, though. In terms of 120fps, i think the problem here is that very few TVs support this - you've got to have upgraded your TV pretty recently, and paid a decent sum, to have that feature. I upgraded to a 4k HDR TV a couple of years ago, and it doesn't do 120fps. I'm very happy with my TV though and not about to upgrade just for that feature. I think the numbers benefitting from 120fps will be extremely low on either console, but on the S particularly.
  22. A launch I bought Killzone Shadowfall, Battlefield 3, and Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Also got Resogun and Contrast as the first PS Plus games IIRC. From memory I played KZ first, but would've got most value out of BF3 and AssFlag. The last game purchased for PS4 will have been Star Wars Squadrons, but I'm also playing Horizon Zero Dawn as a swansong too.
  23. I wonder whether they'll report these in their sales figures as such. Obviously no profit in it as they're giving the £2k back as vouchers, but that might be coming out of another pot, and in these troubled times for retail i can imagine showing turnover of £2,499 for each instead of £499 could be popular with their accountants...
  24. Anyone else with a Series S pre-order starting to get concern about the lack of info on the little brother of the Series X? Obviously the power of the X is going to make for much more interesting reading, but given the fact the price of the S makes it a much easier entry point, i would've thought they'd want to be getting word out there about just how good it is. It features prominently in the recent advert, but hasn't had any 'hands on' type publicity like the X has. I would've thought they'd want to be wow-ing people with the next-gen performance on 1080p TV's by now. Series X has clearly had the most exposure, but it now feels like the PS5 is more advanced in its push than the series S, and that's saying something. When do we think we'll get more on it? The more they hold it back, the more I'm concerned my pre-order is for a dud...
  25. Insomniac have said Miles Morales saves will be transferable from PS4 to PS5 (albeit not for their own remastered Spider-Man game). If it's possible for saves for that game to be transferred, then it stands to reason that it's possible for all games. I expect this is all a kerfuffle over whose job it is to facilitate it - Sony probably want 3rd parties to do it themselves, while 3rd parties (quite rightly) want Sony to make life easy for them like MS has. The reality is that, as long as saved games transfer for PS4 games running on BC, this is only going to affect a few select scenarios around the transition time from one console to another where you have two separate versions of a game on the market. To the hardcore who jump on a game on release day it seems like a big insurmountable problem, but the reality for most will be "I won't buy x game until I've got my PS5", and thus the problem disappears. It's not great of Sony - they should have done better - but they're quite good at spotting problems and ignoring them when they're confident they'll go away and be forgotten in a matter of months. As has been pointed out, they've not got the resources of MS and so they probably do end up prioritising some things that MS are able to just do more easily.
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