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  1. Anyone else with a Series S pre-order starting to get concern about the lack of info on the little brother of the Series X? Obviously the power of the X is going to make for much more interesting reading, but given the fact the price of the S makes it a much easier entry point, i would've thought they'd want to be getting word out there about just how good it is. It features prominently in the recent advert, but hasn't had any 'hands on' type publicity like the X has. I would've thought they'd want to be wow-ing people with the next-gen performance on 1080p TV's by now. Series X has clearly had the most exposure, but it now feels like the PS5 is more advanced in its push than the series S, and that's saying something. When do we think we'll get more on it? The more they hold it back, the more I'm concerned my pre-order is for a dud...
  2. Insomniac have said Miles Morales saves will be transferable from PS4 to PS5 (albeit not for their own remastered Spider-Man game). If it's possible for saves for that game to be transferred, then it stands to reason that it's possible for all games. I expect this is all a kerfuffle over whose job it is to facilitate it - Sony probably want 3rd parties to do it themselves, while 3rd parties (quite rightly) want Sony to make life easy for them like MS has. The reality is that, as long as saved games transfer for PS4 games running on BC, this is only going to affect a few select scenarios around the transition time from one console to another where you have two separate versions of a game on the market. To the hardcore who jump on a game on release day it seems like a big insurmountable problem, but the reality for most will be "I won't buy x game until I've got my PS5", and thus the problem disappears. It's not great of Sony - they should have done better - but they're quite good at spotting problems and ignoring them when they're confident they'll go away and be forgotten in a matter of months. As has been pointed out, they've not got the resources of MS and so they probably do end up prioritising some things that MS are able to just do more easily.
  3. Fully agree on this. The extra power to reach 4k/60fps will be good, but if it came at the price of even sounding the same as my PS4 and PS4pro both have, then I'd be gutted. Playing the Avengers game recently, I can hear the fans even when I've got headphones in, and it's really making me look forward to being rid of this gen. I've persevered this time around, only having a PS. But this coming gen, as I'll have a PS5 and a series S, I could imagine myself moving to the S for more games if it's significantly quieter. That was, I remember, what led to me favouring my PS3 over my 360 - my PS3 was WAY quieter than my 360. Even if the graphical improvements are incremental and take time to really show, I'd love it most of all if the PS5 is known for being quiet and quick.
  4. Will cloud streaming be an option on the new consoles? The limited storage of the S in particular (but applies to both in truth) means that an option to stream on the console itself could still be very useful.
  5. Partly, but I think it also reflects the fact they've said this will receive no post-launch content. My expectation, though, is that if it takes off EA will relent and reluctantly flog us expansions for £20 per go, all justified by the fact they released it for cheap to start with. And, oddly, I think I'd be fine with that model - if it's as good as I think it might be, then I'd gladly pay more money for them to put more ships and scenarios into the game.
  6. I've toyed with them a few times. They're very good, and in many ways probably more true to the old school CM style, but I can never shake the feeling that I'm missing out on the full experience, despite that full experience then somtimes being overwhelming when i sit down and play at my PC. The databases are still big, but on Touch you're a lot less likely to be able to find that 17 year old colombian centre forward, playing in the mexican second division, who turns into a story for you. You're more restricted to shopping for players that you know in real life, in my (admittedly limited) experience.
  7. Do we know yet whether you'll be able to cloudstream games on the series x or s themselves? Like on PS4 I can choose to either download or stream a PS4 game on PSnow - would be good if that option is there for gamepass games on the x and particularly the s with its smaller storage...
  8. The series X is far too square for my liking, as well as being totally uninteresting. It's just like the PC tower that I've got under my desk at work. I can understand why the PS5 is not for everyone, though, but for me I find it to be aesthetically much more pleasing for a larger machine. Maybe it's because I will have it on its side, not stood up. I've never liked the idea of consoles stood up. The S is superb, though, other than the black vent. Would prefer it to be all white.
  9. This is pretty much my way of thinking. For a place in my living room under the TV I much prefer the look of the PS5 to the series X, plus I'm confident that PS will contune catering better towards my top-end gaming needs in terms of exclusives and the biggest 3rd party games, plus I'll be able to use it for my massive backlog of PS4 games. The S is my way of benefitting from GamePass without breaking the bank unnecessarily, and it'll be attached to a smaller 1080p TV so the resolution issue isn't a problem. Having been away from MS all of the last gen (and even when I had a 360 that got used less than my PS3) I have hardly any digital library with them, so my plan there is to have a £250 machine, gamepass for 3 years, and pretty much never spend another penny on it (barring any ridiculously good deals when digital sales are on).
  10. question is, will the series X run more leagues than the series S? I'm sure it could, but if MS want to push the narrative that the only difference is, essentially, the ability for 4k, this could be an early test to that narrative.
  11. presumably what they're neglecting to point out here is that if you own Spider-Man on PS4 (digital or disc) you can stil play that to your heart's content on PS5 because it's backwards compatible? Really not that arsed about whether they give away the upgraded version for free or not. Would have been nice for them to do so, but can equally understand why they wouldn't. The question is, how different does the upgraded version run compared to the PS4 version running on PS5?
  12. I can see online that Xbox one controllers are compatible with the S / X. However, what i can't find is whether an old USB 360 pad will be? I've got one of them and it'd be most useful if I can use that as a second pad for my incoming S...
  13. Will an old 360 pad (USB not wireless) be compatible with Series S?
  14. PS5 with disc for the main 4k UHD TV. Series S for the smaller HD TV in my office.
  15. series s pre-ordered via argos
  16. Not necessarily, as they’ve not said it’ll result in them being exclusives. Could easily see this as being a case of “first and ‘free’ for gamepass” but then for sale on other systems after. That way everyone wins.
  17. do you think the all-access code would still work in 2 years' time though?
  18. Should I do this and go all access though? So if I stock up for 3 years live, and then get a code with all access for 2 years, does that mean i'm good for 5, or do the codes expire if not used. Well aware you and this forum are not xbox customer service, but that I am treating you as such
  19. I'm surprised the gap is that large. Just goes to show why I'm always crap at questions based on optical illusions
  20. I feel like the volume of the PS5 and series X isn't that different. The PS5 looks worse stood up, but will look fine on its side (which is how I would imagine most people will have them?). Whereas the series X looks like an inconspicuous PC tower stood up, but would look totally wrong if placed on its side. I imagine the series X's thickness may remove the option for many people to fit it on a shelf in their TV cabinet, whereas the PS5's 'height' when on its side means it will fit in those more traditional 'under the telly' spots.
  21. So is there still a way to get a decent period of Gamepass for cheap, or is paying for it alongside the console via all access the best way? As someone outside the xbox ecosystem since the 360, I've got a live account but never used gamepass...
  22. how will pre-order work for the all-access option I wonder - a need to complete a credit application at the same time could significantly delay the process. or will all-access only be available once the initial 'pay up front' rush of sales is complete?
  23. I agree that the showing of games certainly wasn't as good as I'd hoped last night. However, the price reveal was better than i expected, plus the God of War tease did something very important. It reminded me of the overwhelmingly positive experiences i've had on PS4 this generation with their first party exclusives. And, in it's snazzy marketing way, made me believe (and I do genuinely believe this) that Sony are well aware of what people like out of their exclusives and are going to continue bringing those experiences. Equally, the Miles Morales footage showed me that I'll be getting one of those experiences at launch, even if it is truncated compared to the original Spider-man game. And, unlike the lack of compatability between ps3 and ps4, this is a generation leap and an upgrade all at once. I'll still be able to experience all my PS4 games on the PS5, some with enhancements no doubt. So things that I'm playing now like Avengers will carry on (assuming they don't shut it down ) and even things I am yet to play, like Star Wars Squadrons, will carry over. And most of all i get the buzz of a new console, a true new generational leap, something which it's always fun to be a part of. (oh and i've gone full-fat, because I've got a UHD Skywalker Saga boxed set sat unopened with nothing to play it on, and that alone is worth the extra 90 quid, even before all the PS4 discs that i'll still be able to use on the PS5...)
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