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  1. Yikes, hope my save on my nephew's PS5 is okay. Saying that, I was only through Biomes 1 and 2, so not exactly a deal breaker if it's all gone.
  2. It's evocative of Ilos, yes, but I was never keen on that area either truth be told.
  3. Had a great session on this tonight! My last go was a fight with Ixion. So tonight I went through most of Biome 1 and 2 tooling the fuck up. I had to take some risks in 2 because I'd let my health get somewhat low and I'd stupidly taken on a parasite with the side effect of taking damage every time you pick something up. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN! Anyway, I ventured quite far into 2 in order to get access to the regenerator. Once I located that I was all set, off went to Ixion aaaaaannnnd ... ... he was rather easy. On this second go at him I think I got lucky with my pr
  4. I found having run set to always on was worse, but maybe the for the bosses it's better.
  5. Had my first go at the second boss tonight, didn't get to his third phase but I wasn't exactly tooled up for the job. Am I right in thinking I should have unlocked a shortcut? I couldn't see one on the brief look I had right after.
  6. Ooof, that is shit, a bit of a black eye for Sony PR there.
  7. Yep, as Kiro says, the second biome/environment is very different. I haven't seen past that area because my play time is limited.
  8. Too late. But I don't mind because it's just a technical spoiler not a story one.
  9. Yep, Mark Hamill's joker is the absolute best. As for bad ones Morena Baccarin in Destiny 2 is pretty bad, "it's got me ... Aaaagghh" laughably bad. But then we have a newcomer, Brit Baron, who puts in a great performance as Ada-1 (also Tifa in FF VII remake). The most disappointing one for me is Pierce Brosnan in the otherwise excellent Everything or Nothing. He really did not want to be in that game. On the flip side, Patrick Stewart gives his all no matter the material. Castlevania Lords of Shadow on the 360/PS3 has some of the worst writing I've come a
  10. Really wish I could play this properly, I'm itching to go back to it.
  11. Thanks. So what's everyone's favourite weapon? Mine is still the carbine.
  12. Managed another go this evening but I'm bouncing off the second biome quite hard at the moment. Should I have the grapple by now?
  13. £40 back in 1997 is roughly £75 now. There's no getting away from that. And many games were £50, even £60 back then. I'm pretty sure Shadows of the Empire on the N64 was £59.99. That's over £100 today, so don't go telling anyone to shove inflation up their arse. Sure, Sony are making a lot of money off the PlayStation brand. But that means they can afford to bankroll games like Returnal. Have they made a mistake with the price point now that the game is finished? Actually yes, I believe they have. They've gone too high too soon. People grumbled a little about Bloodborne being £50 b
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