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  1. SCP? Edit: Great to see new players enjoying this via PSNow, I may not be keen on the DLC, but the main game is fucking fantastic. Not just fantastic, fucking fantastic.
  2. Blood & Truth as fucking excellent.
  3. Thor

    Dreams - It's out!

    Before reading your post I saw the preview still and instantly thought that looks like Half Life Alyx.
  4. The opening main mission parts are actually great. The problem at launch was that it was unfinished (literally, not just a lack of polish, un-fucking-finished), and most people's first taste of the game was the 10 hour trial on the shitty original Xbox One. What a fucking combo!
  5. But then you have to wait until Friday.
  6. Heh, reading this thread has got me wanting to play this again. The game looked amazing on the One X, but I expect on PC it'll be even better at 60fps.
  7. After buying the new pirate lego set I've been in full-on pirate mode. So bought Black Flag on PC - it's still a great looking game, but the music in it is fucking amazing: The gutting thing is, that's not anywhere on the official fucking sountrack. It's best best musical piece in that game by a fucking mile, but it's not on spotify.
  8. Grindmouse, are you actually planning on buying and playing the game?
  9. Thanks for this. Maybe my bro won't be disappointed after all, he loves all the materia stuff. He is blissfully unaware of all this, I haven't told him a thing, so it'll be interesting to see what he makes of it.
  10. You're right, I hid the post, please remove the quote. I missed that "vague" part. Sorry if you saw it @Delargey
  11. I'm now watching Treasure Island, which I believe is the origin of the infamous yarr pirate accent.
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