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  1. It's like that scene at the end of Rise of Skywalker, but actually good.
  2. Yeah, mine gets a little louder at time, but not super super loud.
  3. Anyone else finding they're hammering their front left tyre?
  4. I actually missed the music store on my first play.
  5. Ha, I was getting frustrated last night because I just wanted to break into the 1.26.xxx bracket, but was banging out near constant 1.27.0xx times. At least I was consistent, but it was doing my head in! Every lap I'd see the green indicator showing I was faster, thinking this is the lap that does it ... 1.27.060. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! Then I jumped in the Aston Martin. Might practice more tonight and tweak the downforce settings.
  6. I've played that section three fucking times, and not done that. WTF!
  7. Ah! I did mine with, I think, 30ltrs in the car. And yes, I'm rather enjoying Brands Hatch, you really have to attack some of the corners. And the undulation in VR ... 'kin hell!!
  8. Surtees is now my bitch! Managed 1.27.0xx in both the Ferrari, and the AMG I tried, was about to call it a night, but I decided to give the Aston a shot seeing as the guy in that vid @davejm posted was clearly loving the car. I tweaked the aggressive setup, and sure enough it instantly felt good around the track. I managed a 1.26:493. That'll do me.
  9. You got the wrong end of the stick there. Loved that episode, and it was the start of their bromance. I do believe both actors enjoyed that one too.
  10. I thought of bringing that up a few times, I think simply removing the option to inspect the weapon, which is basically perving at it up close, would have lessened that somewhat. That said, it's still distasteful no matter how you swing it.
  11. The only violence in this game that I really winced at is what we also saw in the reveal trailer way back: "Clip her wings." For me, that's the only time the game ventured into what some others have described as pornographic violence.
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