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  1. I can hope. But my experience of Witcher 3 at launch is keeping that hope in check.
  2. Heh, I booked off the 19th, 20th, and the following week to play this. Now I'll have the PS5 the same fucking day (Argos willing) ... interesting times.
  3. Yep. Y'all paid to be beta testers. Not like it's the first time it's happened. Witcher 3 was just as bad, and it's a good bet Cyberpunk will be too.
  4. Uncharted 4 absolutely belongs on that list, maybe not quite so high, but definitely belongs there. The amount of posts lamenting its inclusion is somewhat amusing. I'm a touch surprised Destiny isn't on there, but then it did come out for PS3 and 360 as well, so maybe doesn't qualify. Edit: I see Destiny got an honourable mention.
  5. Yep, this weekly format isn't fitting this show at all.
  6. I will be very disappointed if that's the case. I've held off buying a DV capable 4k player because of the PS5.
  7. I'm going digital, despite buying the one with the drive (4k UHD player).
  8. Yeah, I've deliberately not activated it on Epic. The risk of it sucking all my time away is too high...
  9. No, I'll get that on PC most likely. But I'm willing to pay it for the Ultimate Edition of Mile Morales.
  10. Oh wow, rather enjoyed Watchdogs 2 despite playing the shitty Xbox One version, but I never finished it. Will give it another crack on PC. I daren't get Football Manager...
  11. I just had a closer look at the replay, and you are absolutely right - all four wheels outside the line. My apologies. In my defence, I genuinely didn't believe I'd gone completely outside the line during the race - I had no warning about track limits, not even the "no time gained". If you look at the in-car view (which is a reasonable representation of the VR viewpoint), it looks, to my eyes, like I still have the right hand side of the car on the track, and that's genuinely how it felt to me. It's only when looking at the outside car view that it shows I go just over.
  12. I fucking love Monaco, was my best experience of Project Cars 2 in VR.
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