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  1. I really enjoyed that. The first 10 mins of the first episode were atrocious and I nearly turned it off, but I'm glad I stuck with it. In the end the only thing I really didn't like was "motherboard", that was shite.
  2. Whoa, hang on ... are they really remaking this in Frostbite? If so, I suggest you all seriously temper your expectations.
  3. Did the Master lost sector a couple of times before work this morning, and now I have "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE" stuck in my fucking head. And I still didn't get the exotic arms I wanted (Contraverse Hold), instead I got a Claws of Ahamkara with high mobility. Think I made a discovery though, looks like Bleak Watcher turrets can be destroyed by nearby splash damage.
  4. Aye, rather enjoyed that. Like Armageddon and Independence Day rolled into one modern day blockbuster.
  5. Nah, he'd be perfect as the reigning mob boss of the region. Tommy Vercetti is my fave GTA character, but perhaps I'm looking through rose-tinted specs, it's been a long time since I played Vice City.
  6. In your pool. I've had Mantle of Battle Harmony drop again from a Nightfall.
  7. Do you still get the AI drivers coming out of the pits during qualy with only 30 or so seconds of the qualy round left? That drove me mad in older games.
  8. I love the burgers and the cajun fries, and I love their coke machine because I can easily sort myself a vanilla coke zero. Their milkshakes are overrated though. Anyone tried their Hot Dogs? I've been meaning to, but ...
  9. I think you're all being overly nerdy/geeky about the name. The average viewer is going to see one person, and think of one name. It's going to be Kang, and variants of Kang. No Immortus or whatever. Just Kang. I'd bet money on it.
  10. That's my favourite boss fight in the game.
  11. I have to agree. I said as much an hour after the episode released - this finale was "Big fat info-dump. The end". I like that ... I also like where they have left Loki himself as a character:
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