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  1. Finished Shropshire, well gee golly gosh, who could possibly have foreseen that?
  2. Finished the game today. I think my NG+ is bugged, or just the game is incredibly brutal... After finishing I got the intro again and if I went into 1-1 but of course I died. The game loaded me back to the where the archstone usually is in the OKA room... Edit: Yep, it's fucked. Just rebooted my PS5, and it loads me straight into that fight, no archstone, no way of getting out. It's a constant loop. Didn't wanna play NG+ anyway. edit 2: Managed to fix it! I just about managed to pur an archstone shard in my quickslot, and then when I loaded back again I used that to return
  3. Skyrim is a revered game. One for the ages. Just not TSH.
  4. Showing at in stock for immediate click and collect at my local Argos. Can't add to basket. Drove down (not far) on the off chance, but no.
  5. And all is suddenly well with the world.
  6. I read that Bluepoint toyed with the idea, but ultimately felt they couldn't do it justice, and would maybe be a disservice to original devs.
  7. So not as good as Skyrim then.
  8. I've been unlucky all day with these - trying to nab one with a disc drive for my nephew.
  9. Yep, I'd argue this game is more Spider-Man than Spider-Man. Seriously though, and I've said this earlier in the thread, the Roxxon bases in particular provide far more scope for actual Spider-Manning than the first game. The game has a lot of heart, though in fairness that is built on the foundation of the first game, as Uncle Mike alludes to with his comment about Gloria. And it is nice to see what are usually characters that are forgotten in sequels get some actual development. Also, let's not forget some nice representation for the disabled too.
  10. Ooooh! I only had two goes at him as it was pushing midnight when I got to him, I'll check later.
  11. @kempstar You may want to spoiler tag some/all of that.
  12. Yeah, I got caught three fucking times with that. Bit fucking cheap if you ask me.
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