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  1. Nah, that would read. 'Aye, that it was, brother'. Mimir is so good in these games.
  2. Nicely done! Now you need to go back and read through the thread for ME2 for the hilarity of some people's choices during the final mission. Pure comedy gold!
  3. 3D and HFR (The Hobbit) was interesting, and I liked that at the cinema, but it's hardly surprising that didn't take off. I actually really liked the 3D on my old Samsung - DREDD 3D is pretty tasty! In fact I may invest in some shutter glasses because my projector does 3D. But for gaming? FUCK NO! VR GAMES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> STEREOSCOPIC 3D GAMES.
  4. Thor


    See, for me the track is not fit to lick HTL's boots. Maybe I'm being harsh.
  5. Thor


    We've heard that riff before, it's from partway through Fuel, just sped up. And that's all the song is, that riff, Het shouting "LUX ETEEERRNAAA", and a shit solo. I love Metallica, especially the early stuff, and I'm looking forward to seeing them live again at Download next year, but that song does nothing for me. I really didn't get on with their latest album, so maybe this new era for them is just not for me.
  6. Thor


    No hook. Nothing for me to keep listening, let alone listen again.
  7. The Secret of Mongrel Island.
  8. Red Setter Tycoon.
  9. Thor


    I think it's shit, to be honest. Dull as ditchwater. No hook. By the numbers. Mehtallica.
  10. Go for it, the game is in good shape on PS5 and XSS/X now.
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