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  1. Yeah, I remember Manimal. According to my dad I was a big fan of Automan as a toddler, I don't recall it though. Also, for everyone listing BSG, that had one season in '78/'79. Pretty sure Buck Rogers doesn't qualify either.
  2. Knight Rider Knight Rider Knight Rider Knight Rider Knight Rider
  3. They're actually easy if you have upgraded force pull.
  4. Never mind the colour of that sky, what the fuck is that fucking hair cut? That is tragic!
  5. Nope. Apparently it's CBS's fault. I'd call CBS a bunch of twats, but I watched it in 1080p via Prime on my 65" TV and it looked amazing. The bitrate is clearly good enough, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Yeah, @Pob, I fucking loved it, but it's definitely a little of column A, and a little of column B. The ratio depends on how much you love TNG/Sir Patrick.
  7. The story in both games, while fun, are stupid, and Dutch is a rubbish character. In 2 in particular he's all over the place. He's absolute trash. The only genuinely good story in either of the two games is Arthur's personal tale, which would lose some of its impact without the interactive element, I feel. The overarching plot involving Dutch and the gang is total bobbins in both games. To mention it in the same breath as award-winning Westerns is a bit daft.
  8. Right then. As minor as that is, any chance we can keep spoilers for upcoming episodes out of this thread, or prefaced to show they're for a future episode, please?
  9. Lol. It really wouldn't. Elder Scrolls would work, they could even keep the same theme as the games - each series from a different era, and a different province of Tamriel. Mass Effect could work in theory, but there have been several Sci-fi space shows this century so far, I doubt we'd need more. Plus the effects budget would be prohibitive. However, if money wasn't an issue and effects could be done properly ... while Uncle Mike is right that Horizon Zero Dawn itself doesn't quite have the meat for a TV series, the back-story from the lore that's in the game could make for a pretty tasty prequel mini-series, while also standing on its own without ever needing to even once directly reference the game itself.
  10. How did you discover that? Or was it in last night's episode and I missed it?
  11. Yeah, that was the only duff thing in it.
  12. And finished. That was wonderful.
  13. I did wonder if it was coincidence. 20 mins prior I only got the option for Episode 0.
  14. I just set my TV to tomorrow's date and am now able to watch it.
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