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  1. That actually looks fun, not sold on Holland at all, but Wahlberg might actually pull off a younger Sully. Chloe looks good too
  2. Just thought of one: Spycraft: The Great Game. It was an FMV game from the mid '90s, they were all the rage back then, and it was by fucking far the best ever example of that ill-fated genre: A modern interpretation would be fantastic, I reckon. Also, spot the Star Trek actor!
  3. I fucking love Arrival and don't think BR2049 is all that. I really enjoyed this film and can't wait to see part 2.
  4. Do you, like, even have eyes in your head?
  5. This is more about my inability to understand the rules of the game as well as the rules of American Footbal. But in the original John Madden game on the Megadrive, all I did to win games was do a fake field goal. That was my play every time.
  6. Come on, Cov, we all know that's not your weirdest gaming habit.
  7. Needed more Ironside, as the above vid proves. Ironside's wry delivery was pitch-perfect.
  8. Come on, the obvious joke is right there...
  9. This is the most blatant one that anyone has gotten away with for me:
  10. Just watched the finale, great stuff, looking forward to the next season.
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