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  1. Stuck this on again tonight and, yep, this game is pretty fucked right now. Also, my Asp Explorer is now blue... Engineering really is proper shafted, I was going to get back into that. I suppose I could just farm for materials, or explore, but I'm saving exploration for the December update, when hopefully I can buy a fleet carrier.
  2. Thor

    Ad Astra

    Yep, sounds like I've done a little mental gymnastics on that one. It's a fucking odd film, isn't it? Simultaneously fascinating and unsatisfying.
  3. I'm in the market for a decent chair. I'm planning on ditching my two massive single seater sofa chairs, and going for something like you have posted, along with a small two seater sofa to keep to one side. Argos don't appear to sell that chair any more though.
  4. Thor

    Ad Astra

    Yeah, snap. There's a lot to like, specifically all the space stuff. Some wonderful shots and scenes. Overall the end fell flat for me.
  5. Thor

    Ad Astra

    I was avoiding this thread, gonna see it this afternoon. But when I saw @Gorf King posted, I just had to take a peek. So, if you weren't all that keen, there's a good chance I'll really like it.
  6. Oh you are absolutely right. I really should consider the thoughts and feelings of the incels.
  7. Been playing this on PC thanks to it being free on the epic store. It's stunning at native 4k. I'm spoiler tagging for anyone new to the game.
  8. Festoon, I think you should clarify what you mean by a "certain type." No-one asked Daniel Day Lewis if There Will be Blood would inspire "certain types" to bludgeon priests with bowling pins. Movies, music, and games have been blamed for society's ills for half a century (books even longer!). A Clockwork Orange was blamed for all manner of crimes in the UK when it was released, but it was all fucking nonsense. It was just the media latching on to the latest fad to sell newspapers. This situation with Joker is no different. Phoenix just handled it badly, and I bet the journalist was rubbing his fucking hands after Phoenix walked out.
  9. I don't know if it was always the case, or the big update that downloaded today. But the Arkham Knight in this collection includes all the DLC episodes and side missions. I never played the Batgirl episode before.
  10. And it's an ultimate pass from me.
  11. Really fancy this, the Gameboy versions were stupendous. Plus it'll be a reason to dust off my Switch. Will wait for a patch though.
  12. Bowser for GP and Time Trial. Koopa for Battle Mode.
  13. Hmmm, Arkham Knight in 4k60 is oddly clinical. It loses the filmic quality of the console versions. Also, performance when driving is showstoppingly bad. Ah well, it was free! Edit: Turning off all the fancy nvidia works stuff appears to have sorted the performance. edit 2: Yep, played solidly all the way up to and just past Ace Chemicals. Almost rock solid at 4k60.
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