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  1. I knew The Last Wish raid would look good on PS5, but I was still taken aback but just how good it looks now. What a fun raid to go through again after a couple of years.
  2. Yep, really enjoyed this! Was a pleasant surprise after the utterly crap Black Widow. Sure, it's another origin story, but it's a bloody good one, and one I look forward to seeing again! Of all the existing Marvel characters to make an appearance, I was not expecting ... (WARNING! Also contains ending spoilers) Looking forward to where this all goes now with Marvel and the new crew of heroes from forthcoming films. Shang-Chi is a reluctant hero, would make a great story to turn him into the reluctant leader of the next band of heroes. I don't care if that's cliched. This is interesting, because while you say they didn't make him gay, it could also be said they didn't make him hetero - there was no love interest to speak of in this movie, no woman sneaking a kiss or chats about finding/waiting for "the right partner". For me there was zero sexual tension between Katy and Shang-Chi; their relationship was clearly one of pure friendship (the film even has Shang-Chi explicitly state this). Who's to say what the future holds?
  3. Cant say I disagree with this. At least half the cast of returning actors are clearly just phoning it in. I think the best episode for voice acting was the one where T'Challa was Starlord. But even that episode had Del Toro stinking the place up, he was fucking atrocious!
  4. Yes, and yes. You don't need a team of three to enter, you can get matchmade with other players.
  5. Nope. They're 1100 when you buy them, but you can boost them up to max. I got the Main Ingredient from him for Trials. I'm absolutely useless with it, but thankfully I also have a Vex Mythoclast and a reasonable roll on The Messenger. Which means...
  6. Yeah, I'm glad I gave this a miss now. Clearly not a game for me. Does it also do the thing where characters just communicate though grunts and sighs?
  7. Seeing as I only use a soundbar with no rears, I thought I'd give the 3D audio a whirl. Fucking atrocious! Like listening to an old cassette tape gone bad after listening to vinyl. Switched straight back to soundbar mode. Maybe it's good for TV that already have shitty audio, I dunno.
  8. You're not a mod, and this isn't the Xbox thread. You have no authority here, Jackie Hitcher.
  9. Because it has games that are actually next gen.
  10. Wow, the SSD is trivially easy to install.
  11. a) Don't double-down. And it's not true. b) Who mentioned Hitler prior to you in this thread? I had a brief look but couldn't see.
  12. Sorry Hamus, this is such a silly argument. Are you saying someone needs to have kids to comment on the relationship between father and son in a videogame? It's like when someone comments on the poor writing of a film they don't like, and some utter dickhead pipes up with, "written many films, have you?" You never gave the relationship between Kratos and Atreus a chance by writing the game off far too early. Also, you invoked godwin's law.
  13. Managed to update mine okay - had misgivings that it would crash during download/install (mine is still playing up). Tonight I'll install the 1tb SSD I have and see how that goes.
  14. Those NPCs popping in and out are about as far from perfect as you can get, and that's on PC as well.
  15. Not on console. What a shower! I quite fancied something a bit different to get my teeth into now that I don't have to play Destiny every second of every minute of every hour of every day quite so much these days, and was considering this game because it reviewed very well, but it looks like performance is a joke. Fuck that.
  16. The Harry Potter gag made me laugh, but the episode was absolute dogshit. If they do a follow up in season 2 I'll skip the episode. What a waste of my fucking time. Half the cast phoned it in too.
  17. Is that the final Valkyrie? If so, yeah, fuck that on any difficulty higher than easy. A ridiculously unfair fight. VALHALLA!
  18. I recall a story, unsure if true or me just misremembering, but the story was that the DLC they were working on did indeed have the scope of a whole new game. If true, it's fair to say this is the result of that.
  19. Aye, add me to the "he's clearly gonna have a motorbike" crew.
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