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  1. You're both right there. I read Harry's post as "character design" rather than "designer." I was rather drunk last night. Bayonetta is still embarrassing though.
  2. Yet you and, clearly, thousands of other gamers are happy to gloss over that because ... Does having good gameplay excuse the sexism and objectification? What if there was a game that had genuinely amazing gameplay, but put you in control of a KKK member hunting down black people? Or @freezycold, what if there was a game that had the absolute best gameplay in the world ever, but it was about hunting down gay people, with a "genius and intuitive" conversion therapy mini-game? Now don't get me wrong, games have been objectifying women for fucking decades, but Bayonetta took it further to the point I was genuinely embarrassed to play it. Just because a game has good gameplay (and Bayonetta does, in fairness, that was never in question) does not excuse it from its other glaring faults. Take Mass Effect 2. The original game (released the same time as Bayonetta) had gratuitous shots of Miranda's arse in almost every cut scene she was in. It was fucking tragic. Bioware rightly addressed this with the recent Legendary Edition Remaster. When I'm talking to Miranda about her employer, or her past, or just something run-of-the-mill, I don't need to see a close up of her arse cheeks every time.
  3. So that fact that you're (I'm assuming here) a gay man who enjoys the game, renders the objectification of women in the game irrelevant?
  4. Damn, I was just going to post that it's telling that no-one is defending the game in this thread, and then you pop along to do just that. Bayonetta is an absolute tragic example of sexism and objectification. It's puerile and pathetic. An absolute embarrassment of the medium.
  5. If you didn't care you wouldn't be whining.
  6. @HarryBizzleYou're being a bit of a tit. Absolutely fucking no-one knew who Peacemaker was before seeing The Suicide Squad other than the uberest of uber comic nerds who will remain neckbeard-dying virgins for the rest of their sad lives. This show was always promoted as a sequel to/follow on from the movie. In my opinion the film isn't all that anyway. So I wouldn't worry about it too much of I were you.
  7. This is the funniest thing I've read on rllmuk in fucking ages!
  8. Really enjoyed today's Hit Points, especially the Bungie/Phil Spencer anecdote. In fact I noticed today that when I went into my inbox to do something else I saw your email and, "oooh, another Hit Points" - I went straight to reading that, so I've stumped up for a paid sub. Now then ... what the fuck did I actually go into my inbox to do in the first place?
  9. Loved the write-up on Flight sim @Treble , might actually install it on PC (it's on Gamepass) and have a look.
  10. Maybe Achilles' gift helped, maybe it didn't, but escape attempt 49, where everything caused lightning to strike enemies, was a success. I had another go afterward, but this feels like a grind now. Really fucking good game, and would have made my B list for rllmuk's GOTY awards had I played it sooner.
  11. Yeah, that was my major problem with the first half of episode 4. Gunn's humour is often too forced. Gunn should stick to directing rather than writing, or at least get some help. His best film is Guardians of the Galaxy*, and he co-wrote that with Nicole Perlman. The sequel has its moments, and is an okay movie, but isn't anywhere near as good because he wrote it himself. Gunn needs to someone to rein him in. Second half of the episode was great through. *Some will say it's Super, and to my knowledge he did write that on his own, so there is an argument to be had.
  12. Just checked which attempt it was that I first got a shot at REDACTED ... #40! Edit: This could be because only now have I given Achilles a gift for the first time.
  13. Aye, not watching it, and given people are happy to talk about stuff in the trailers openly, that's me outta this thread until I've finished the game.
  14. That's not for another two weeks!
  15. Just watched the trailer. Looks like DC shite...
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