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  1. I don't know who did what, but this is quite something.
  2. The kind of differences we expect between a 2009 and 2019 game ? Or a generational leap perhaps ? Makes it quite a good video to show how good minecraft can look with next gen power and effects. I found it informative and entertaining. It wasn't a carefully planned subterfuge.
  3. It depends on the game code and size of textures in the original game which were often scaled down. It still looks like an old game but noticablly sharper. As for running better I think framerates improved from rough on 360 to 30fps solid on X. The BC team may unlock more potential next gen. No developers had to spend time on these improvements.
  4. That's the only video I've seen of RTX. I think it's worth seeing to get an idea of the difference it can make. Turn 10 are giving a talk at GDC about it So yeah I'm all about it. I blame DF. When you're asking everyone to look at me, do you do it in a camp voice ?
  5. Yeah totally not seeing any difference here at all.
  6. Bye then is such a smarmy condescending post to make, in future just say what you really mean to avoid all this unpleasant confusion.
  7. It hasn't spoiled gaming for me but it's certainly spoiled the art of gaming discussion.
  8. Rambo : Last Blood Rambo has settled down in a border town ranch raising horses with his sister and niece. Niece goes to Mexico looking to confront the father who left many years before. She doesn't return. I loved the previous film for it's return to 18 cert violence. This is surprisingly close in it's depiction of how to kill a bunch of loathsome bad guys in the most violent version of Home Alone ever. Taken as the final film in the series it's throwaway rubbish. Taken as how can we make Rambo angrier than he's ever been and give him 30 minutes of solid revenge murders in the most graphic sense it does it's job well. Running time of 1hour 25 minutes where the final 10 minutes are a montage of clips from previous movies it's the perfect length for what it is. 4/5 Expected to be underwhelmed but really enjoyed it and was very happily surprised by that.
  9. ....because I got a yeah from Ron Allen of H -Street for doing a 180 fake nose manual in the car park at Livi Hocus Pocus Tour as the rain pished down. Two classics from his Life Skateboards video.
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