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  1. Pre order cancelled. Truth be told I'm not excited. What will I play first on the X ? I have no idea. Certainly there's nothing I'm anticipating to be a revelatory moment that justifies the purchase. It'll be interesting to go through the back catalogue and try out a ton of games to see if I can spot the difference, but I'm fairly non plussed about the launch. A wee bit jealous of the PS5 pad too. Hype me up....
  2. Obviously Xbox are lying. I'm back. Did I miss much ?
  3. I think the first year to 18 months will see a lot more upgrades to last gen games than we expect. Similarly to complete next gen remasters such updates should bolster back catalogue games and encourage more sales which might be a lot easier than getting new games out the door. Particularly if the dev tools allow such upgrades to be relatively simple compared to finishing their next projects to get the cash in.
  4. I am now, I've had my coffee and a ciggie. That post should have had a winkie.
  5. Rllmuk has already shat all over this too as a gimmick that is rubbish. Keep up.
  6. It's Gears of War it's not meant to be realistic. It's everything turned up to 11 over the top mental.
  7. This the only bit I can be arsed understanding. Footle I hate you. You are a fucking knob. For the last 6 months you have continually shat on my posts with your all knowing bullshit. You know one of the best ones ? I posted in the forum a tweet suggesting MS were preparing their shareholders to be ready for more studio acquisitions. You were instantly on top of me insisting it was a stamdard phrase that meant nothing. Then they bought Bethesda. Fucking tosser
  8. Windows sonic has simulated 3D audio on any basic headphones for about 4 years. Dolby atmos does similar but works far better on proper 3D headphones. Don't know about the Sony tempest stuff. Gotta take Mark (9.3TF=10.3 TF) Cerny's word for it.
  9. I give up then. You've made your mind up that its all going to be rubbish. I hope you can stop shitting in my cornflakes at least in the week before launch. You are entering broken record territory now. Pretty sure you've made the exact same complaints at least 3 times today. Don't concentrate on the feet or you will miss all the graphical glory.
  10. Last 3 videos posted are all pretty much unlistenable to me. Just a noise. sorry
  11. Gears 5 looks better than a 3090 pc card. If you take that as a base point rather than all the imperfections you keep seeing the future is bright.
  12. Just managed to fix the extreme drifting on my Quest 1 right pad stick that had made it a real pain in the arse to use. £6.99 out of Screwfix. Ya wee dancer. edit : fixed a Bone pad with bad drift too. This stuff is amazing.
  13. In terms of games yes but it doesn't let you share films and TV you've purchased. The account that bought the films needs to be logged in to watch and you can't log in to both boxes at the same time. Just a heads up.
  14. Apparently the S wasn't even supposed to be revealed until next week. Then it got leaked.
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