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  1. Yeah but what about Crackdown 3. That was a cloud fing wannit Phil mate ? So this'll be a load of rubbish too wannit be ? Xbox sucks...
  2. Skater XL got bought on Friday. Between it and Session it's far more forgiving in letting you land tricks and roll away. The environments are far less restictive and the controls depite being almost identical are also less harsh. Both games are lacking any "game" features and are built strictly for those who enjoy the purity of the sport and want a playground to spend countless hours toying with.
  3. Bit late to the Party but goddamn Chop Chop Chop is a tune.
  4. He just said it's "the best, because it is."
  5. Double lol Thread title edit pls. XBox Series X - Because it is....
  6. I think it updates games within X hours of the update launching to presumably ease the load.
  7. Can't argue with any of that.
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