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  1. Kingsman : The Secret Service Comic Book James Bond with guts and swears. A thrill ride from the beginning to the outstanding finale. Great action scenes that don't lose sight of the plot. Pure Jimmy Bond for the Deadpool Generation. 4K HDR Disney+ for the old guys with fancy tellies generation. Its a looker. 5/5
  2. A reset is recommended every time they update this.
  3. Tha'ts the director's cut of the 360 Game Human Revolution. Boost Surprisingly great list. Lots of stuff to try out. Mad Max was first its great.
  4. I was just trying to emphhasise first party content. There's so few to choose from. My money's on 45 of these titles being games I've never heard of.
  5. Forza Horizon 2 & 3. AC Origins & Odyssey All the Batmans Crackdown 3 Dirt 4 Dying Light Far Cry 3 & 5 Mad Max Mafia 3 The Tomb Raiders Skater XL TT 1 & 2 Witcher 3 Diablo 3 Alien Isolation Dragons Dogma GTAV Just Cause 3 & 4 Saints Row 3 & 4 MGSV & Ground Zeroes Ori 1 & 2 All the Resident Evils There's my gauntlet. Pick it it up weirdo beardo guy.
  6. Once Upon A Time in the West Every frame, sound, line of diallogue, musical note is an homage to the classic Westerns your dad grew up on. Every scene is a soliloquy of symbolism of the old west being laid to rest by the birth of the train and the building of America along with the coming forth of new forms of good vs bad. Having watched with the DVD commentary pointing out all the attention to detail and stories behind the direction, actors, score and influences made it beyond cinematic comparison. They don't make them like this anymore/5.
  7. Xbox youtube/twatters are running with a new Kojima Metal Gear/MGS1 remake based on hopes and dreams. Ignoring the realities of ownership of the license or that Bluepoint were heavily rumoured to be making an MGS1 remake exclusive to Playstation. The Typhoon emoji game is deliberately misleading but he does claim to know about 3-4 xbox exclusives coming from 3rd party devs of a AAA stature. However he's doubtful any of them will be revealed any time soon. Forza Horizon 5 latest rumours are that it is scheduled for 2021 and is set in Mexico.
  8. Xbox games will have microtransactions through the roof going forward. See Sea of thieves as a template. Fortunately they're purely cosmetic and the base game is not affected by the paid for dlc. I doubt this will be true for everything in the coming years.
  9. I think they have genuinely learned from this and have new management who are spinning the philosphy of letting talented devs make the games they want to make without guidance or interference . There's also been a lot of talk of the various studios sharing technology to increase the speed of development which is surely a good thing.
  10. The last I heard about Everwild was the producers asking the "fans" what kind of game they would like it to be. It didn't inspire much confidence in how far into development it is.
  11. The Sony games are £70 to recoup perceived losses on the hardware that was clearly meant to launch at a higher price than it did. If the games are 3rd party published by the likes of Activision/EA who make literally billions on microtransactions each year its just pure greed. Gaming culture is fueled by youtuber/twitch influencers who pay fuck all for their games. Inflation is a good excuse if we were all being paid double what we were 15 years ago. Games priced below £70 will have content ripped out of them only available in Gold/Platinum/Ultimate editions including season
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