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  1. It was still early in development when they announced it last year. My money is on Horizon 5 appearing before this one.
  2. I'll put up a full guide on how to do it all soon.
  3. I tried a few ideas out this morning. Think I'll be starting out with Suzuka's wee S bend track maybe in a C class. then the other half in B. then the full track in A. Personally I'd prefer to pick a single car each week and have you all run it without any upgrades or tuning. To keep things simple and even. Thoughts or objections welcome.
  4. Lonely Mountains Downhill Mountainbiking and Frostpunk get my recommendation, and Forza 7 obv.
  5. Now its on Game Pass , does anybody fancy a weekly Time Trial on this ?
  6. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/forza-horizon-4-ultimate-edition/9p513p4mwc71?activetab=pivot:overviewtab https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/forza-horizon-4-car-pass/9mzpp9xxp13l It doesn't say that in the description of ultimate bundle. They haven't released a car pack in 2 years. I chucked them the £7.19 as a thank you for the hundreds of hours I've gotten from the game. The cars are a novelty but I enjoyed 4/6 of them. They've added multiple free cars to unlock over the years the game has been out along with weekly free content and monthly updates.
  7. If God of War or Zelda ever appears on a competing companies platform I can see the case for Bethesda/Xbox future games going multiplat. That's never going to happen though.
  8. They'll all be Xbox/Game Pass/PC exclusive. With the exception of continuing online MMO's Fallout76 and ESO.
  9. Not sure I understand your point but there's plenty on here buy their games from Venezuela/ Romania/Narnia to save a few quid who will probably be able to answer it with a yes.
  10. lol Lets hope they have some unseen stuff that prompted the purchase beyond what we might expect.
  11. The deal is due to be finalised by 5th March for EU approval. Until then they cannot talk about it as they don't own them yet. This is more likely the factor behind the timing.
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