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  1. In good faith I've bought 1000 tokens for a monkey and a parrot, the tokens appear to be taking their time getting to me despite the game congratulating me for buying them. Also a full ship cosmetic is over £20. Edit: panic over monkey get.
  2. Ok so the opening tutorial broke my mind wide open. VR is scarily immersive. Haven't bought a game yet but watched the latest Preacher in a cinema with a friend. This thing is so impressive. Also had a porn star squirt on my face. OMG the jazz is insane.
  3. Great review from a great tuber.
  4. Picking one up tonight after work. Have had a friend evangelising it since launch but he said the words "Drunken bar fight game coming soon" which tipped me over the edge. Excited.
  5. Released by the developer yesterday. Lookingud.
  6. A good playlist of Hayseed Dixie and cheesy 80s metal is the perfect soundtrack to this. Hillbilly rock. They seem to have patched in small credit rewards for online racing now too.
  7. Ask him who shat in his cornflakes while you're at it.
  8. The best Xbox game ever (maybe?)
  9. I know him as the big daft one from Guardians of the Galaxy. He was also a wrestler.
  10. Gremlins has the speech about Santa not being real.
  11. If I like this will I end up being branded a Joe Rogan Meathead Incell Nazi ?
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