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  1. The memory card is very pricey but but I'm really glad I bought it. Especially with the amount of 100Gb+ games that I like to have available.
  2. On hearing this news my abiding memory of the Spectrum days was playing Gauntlet 2 player. My brother and I each screaming "Death, Death" sat next to each other one on each side of the keyboard. My Dad shouting up the stairs "You two, pack it in !" Thank you Sir Clive for all the good times. Edit: in his honour I'd suggest everyone changes their avatar to this pic for the rest of the week
  3. They spent 18 months on FM7 after release. The next one wasn't in development until very late 2019. It's a new physics engine to allow more than track based racing. I think FM8 will surprise us with an entirely new concept. They've already mentioned the idea of doing away with buying cars through in game credits and having the majority of cars available to the player from the beginning. I also think they have long term plans for it similar to Halo Infinite. I'm excited because it's the first FM in a long time that isn't a time constrained development.
  4. Sorcerer (1977) Been on the edge of my seat for the final hour unable to look away, nails chewed down to nothing. The film that killed Billy Exorcist French Connection Friedman's career because it released the week after Star Wars, is in foreign languages for the first 15 minutes and was named after a Miles Davis album that had nothing to do with the supernatural. 4 men hiding out in the arsehole of South America drive nitro glycerine across 200 miles of jungle. Based on The Wages of Fear its a top gear vacation special from hell. A man's manly movie about the desperation of life and fate. 5 clenched sphincters/5.
  5. Nae Luck. Gone for me too. Quick summary. A very light aircraft is coming in for a landing. At the last second another plane cuts in front of them from above causing a gallon of liquid poo to fill the cockpit. I might have made the last bit up as I wasn't onboard.
  6. It's £7.49 or £13.74 or £17.49 It's one of the best Xbox One gen games. Was doing 4K @60 before it was ever the norm. Has something like 700 cars and 120 tracks. It still looks glorious is one of the best handling games with a pad ever made. I got hundreds of hours out of it and barely scratched the surface of many of the various modes and ways to play. there isn't much else to say.... RIP FM7 you were never loved by the masses but you'll be remembered by me as the pinnacle of a generation.
  7. I thought that was a made up name when I saw it in the opening credits. Galvatron is a cool ass name.
  8. Maybe on Layte's computer but even that's doubtful. Hey lets not take this further though. Ya said something stupid to score a point. Lets move on...
  9. I get that its not challenging or has much in the way of hardcore souls like gameplay or its a bit hipster try hard cos its probably made by young hipsters but I really enjoyed the 2 hours I spent with it last night. Headphones on full blast I was enthralled. and Appollo Creed come on.........
  10. Flight sim is 30fps though and its awright....* * fuqqin amazing
  11. After the first 2 minutes I was charmed. After an hour I'm grinning like I'm winning. Ooh baby.... Rufus Apollo is Woahhhh. Edit I just bought it outright. Without a second thought. Contract signed going back in for the second hour.
  12. I don't know if it's nation specific or who decides these things. Which game(s) did you play today to celebrate ? I played RDR2.
  13. Ahem Oh yes, they've got it! Wonderful stuff. The first track reminded me a bit of Atlantic Avenue by the Average White Band for some reason. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/202510-yacht-rock/&do=findComment&comment=5871675
  14. Just finished a full rewatch. It's a real warm blanket comfy slippers comfort show. On a rewatch you know you're getting something good and it turns out better than you remember. Beyond the first episode where I was a little unsure there's not a single duff episode never mind the seasonal slump that most highly acclaimed shows go through. Deserves to be held up alongside The Wire, Deadwood, Sopranos and BB as an undisputed all time TV great. The final shot of season 5 leaves you full of trepidation for what happens next. The most unpredictable and cool villain of the whole BB universe super pissed off. S6 cannot come soon enough.
  15. Boozy The Clown


    I had no idea. Bought Nevermind on record before they blew up here. Smells was playing on MTV a lot. Q gave it a good review so I bought it from Tower Records Argyle Street. The weird bit is that this morning I stuck it on my record player.
  16. They stopped adding new cars and showcase remixes 2 months ago. They still add forzathon weekly stuff but remixes won't be returning. I'll take the humble apologies as given.
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