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  1. It's an expansion where all the buildings and trees are made of Lego. Everything is Awesome. Fortune Island adds extreme weather, the Northern Lights, a cliff race and more in an island full of amazing roads.
  2. The other purchase has now been added. Free money = more free money.
  3. Tried restarting Assassin's Creed Origins yesterday and got this from the first moment the game becomes playable. Uninstalled.
  4. The back button (left) The start button (right)
  5. Someone asked about using rewards points redeemed credit in the Black Friday sale towards the spend £40 get more rewards points. I bought 2 games this morning. 1 used £5 of redeemed credit and that purchase hasn't been included against the £40. So no it doesn't count.
  6. It lets you install mods and especially the fix all the bugs in Skyrim mod. Doing so disables achievements though.
  7. Went with NFS : Cops vs Robbers and Control. Woo hoo noo games.
  8. Today is pay day and I wanna buy a game for my X. Is there anything with even a hint of next gen wow ?
  9. Yes you can buy dlc for games you use Gamepass to play.
  10. Anybody having issues with party chat when playing this ? Mine has an audio issue where the sound disconnects and causes botting audio. Only happens with FH4.
  11. DPD Glasgow had hundreds of PS5s. Guy next to me had 5 for 1 address.
  12. DPD tracking won't start until the van it's on sign's out on the day of delivery.
  13. Sony tried to get Starfield exclusive for 6 - 12 months. Fuck Sony. https://segmentnext.com/2020/09/21/sony-starfield-ps5-timed-exclusivity/
  14. If they haven't finished the intro you are unable to start races outwith the starting area. They need to finish the introductory section.
  15. If anybody wants me to I'll gladly take a dump on one.
  16. Go sailing. Sea of Thieves is the most welcoming online experience because it doesn't matter if you've played for 2 minutes or 2 years. Either way you have the same skillsets and abilities. Learning the ropes either through experimentation or being guided by others is largely what the game is about. Not knowing what you are doing is half the fun.
  17. I don't know what res or framerate Bioshock was running at but it had me immersed .
  18. Tried another bunch last night. FH4 - Feels better. Gears 5 - This game has all the graphics. Probably weren't enough graphics left for any other games. Gears 5 is churnin' oot the graphics. Bioshock (360 BC) - played through the intro, quite stunning and I was soon electrifying and headshotting "bloody spaicers". Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (360 BC) again just meant to check it out but was running about doing missions and slicing up the baddies with glee. Crackdown (360 BC) - non stop shooting, punching, kicking, throwing, explodin
  19. That video is trying too hard to spot the imperfections. It dropped a frame once. Look at this bin 30fps animated avatars
  20. I'm delivering a load of PS5 controllers today. Just a heads up...
  21. Been battering through some oldies to see if they are lookers. Dead Space - Looks like it came out a week ago. Mad Max - Blinding HDR sun and super smooth explosions Wreckfest - Really benefits from the faster loading tracks and garage. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Still perfectly playable and remarkably doesn't look its age Assassin's Creed (Original) - you are looking at it telling yourself that it can't be the same game you played 15? years ago Sea of Thieves - From the crows nest the sea looks even better which is impossible but true. Half Li
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