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  1. The Sisters Brothers An Annapurna produced western, quiet contemplation of an age of history with a psycho gunslinger and some of the best gunfights in the dark. A delight/5 Bone Tomahawk omg Kurt Russell vs trogladyte cannibals Deadwood/5
  2. Jimmy in Howard guise got a proper laugh out loud.
  3. New Action Bronson album out... Cocodrillo turbo
  4. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/store/forza-horizon-5-premium-add-ons-bundle/9MZ0SR207MG8/0010 6 months ago they released the expansion pass add on for £40. Where's the fucking expansion Playground ?
  5. Bafta Games Awards 2022 winners Best game - Returnal Best British game - Forza Horizon 5 Performer in a leading role - Jane Perry as Selene Vassos in Returnal Performer in a supporting role - Kimberly Brooks as Hollis Forsythe in Psychonauts 2 EE game of the year - Unpacking Narrative - Unpacking Evolving game - No Man's Sky Original property - It Takes Two Multiplayer - It Takes Two Debut game - Toem Game beyond entertainment - Before Your Eyes Family - Chicory: A Colorful Tale Animation - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Game design - Inscryption Artistic achievement - The Artful Escape Technical achievement - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Audio achievement - Returnal Music - Returnal Congrats to all the winners and those nominated for getting out such great games during the end of the world as we know it.
  6. It implies being fleeced because that was the narrative when Xbox started doing it. The Fortnite and COD Warzone took off and everyone was alright with the idea. It's a youth thing that those gamers of a certain generation struggle with accepting so go full gammon about the changes they see ruining gaming. EA sports games are probably the most egregious examples but they seem to get a pass because FIFA/ Madden are just accepted by the players.
  7. A game that continues to be supported with new content free or paid for after launch.
  8. Twitter running with Sony to buy From/Capcom/Square Enix. From being the frontrunner as they are the hot one right now. Same rumours been on the go since Bethesda got bought.
  9. RDR2 is a 10 gallon hat of glorious escapism for me. It's the game that got me through 2020. I'm kinda glad it didn't click initially and I got to experience it at it's intended pace once all the hype and hatred had died away.
  10. I've played 50 days of red dead 2 and think that qualifies me to say you might be wrong.
  11. You'll need to stick subtitles on. Fascinating stuff....
  12. Thats fucking awesome. Happy Birthday man. Meanwhile sometimes you just have to listen to the album you got for xmas at 12 because your Mum wanted it and yer old Da killed two birds with one stone. There can be only one. Its actually really good.
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