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  1. Jesus, I hate everything about this game already (except for Kamala getting a starring role, yay) and it’s not even out yet. If you can’t get a big comics mark to consider buying your big new comic book game, you have messed up big time.
  2. For all their many, many flaws, I'll take the prequels over the ST any day. The story they tell is interesting and relevant on a macro level, and Anakin's, while it certainly could benefit from a few tweaks here and there, is pretty human and relatable - a crushing fear of loss and loneliness driving him to do terrible things. Plus Palpatine is just bloody wonderful at every step of the way, the dude's just hamming it up having the time of his life wrecking everything. Conversely, while TFA is a fun and competent opener, it's also incredibly forgettable and just warmed-up leftovers, it contributes almost nothing new. TLJ is interesting in parts (I really dig bitter, regretful Luke calling the Jedi out for their failure) but also disjointed and does my man Finn dirty. Ultimately both films are negated by the unholy nonsensical clusterfuck that TRoS delivers, it's thematically worthless, has nothing insightful to add to the saga. As the capstone to both a new trilogy and a 40 year story, it's absolute garbage. Because it is just a tacked on load of shit that never should have been made in the first place as the story really begins and ends with Anakin - the idea of a nine part saga really died in the early 80s and should never have been revived in the first place.
  3. AotC at least does interesting, and at times brave stuff, has cool locations and designs, Across The Stars is ace, Jango’s Bwwwwwwwwwraaaaaaaaaaaang bombs sound amazing, and the Clonetroopers own bones. TRoS is just irredeemable trash on every level other than the acting. Even its score is pants, if you’d told me John Williams was half dead scribbling it on napkins from a rest home somewhere, I could well believe it.
  4. All I want from SFVI is a one-on-one fighting game as cool looking and fun to play as SFII/SFA2/SFIII were. Is that really too much to ask? (That said, I’d rather have a new Rival Schools or Darkstalkers)
  5. Gonna put my old person hat on too and say I utterly loathe Twitch ‘culture’. Idiots who complain they don’t know what they’re doing or where to go because 90% of their attention is on the chat window full of sycophants and things are constantly interrupted while they regurgitate the same stale rehearsed phrase over and over to the chumps throwing money their way. There was one in particular I saw playing RE3 and I couldn’t last longer than 30min as they wandered around cluelessly while spewing the same fuckawful catchphrase to their donors every few minute. And don’t get me started on those emotes flashing up on screen or robotic comment-reading voices. Burn it. Burn it all.
  6. Hmph. Do Airwolf instead. Stringfellow Hawke tracks down Mankind's Greatest Achievement and recovers it from its insane designer, then refuses to release it to the CIA until they recover his idiot brother St John from being held as a POW somewhere in Afghanistan. He takes it out for a spin at weekends to entertain kids and blow the crap out of fash white supremacists and greedy corporate dickheads all the while the CIA frantically try and track it down. The end of the film is him playing the theme tune on a cello in the middle of a lake giving no fucks.
  7. I agree. Visually, I appreciate the PT for just being different yet occasionally familiar to the OT. You get all new planets and environments with Coruscant, Utapu, Kashyyyk, Naboo (a rare world that shows us a varied biosphere for once), and the various individual ship designs are great too. The sleek Naboo spacecraft, the Republic starfighters that gradually display/incorporate elements of the later TIE and X-Wings yet are still very much their own designs, the host of capital ships on either side, etc. Conversely, the ST brings so little to the table, it suffers from a paucity of imagination. X-Wings and TIE Fighters with the most barely noticeable of tweaks, not-Tatooine, not-Coruscant, not-Endor, not-Hoth. Only BB-8, Canto Bight and the salt flats & crystals place in TLJ seemed to offer anything remotely new and interesting. And as for the costuming, it's all so goddamn dull and uninspired. Palpatine alone had a better wardrobe than the ST gang combined.
  8. Christ almighty, I'm on to ESB now and John Lithgow is doing Yoda, by way of the Cookie Monster. Edit: I take it back, it's more like Tom Hardy's Bane. And Billy Dee reprises Lando, result!
  9. Holy hell, some are saying the Day One patch - which doesn't fix the performance issues - is 35gb..! I guess they really screwed the pooch on this port, alas. Sorry PC buds, you - and the game - deserve better.
  10. I loathe SF V but I love me some Dan and it's good to see that someone out there still remembers Rival Schools, which has been my most wanted as far as fighting game sequels goes for years now.
  11. All the series props and outfits are being auctioned off here. Calling dibs on this:
  12. This guy gets it. Queuing up three of those bad boys and sending them off to a Stormbird or Thunderjaw would easily make Conan's best in life speech if he were to try it. They're like those funky bombs Jango Fett had. *shwippp* *ker-thunk* *pause* *brrrrrrRRRRRRRRRWHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-KERBOSH!*
  13. Yeah, they're just having a fun victory lap just enjoying themselves - the Coulson and Daisy bants in the time loop ep were wonderful (also Simmons first time directing gig!). My only complaints about the season are still no sign of Fitz, and power-thieving Poundland Joker Malick is kinda lame as final antagonists go. Still, bringing in Bill Paxton's son to play the younger John Garrett was sweet, he's certainly got his dad's shit-eating grin down pat. If they work out a way to bring Ward back (and if Garrett's already gone rogue 30 years early, it's possible) I will lose my shit.
  14. What on Earth..? Even as someone who loved the game (all those years ago, Christ), this is just a completely baffling decision out of left field. It feels about as plausible as announcing an HBO series about Vanessa Z Schneider.
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