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  1. Episode 8's out! The series has been great but this episode especially knocked it out of the park. (not)Tom Hardy Bane excitedly saying "I'm stomping on your fish! Stomping!" is basically poetry.
  2. That would be incredible but I can't imagine they'd risk it without both Bale and Sony agreeing to sign in blood an agreement to a whole host of shit for the next decade. You'd want him in KILL SPIDER-MAN, KILL KILL KILL mode at some point while also setting up the Dark Avengers thing, which is the more interesting arc.
  3. It's an odd one. It's slow, not a whole lot happens, and Homeland except Carrie wants to crucify Jesus 2.0 is a weird concept. Yet somehow I dug it and eagerly await a second series with the Revelation he's actually Damian 2.0, because this would be a far better way to handle it than the usual moustache-twirling you get with the concept.
  4. It's for the best. Maybe in another 20 years.
  5. A flamethrower with a massive fuel tank? Guess we know how he's gonna get messed up and sent pulsating and mutating into a stage 2 shirtless rocket firing mega mofo then!
  6. E4 have bagged rights to show it over here at some point later this year, for all you fine, upstanding decent folk liviing on the straight and narrow.
  7. Y'know, thinking about it, I'd actually prefer a version based on the 90s cartoon - those lamprey sucker hands were creepy as shit, far more so than this generic looking bobbins they've got going on here.
  8. Fackin' hell, the Queen of Fables is hardcore. "Ya gotta end their bloodline and prevent any revenge killin'. That's just Evil 101." "No one ever talks about it but it's almost impossible to get brain out of a cape!" Also, Ivy's date outfit was amazing.
  9. As someone who was too utterly terrified to continue Alien Isolation once I got to Medical... ..you'll be fine, it's nerve wracking at first but once you get used to the rhythms of the various horrors, you'll be laying down the piss in no time. Plus Claire absolutely does not take any shit from anything, she's a bullet dispensing murder gal.
  10. Supposedly first pic of Mikey Morbius, Plasma Fiend has leaked: Gone for the screengrab in case it is legit but gets taken down. Probably the best Leto's looked in years.
  11. Today's rumour is: Jar-Jar's gonna make an appearance in the Obi-Wan series.
  12. Isn't it just ominous potential foreshadowing that if left unchecked on his current course, Bruce/Devil is going to become the last man standing at the end of this universe and become a rampaging cosmic horror in the next that makes Galactus look like Sharon from Marketing in comparison. But it's okay because Sam Sterns knows the score and will save the day. Maybe.
  13. Round up! Star Wars - Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker A shameful, worthless failure in every possible way. GTFO/5 Our Little Sister Virtually no conflict or drama, just a sweet little tale of a trio of sisters taking in their orphaned teenage half-sister and living their best lives together. Loved it. Delightful/5 Kong: Skull Island I really should have watched this sooner, it was grand and with a far better cast than this kind of thing usually gets. Megalols at the heroic sacrifice moment from the dude who thought he could go out like Billy in Predator. Loads of dead monsters and idiot Americans/5
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