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  1. You don't only have to use the bow and stealth stuff, once you get used to it you can charge around with a host of offensive options pulling robobirds out of the sky like a champ. And it's probably the best and, on current form, most believable, apocalypse story in a game to date. The way it's gradually unveiled is wonderful but eh, if you're not enjoying it then no point carrying on.
  2. My initial hope it's down to the seriousness of the injury she suffered and not due to whining from worthless chuds, but on reflection at least you can just ignore/dismiss chuds whereas any kind of back/neck injury is the absolute miserable worst and I wouldn't want any young person to be lumbered with that for the rest of the their lives. As for recasting, the answer is kinda staring them in the face - they're twins after all, and Beth/Alice is a much better actress.
  3. The novelisation was also the first time Palpatine's name was mentioned, in a short foreword/prologue at the start. Though it merely described him as just a typical politician rather than the Machiavellian puppet master wizard he was later depicted as.
  4. Wesker continues his diabolical campaign to make Jill's life hell:
  5. Not gonna lie, I could watch an entire series about Jackie Daytona, Regular Human Bartender. Also, Colinrobinson's scene with the Nadjas was perfect.
  6. Does Axel need a buff or are people just too wedded to the joyous GRANDUPPAH and should be using his air special more?
  7. A load of rumours going around recently about the antagonist of the sequel, and perhaps even the overall narrative: Doesn’t do a lot for me if true, I much prefer the idea of things being due to a tech bro’s hubris. Plus I have always been much more intrigued by the theory of current events being due to the Far Zenith bunch - they could set up a dynamic reminiscent of the underground weirdos in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Still, I’d take it over, say, Sylens going full heel.
  8. Confession time: I really wanna see The Golden Arm: Dare I say it?
  9. I got this back in the day but couldn't stick it, it was just too janky and annoying to actually play, I think I'd rather just watch an LP instead.
  10. I'd prefer it to be Rex, and it makes more sense if Ahsoka is around too. That said, I don't have any real objection to him playing Boba. I find the whole "BOBA DIED" thing all rather eh considering Maul and Palpatine both endured far more un-survivable seeming deaths. Hell, even Obi-Wan (getting blown up and falling half a mile into water) and Anakin survived worse than just tumbling into the maw of some giant vagina monster.
  11. After a few days off from it, went back and finished it - OG Axel and Adam, while obviously boring in comparison to the later versions, just hit like trucks filled with trucks so I one shot all the remaining stages. The Ys theme, while having echoes of Mr X's really lacked the same oompf and urgency, so that was a bit disappointing but otherwise, loved it. Also, need playable Estel DLC, stat.
  12. I'd be suspicious until somewhere remotely reputable chimes in but Universal do seem to be ahead of the rest in starting to think maybe cinemas are no longer the be all and end all. Plus the whole burgeoning shitshow with AMC might tempt them into a power play.
  13. See, I'd argue that's bollocks because the last 3 MKs have all had good story modes. Sure, they're nonsense but most seem to find them very entertaining nonsense. It's basically the studio's greatest strength.
  14. The Focus is key - it'll highlight the vulnerable parts so fire arrows into a blaze canister will blow it up, pierce a chillwater canister and it'll freeze, etc. It does take a bit of patience to learn what's what but once you know, it becomes second nature and you go from cowering in the grass like a chump to running right under Thunderjaws and tying their arses up in knots and tearing them apart with their own disc launchers, blasting Glinthawks out of the sky, you name it. The only thing I'm still not comfortable with after all this time are dual Rockbreakers, ain't no one got time for that shit.
  15. A month ago I wouldn't have cared but what do you know, they finally fixed that bug I had that locked me out of the latter areas of the Krypt so I am cautiously on board because the possibility of Shang Tsung hamming it out in an expanded story mode and Robocop showing up is like catnip to me. Plus Sheva looks ace.
  16. Only played the second one but found it rather charmless. Better production qualities of course but a mind-numbing amount of combat, literally legions of mooks to gun down and I don't recall much puzzle solving. It felt more like a theme park ride, say, than something evoking the spirit of the OG Lara game.
  17. PSA for all low lifes and street punks: do not spill Adam Hunter's pint.
  18. High-five, Plissken! Viva la Horror channel! Oh lord, yes, it's terrible, the story is nonsense, the direction is awful and has some plain damn ugly cinematography in a lot of places but yeah, it does have a certain - dare I say it? - kind of magic. I'm not even sure I'd say Lambert and Brown are even passable but it just wouldn't be what it is without them, the flashback structure works pretty well and it just has a strange and bizarre mythic sense of charm despite its various shortcomings. Plus I just realised a very young Hugh Quarshie managed 3rd place so respect. 2 and a half Sean Connery toupees/5 It has got me wondering if it wouldn't be ripe for a remake now. We need a tiny wee Scotsman (say Iain De Caestecker) and an absolute titanic unit of a guy opposite him. I dunno, Jason Momoa or something.
  19. While those are both good shouts, a sequel I'd love to see would be... ..Golden Axe. Give it the kind of love this clearly got and I'd be singing (and hacking, slashing and chopping) long enough to last a lifetime.
  20. If I could patch it, all I'd change is the prevalence of super armour, nerf the shit out of Commissioner, make Estele and Nu Shiva playable, and include an option to keep the new soundtrack except for using the classic character select, round clear, and SoR2 end credits piece. Man, that end credits piece makes me warm and fuzzy even now, some 25+ years later. Mighty tempted to open the windows and play it super loud once the pandemic finally ends, it's perfect 'been through some shit but it's over and the sun's coming up' music.
  21. Yeah, so far I've tended to get battered by bosses on my first meeting then get them next time around (except for Shiva, oddly, he's the only one I've managed to one shot) but the Commish is just a total bastard every time. Seemingly always armoured up, always dashing around and smashing you before you can do anything and absolutely the last thing I wanted to see when taking on Estele again on the train ride. Her I can deal with but her and him together? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg.
  22. This was my favourite episode of season 2 so far. The olds on the internet thing was perfect, Colin Robinson continues to be terrifying, and I loved the vibe of the creepy 70s house: Plus this was easily one of the best exits anyone has ever made:
  23. On the one hand, I've just unlocked him so yay. On the other, I'm take it he doesn't have The Best Move Ever so can I really bring myself to play him? Decisions, decisions.
  24. Surprisingly, episode 5 of the new Harley Quinn series does not feature Harley or Ivy at all. Instead, it's about something else entirely... "ALFRED!" "Why don't you come back to bed? I've made you a cup of honey tea and pigs in blankets." "I don't want pigs in blankets, I want to fight crime!...I will take that honey tea." Additionally, the intro marks the first time anything from DC has acknowledged the now almost mythical and legendary...SNYDER CUT. This show is just too damn good.
  25. From SoR2 onwards, the gameplay has been markedly superior to Final Fight and its sequels, only a buffoon would argue otherwise. Greater movesets and more satisfying combat, ergo, better games. Cody can't GRAND UPPAH! so he's a punk.
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