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  1. Must be in the air alongside the covids. I've been doing nothing but playing Outrun on the Retropie in various guises, MD, PC Engine, Cannonball etc.) and also 2006 on the PC. When you're stuck in, you need The Beautiful Journey.
  2. Hmm I didn't have to do that and my PAL copy installed to the drive and works fine. Wonder what that's all about?
  3. Ah I see, thanks for replying. I knew he was lined up for some involvement with something SW related but couldn't remember what.
  4. Dunno if I have the energy for any more Disney SW.
  5. And here I am! Finished today with Rise of the Skywalker (2019). Where do I begin? Score - 2 out of 5.
  6. There's a Daytona car? Wow. I got the Outrun track which was amazing but didn't know there was a Daytona car. You lot are much more hardcore than me. I pack it all in when it stops being any fun! No determination at all.
  7. Forgot the score - would probably give a 4.5. lots of fun. So... The Last Jedi (2017) then. Won't go too far but I think it's telling that we all watched this for the entire duration and didn't budge or yawn or anything, despite my feeling about the run time. Still massively enjoyed it, probs a 4 out of 5 next to TFA. I think time will be kind to it. Proper done me the world of good watching these during all this. Really looking forward to Rise of the Skywalker next. It's the only one I haven't seen. Is this gonna be the crap one?
  8. Me and the missus decided to do a quick tour of the newer Star Wars films. Started with The Force Awakens (2015) yesterday. We'd seen this at the cinema at the time and I remember coming out feeling pretty positive about it, whereas the missus felt it was a bit of a cheeky reboot (which I didn't necessarily disagree with). Very notable that we both massively enjoyed it yesterday. Pacey, fun, exciting, likeable were words we seemed to be using to describe it. The cast are really great for the most part, with only Gleeson and Christie disappointing/annoying. The missus called it the anti-Phantom Menace which I reckon is about right. Absolutely dreading The Last Jedi today. The backlash has been very clear with this one. I remember enjoying it on the whole in the cinema at the time but feeling some bits weren't quite right. I remember thinking they've ruined some of the characters they were so careful to create in TFA, like Poe and Finn, but I can't remember what was so offensive in detail. I also remember that casino bit. Urgh. Maybe it'll feel better viewed in quick succession with RotS straight after. We'll see!
  9. Well, I don't have a fancy monitor but the Wii has stepped in to be the lockdown console of choice in the Lumpy household. Can't beat the library - there's a load of active sporty things for the fam, and a bunch of fantastic games for me to contend with, including Mega/Master stuff, S/NES stuff, GBA, a pile of GC games (LOVING F-Zero GX and Mario Sunshine at the moment) and stellar Wii stuff too. Spoilt for choice, but have started Metroid Prime Trilogy again. That'll keep me going. So many amazing games in one place. I love my modded Wii. Component cables luckily rather than composite and it looks fine, though not as sharp as your monitor dude! I still think many of the graphics are so impressive and haven't really dated imho.
  10. Definitely agree with this. Is Team Sonic Racing any good do you know? Boy I miss Transformed.
  11. I think the problem comes when the people who don't like it are generally in the minority (because I don't really see a so-called "split" fanbase here and that seems to me to be intentionally divisive language), but feel the need to keep reiterating their dislike for the game constantly and repeatedly lest we forget it. It's fine to not like it for the reasons you list. I honestly have no problem that you don't like it and I can totally see how someone would feel the way you do. But you have to know that the reasons you list for why you don't like it, are exactly the same reasons for which the rest of us love it. That's all there is to it. This thread is at a stalemate with this, and we go round and round in circles. I'm annoyed at myself for even posting again but hey ho.
  12. Bit disappointed (but not surprised) that people are a little sniffy about the Pi. My take on retro gaming is this - I had all of these systems a long time ago (47 now, been gaming since late seventies) and loved them dearly. Spent a hell of a lot of money over the years as many of you have, but before too long it becomes just stuff encroaching on your life, unless you live in a castle. I read Retro Gamer and while I enjoy seeing some of the retro caves, I could never do that myself. Too much stuff. But I digress. What for some is "farting about with emulation" is for me extremely important. I don't think we can rely on the integrity of these old consoles and computers and their collections of software to last forever. Sooner or later that Saturn is going to give up the ghost, that Japanese MD will fizzle away, so it's massively important that preservation is done at software level to enable these to live on in modern hands outside of crazy eBay auctions. The folks over at Retroarch/Retropie aren't simply putting together a lot of crap that is "acceptable, I guess". They are very passionate people with a preservation job on their hands using free software. The quality of many of the emulation packages they provide are second to none and getting better all the time, and the support that the community offers on their forums is amazing. I never regretted getting rid of my original collection. Not once. The money wasn't the issue - well it helped at the time but wasn't the main thing. The truth is you can never go back, only forwards, and I'd started to realise this as I got older. Keeping hold of a load of boxes I was never really going to play - what exactly was the value in that to me and my mental health? I'm not a one-man video game museum. But once I discovered what people were doing with emulation, well it was clear to me that this was the way to go. Yes I have spent some time getting things right, and still have some tidying up to do, but it is mostly great fun for me. And I would add that the lengths that many go to in order to get their old consoles running well on newer TV units is likely about as much "faff" as putting a single board emulation unit together.
  13. Superb! @Down by Law Very jealous of your achievements here. :-) I'm still bimbling around Niaowu collecting herbs and whatnot. Easy to get lost and I love this almost Animal Crossing type vibe with SIII. Just bob it on and chill. I love it. I hope it does see an Xbox One release at some point. Silly to not do it really.
  14. Never played a Rogue type game before but got this for my birthday. Really looked interesting and fresh (at least to me) so thought I'd give it a go, and looked different enough to Bloodstained to make it worth having. VERY much enjoying it so far. Some have criticised the grindy nature of it, but that's the nature of it. The reward of this game is simply in the playing. I'm not brilliant at it but definitely getting better and it hoovers up time like nobodies business. Shockingly addictive, and so easy to just bob on for a "quick go" and end up putting hours in. Did the Concierge for the first time this morning which was fun, have beaten him a couple of times since. The trap things work best on him, especially the turret type ones. Amazing fun. Headache inducing!
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