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  1. Well, I could watch them untouched on All4, or just buy the DVD's, but seeing as I pay Netflix a premium for my service I would rather use that. But if they're going to be thundering in, editing shows (that they had nothing to do with creatively in the first place) willy-nilly for Twitter-winning reasons, and seeing as I'm an adult who is also not a racist, I'll be cancelling my sub.
  2. Very disappointed with Netflix's decision to remove great comedies like League of Gentlemen and edit others like Peep Show. Not sure what they think it will achieve doing this, other than force me to cancel my sub. Sad about that.
  3. Ah I see. Fair enough. TBH I do agree with you and I also prefer the old AA battery approach. It doesn't have many supporters but it always made more long term sense to me. I've had a couple of wireless Logitech F710's for absolutely ages that use regular AA's and they have never let me down.
  4. I know what you're saying but it's something I've seen all over the place. Lots of YT videos, forum discussions etc. basically saying you will burn out the battery in your DS4 if you use a newer fast charging phone adaptor. /shrugs All I can say is I don't use one and have an old phone charger for the job, and both mine have been fine. Granted they are only six months old but still. Unless possibly @rafaqat is getting stung by fake PS4 controllers perhaps. They are very well done these days I hear.
  5. That sounds to me like you're using a fast charging phone adaptor and plugging it into the wall. Would that be right? These will kill PS4 controller batteries. I was lucky and heard about this before I got a PS4, so I use a much older phone charger for my controllers.
  6. Some fantastic Spanish language movies on Netflix imho. Watched both The Invisible Guardian and An Eye for an Eye recently. Both absolutely brilliant, though the latter was the better movie overall imo. Saw Luis Tosar in Sleep Tight too. He's a very good actor indeed. We watch in the original language with subs, so I can't attest to the quality of the dub.
  7. I don't think for that budget you'll get PS2 on anything. Maybe have a look at ETA Prime on YouTube. He has good tutorials for those ex-work PC's that you can pick up very cheaply indeed if you are savvy enough. I'm sure he had PS2 running on one, and he pays next to nothing for them. I would have a go myself but I could never be arsed enough with eBay or what-have-you to get one at the right price, and I don't really want anything bigger than an Android box in the living room.
  8. Quick update just to cover some of my earlier points from my post up the page. Have been using this for a week now so have a better idea of it. Bleedin' hell, epic post again. Sorry folks. Hopefully it gives you a better idea anyway.
  9. Oh I dunno. I built a very budget desktop just before lockdown that runs PS2 great. Been playing PES2 and Rez this morning in fact! Your processor is better than mine I think - I have an i3-8100, with an Nvidia GT 1050Ti. Runs PS2 great. Suppose like you say it depends on the games too, but you'll get a very good experience for not a lot of money generally.
  10. Personally I don't think there's any way around it. If you want the "best" emulation platform, it's a PC. Even on a small budget you'll be able to put a system together that runs pretty much everything. If you're willing to compromise some systems in order to have a living room experience, the Nvidia Shield I hear is the next best thing. They are quite expensive though, and even worse at the moment as there aren't any available anywhere. It's all a compromise one way or another. Decide on what compromises you are happy with and adjust your budget accordingly.
  11. Ah I see. Hopefully EmuELEC will take off a bit more now and start to support more boxes/chipsets. It's only one guy at the moment but it does look like he has some help, if the wiki is anything to go by.
  12. @Barnard - meant to ask you - which box is it you are using out of interest? Did you give EmuELEC a go?
  13. That all looks fantastic! Wish mine did this but I couldn't install a damn thing on the default OS. Tried a load of apk's but nothing worked. Not Mupen FZ, not MD.EMU, not Drastic or ePSXe. I couldn't even get the latest Kodi to install. That said, I'm extremely happy with my EmuELEC/CoreELEC double act right now. Got them proper bang on! I'm much happier running Linux anyway over Android. Really recommended for £37, but only if you are willing to ignore the Android part of it and use the SD card for these Linux based OS's instead.
  14. Lol! Well I figure if I don't just crack on and do it, we won't know. And I must know! Had some fun with it today. Quite nicely it recognises my already scraped games and images, which saves a ton of work. I'm not so fussed about video snaps as they take a lot of space up, but might give it a go at another time. N64 has really surprised me. Not that it's perfect, but it is most definitely better than the Pi 3B+ I've been using. The only real no-go game so far has been Killer Instinct Gold which is pretty slow. But I got Bangaioh working and Snowboard Kids! Sin and Punishment works! Goldeneye isn't too bad but still struggles. I can play it though. Tbh it's much easier than a Pi to set up, and this is largely down to the Batocera/Recalbox version of Emulationstation. It centralises so much of the configuring that you need to get started. The main thing I worry about with these boxes is build quality/longevity. I don't want to plough time and SD cards into a box only to watch it fail in a few short months. But, well, that's part of the experiment!
  15. Sorry, don't mean to eat up the thread. Only posting in case anyone finds it useful. I'll stop soon. Huge post, in spoilers to save space ffs! So, next plan is to start aaaall over again, and copy all my stuff over "properly" - images included, and try to make a good showing of it. Apologies for the epic post, but hope it helps someone. I really like it tbh and am definitely going to be using it over the Pi 3B+ for the foreseeable, providing it doesn't screw up!
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