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  1. Just start playing through on Hard. The extra XP you'll quickly level you up to the maximum. Except it might be a good idea to skip chapter 1 for now, because the boss is very difficult until you're stronger. If you're planning on doing everything, it's worth checking a guide for things like how to get different dresses. Oh and hopefully you got 2 elemental materia from the first play through. I missed one and it's important to have them for some of the tougher bits, so I had to repeat a chapter on Normal to get it.
  2. I've only done it once as well. 32667, Rank B, 27.48, with Blaze.
  3. The double divas are fine if you focus on the poison one first. Even if she does the AOE you can often recoup the damage drain by attacking her. Overall, very few of the toughest parts of the game are bosses, even with all their armour. It's much harder to deal with large groups than a big guy and a few henchmen.
  4. Went back to this today. I'd done about half of it on Hard before getting sidetracked by other stuff, but decided I really wanted to do everything. Managed to do the last summon now and all but the final challenge on the combat sim. Going to do a few more chapters before tackling that. On chapter 13 not, but I've already done 14. It's great to be back in it again. It's such a wonderfully well-judged remake.
  5. Yeah, I hope any tweaks are minor. It's not a big issue in the end, just something new to learn to deal with.
  6. Bit unfair. I don't think I deserve all the credit.
  7. Can we move on? This is going in circles.
  8. I think even though you're free to go in different directions in HLD, some are easier than others. IIRC the easiest boss was the eastern one.
  9. BadgerFarmer


    I just checked a video. You don't need to do that, no.
  10. So, I thought about this subject some more after making the thread and looked into some of the suggestions. Now I've written this feature for Games Industry Biz: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-05-19-rewriting-the-playbook-the-independent-studios-making-sports-work I spoke to Big Ant, the Australian studio that does Cricket, AO Tennis, etc., Metalhead, who do Super Mega Baseball, and Gianluca Troiano, who makes Active Soccer.
  11. Megaman games generally start out quite difficult, as you try different levels and begin to learn them before eventually making a breakthrough and beating one of the bosses. Once you've done that you'll have a power that can help you get through other levels and make one of the other bosses much easier, and when you beat that boss, another power, and so on. Also, the X games were the first ones that really clicked for me. They're probably a little more accessible than the main series and the boss and level design is a step up. So you might enjoy them more once you make a bit of progress. But you'll still have to put up with the limited move set and you'll need some patience to get through the early stages.
  12. I changed mine to pizza slice and burger a while ago. I wasn't intending to keep it, but I'm used to it now.
  13. Yes, really like the look of it. Need to finish other things off first though.
  14. We had an Astro Wars in our house, but I don't recall if it was bought for me or my brother, or even just given to us by another family. First computer we had was a BBC B, which was the whole family's, so I'm not sure I owned that either. First game we had on it was a bundled Pac-man clone called Snapper. As for the first game I actually remember buying with my own pocket money, well: That for me too. Pretty sure it's also the first game I ever completed as well.
  15. Yeah, I've done longer ones before and never managed it. I don't know why I got so much score bonus on that one. Edit: I suppose perhaps because weapon hits are more damaging than regular ones.
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