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  1. Yeah, I sold off some chicken and fish too. However, I did later find an optional area near the village where
  2. I think there's always a gun chest at the start of biome 3 before you have to fight anything, regardless of which layout you get. Once you know where they are, it's easy to reach every time.
  3. Yeah, I don't think it's mentioned. But he did have a similar situation in 7 as well, and managed to recover.
  4. Red arrow-like projectiles in the later biomes can cause malfunctions, yeah.
  5. I get it quite often when starting a new first-person game, but it was worse with this. And no FOV or motion blur options. I just turned camera wobble off, which I think helped a bit. It reduced with each session anyway, as it always does, just took a little longer than usual.
  6. I played a game that came out earlier this year called Woodsalt, which had quite a few of these moments. I suppose it had a touch of Bandersnatch about it. You make decisions in a visual novel, with the implication that someone other than the character is deciding for them, and the character himself senses that something isn't quite right. Unfortunately, while that aspect of it was OK, I didn't think much of the game overall. Not something I'd recommend in general, but maybe a curio worth looking at if you're really into this subject. Also, Bandersnatch.
  7. I think everyone I've spoken to about it has found the same as you. So did I - biome 3 was responsible for around half the deaths I had pre-credits.
  8. More Kojima, but Death Stranding has its moments. Winks to the camera, for example. But I also get the impression a lot of cut sequences are played towards the viewer, with more of a stage play feeling than a cinematic one.
  9. Plenty of it going on in Link's Awakening, of course.
  10. There's also a trophy on that bit for
  11. I started on hard first time and found that first village part too much. Put it down to normal and pretty much sailed through the rest of the game. Ethan can take a lot of damage. It's a weird early spike for sure.
  12. They'd already shown it in an early trailer, so I knew it was coming.
  13. But you did it! That's the important thing. Progress. Now on to the hardest part of the game.
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