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  1. Making decisions based on partial information is very much part of the experience, so it's best if you can just go with it. If you feel guilty later, that's part of the experience too.
  2. Read the Eurogamer review as a counterpoint: Personally, I always look forward to book club night.
  3. Reviews are coming out now. Mostly very positive, although it only seems to be the PC version so far: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/marvels-midnight-suns/critic-reviews. (Mine's the GamesRadar one.)
  4. The main character is a new creation for the game. You can choose whether they're male or female and select from a number of preset faces. You also have dialogue choices and can tailor their ability set to some extent as the game goes on, which gives you some say over the type of hero they are.
  5. I think the premise and setting is a great fit for the format, but the new mechanics don't add as much as they could. All these games share the same problems in terms of interactivity and story resolution, but they're pretty enjoyable nonetheless.
  6. The worst thing about it though is how long it is.
  7. Because 'evolution' for Nintendo means reheating the back catalogue rather than giving us a new one. The bastards.
  8. The R-type one up page is a good example of how things can get worse over time. 1987's version still the best.
  9. The reviews are coming out now. As someone predicted upthread, it's very much a 7/10 type game. The combat is certainly fun, but the level design and scenario/story around it is all a bit flat. If you fancy a big silly brawler, you should be pretty happy.
  10. I don't know, sorry. I was just told today by my editor.
  11. My usual scope is anything from puzzle games, turn-based tactics, (J)RPGs, ARPGs and 'story-based' games, through to action adventures, open-world games, character action, various roguelikes and retro/arcade stuff. I almost never bother with anything multiplayer focused these days. Even when I've played some good stuff, like Monster Hunter World with friends, while it was fun for a while I think I just prefer to work through games at my own pace. I've stopped playing football games as well - used to love a bit of PES master league - and barely touch racing games either. Never really got into RTS or city building, although I can occasionally enjoy one that's a little different (quite liked The Wandering Village recently). These days of course you can play plenty of different genres and still restrict yourself to a narrow portion of the full spectrum of gaming. From mobile gaming to online time sinks like LoL or Fortnite, and all the stuff in between, nobody can keep up with it all.
  12. I'm reviewing it. The embargo is the day before release, which is pretty normal.
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