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  1. I'm down to 1 left in B3 and 4 left in B6, which I haven't played that much compared to the others. I've only been dipping in now and again because I haven't had time for it, but hopefully will get there eventually. There is something disheartening about having just 1 left on a biome, though, realising you have to search the whole thing potentially a number of times looking for a single, very specific thing.
  2. Finished it now. The final bit took me nearly an hour to get right, but I actually quite enjoyed figuring out a strategy in the end. Overall it's a bit of a mess and there's far too much mindless jogging around, but it's OK. 5.8/10.
  3. I think I've played 12 hours and I'm near the end. It ran out of ideas a while ago. I only had one major difficulty spike at the boss I mentioned a page or two ago. Other than that, a few survival sections have been tricky, but since I got certain augments (robo-spiders, yeah!) that's helped a lot. I'm guessing I'm only partway through the final slog, though.
  4. They're a mess, all over the place. Some of the lowest level ones are locked behind mid-late game progress. Most of them are dull as well. You spend longer getting to the place and back than actually doing anything, and usually just have to shoot a few things.
  5. Pick everything up and sell duplicates. I'm not a fan of random stat-based loot. This is much more preferable for me.
  6. Dominator for general stuff. Comes a bit later.
  7. Don't think so. The map is pretty bad, really. I don't know why it can't show side-quests and the main mission at the same time either, or why you can't have more than one quest marker active at a time.
  8. You find upgrades now and again. There's one when you first meet the hacker guy, just in a room nearby.
  9. I've so rarely used hacking in this, it's easy to forget it's there at all. I've even found a few upgrades now and can still only get into level 1 treasure chests, and all the ones I've found recently have been 2 or 3.
  10. Ah. Never thought of that. Definitely would've helped, yeah.
  11. That was one of mine. Nice to know it did its job.
  12. Definitely use the pistol with electricity that you should have found in the area before. It's much more efficient than the electro assault rifle thing, because it reloads almost instantly.
  13. There have been one or two harsh spikes that the rest of the game didn't prepare me for. I've been playing most of it on autopilot, then, bam, a bastard of a boss. Biggest one so far about 6 hours in: Overall though I've settled on this being OK. There's too much mindless traipsing around, but the combat is solidly enjoyable.
  14. Yeah. You can re-spec at least if you go to a grafter.
  15. After a few more hours, I feel like the only real reason to play this is to look at the locations. Some of them are as incredible as anything I've seen in a game. But when you get down to what you actually have to do, there's so little reason for any of it to exist. Amazing they went to this much trouble to model this world when they had nothing more substantial than this to fill it.
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