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  1. I really liked a lot of what the game was doing, but just found the execution far too messy and unreliable for what is a pretty difficult game. I wouldn't disagree with much of the EG review, but felt a little more negative towards the game by the end. The hiding in lockers thing is one aspect that wound me up, because sometimes one of my gang would just refuse to hide, even when there were empty lockers available, and stand there in the open as an enemy returned on patrol. When you're trying to hit a target of 80% rescues on each level, these little quirks and glitches add up.
  2. I didn't, no. But I'm familiar with the series from the PS1 days and Stranger's Wrath. I watched some vids of New n Tasty recently and Soulstorm looks like a step up in complexity, although the fundamentals are the same. I think it's perhaps trying to do too much in some respects, with the camera and the allies, and that's where it comes undone. On the other hand, you have some nice extra dimensions like the scavenging and crafting aspect, which I think work rather well.
  3. I'm coming towards the end now. There is some good stuff here. Plenty of variety, especially after the first 3 levels. But it lacks the precision and polish it really needs. Too often it's too hard to execute fairly simple sequences, or to tell exactly what's going on. It's doubly irritating when you're trying to guide your mates to safety. I've been swinging between really enjoying some bits and hating others. There's a small update now, so maybe that'll make some difference. Better ally AI would be a big help.
  4. A lot of it is less fun that it should be because controls are so slow and fiddly, and the camera isn't exactly friendly.
  5. The bugs that are still there are supposed to be minor ones. Whatever the big one was, it's been patched. But it did delay review copies.
  6. I'm reviewing it. Only got it late last night though. I think it's similar for everyone.
  7. I feel like the comparison is already stretching to breaking point, but what if 'assist mode' in this instance actually means all the words being changed into easier to understand words, the sentences being rewritten according to nice standard grammar rules, the themes being explained clearly, and so on? Because otherwise you read a few pages and wouldn't understand much of it and just give up? But then if you do that you've lost the unique form that made the book what it is in the first place. The Outer Wilds example is a perfect one for me. I didn't like the 22 minute loop either
  8. I'm all for assist modes generally. It works especially well in Celeste because I think it fits with the game's themes. But I can't quite get my head round it when it comes to Soulsborne games (not including Sekiro). I mean, they're games that demand effort in various ways beyond skill level, and pretty much every option they offer is intertwined with the game experience. So if even asking for assistance takes a bit of work, that's consistent with what they're about. I'm not particularly good at them. But a big part of why they work is that you can find lots of little tricks and st
  9. Have you tried Joyce? Now there's a high difficulty level. I know this going back over old ground, but I think it's kind of funny to see assist modes mentioned in regards to Souls, as series which has the ultimate version, i.e. you can literally call for assistance. If anything, assist modes in other games are kind of compromised versions of that. Sekiro is a different matter, of course. I think that should have more options. I have also been thinking recently about what @Unofficial Who was saying though. I wonder how long I'll be able to play some of these genres I've
  10. Yes, it's not so much a CRT filter as an aging CRT filter. The contrast between the glare and the washed out blacks is turned right up. There's a ghost-like echo around the main character. The sound has a slight muffle. It's more like a specific screen that's seen better days than a generic 80s style. Or that's how I saw it anyway.
  11. Yeah. The d-pad has other uses later.
  12. The pixel art and soundtrack really are excellent. The game itself is pretty ordinary, and the story is a load of techno-waffle.
  13. I've had a digital sub for the last few months and it's been fine. Turns up on the release day and no issues with images. I bought it through Magazines Direct and access it on Pocketmags.
  14. The clue's in the title.
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