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  1. Fascinating to read this having just finished the game, partly because I'd missed some story details, but also because there's so much focus on plot interpretation here, which I feel kind of goes against the spirit of a thing that explores art more as a force of love, passion and violence. I did definitely get into uncovering the chain of events, but far more motivating for me was watching how these films were made, the little tensions in the performances, how things connect over time, and the layers of artifice in the fiction. There was a point late on when I was watching a scene in 2OE and had to remind myself what was 'real' and what wasn't, and then catching myself getting caught in the idea that any of it was real. This is what great metafiction does. More than any other game I've played, it felt like going down the rabbit hole and repeatedly finding there was another level beneath. Then by the time I wanted to get out of it and find the end, I realised I didn't know how, and it became a labyrinth. As an experience, it's like being beckoned in multiple intriguing directions - into each film plot (and the themes that connect them), plus the stories of the actors, and then the presence of the demons, and then thinking about how the game itself was filmed, and then the meaning of my own role in the whole thing. And all these elements are linked. It's a stunning achievement.
  2. Squire felt like the 'Normal' mode to me. The higher levels may be closer to the old rules - fewer hits and checkpoints - but it's a tougher game than the originals. I also dropped down from Knight because the default option on death is to return to the last major checkpoint, rather than the mini checkpoints in between, and in my eagerness to get back in I kept selecting it accidentally. Squire doesn't do that.
  3. Yeah, as much as I liked the shell mechanic and found a couple of areas outside the hub more interesting, it's not really worth it overall.
  4. Yeah, Turok 2 famously aged dreadfully in between being reviewed and appearing on shop shelves.
  5. To be fair, they don't really belong in an 'aged dreadfully' thread. They've just aged and been superseded, and, well, who among us hasn't?
  6. Anyway, to add something, and as much as it pains me, I think I'd have to say the MD Shining Force games. They're almost solely responsible for getting me into turn-based tactics stuff, but playing them now after various Fire Emblems and XComs and what have you, they feel rather one-dimensional and just aren't that interesting to play. I could probably say the same for Phantasy Star too - it's the game that got me into JRPGs, but there's a reason the re-release needed various QoL features. The combat and dungeon mapping would be hard to tolerate these days.
  7. Not really. Visual fidelity has always been a key factor in racing simulations. GT1 was made to look that way because that's the best they could do at the time. There's a reason there's now seven of them, each with shinier graphics than the last, while Casablanca has been mercifully left alone.
  8. Yes, please. I do love these games, especially II. Just hope they don't fuck around with the music.
  9. How far is too far with this? It seems drunk on its own success this series, and running out of vaguely coherent ideas. Still, I enjoyed the in episode 7. But I'm not sure that balances it out.
  10. Changed the title to 23.00, to avoid any confusion.
  11. 5. It's always 5 with stars.
  12. I gave it 3-stars in a review. It was fine. The music was the best thing about it.
  13. Yeah, although it's only PC Game Pass, which may explain why it's not caught as much attention.
  14. Hopefully it'll encourage more people to play Norco. It seems there isn't even a thread for it here.
  15. Yeah, I finished it. It's just about fine overall. A few good missions, the occasional joke that lands, and driving can be a laugh, but mostly it's very just uninspired and roughly put together. In a few years, most people will have forgotten this ever happened.
  16. And again. All I'm trying to do is take off my hat.
  17. Just played for about half an hour. Had the character get stuck on scenery and freeze for a while when entering a vehicle. Then I had to reset when the clothing menu malfunctioned. It's still pretty fucked.
  18. I've had to reload quite a lot on the PS5 version. Just last night I went to ride up a ramp on a jet ski and it just stopped dead and refused to move. Had to do the whole previous checkpoint again. It does seem to be patching every few days, though, so perhaps some of the earlier issues I've had are gone now.
  19. I'm going to be reviewing it and haven't finished it yet, but it doesn't seem short to me. There's certainly a ton of optional side stuff to unlock, plenty of vehicles and a decent variety of locations. I'd agree that it feels old-fashioned though, and I don't see that as a positive. A lot of it feels like what GTA3 managed all those years ago, not in the sense of recreating its spirit while modernising it, but a sloppy rehash. I've had some fun with it - the OTT driving physics and explosions often make being in a vehicle the highlight, plus a few of the bigger missions have some absurd set pieces that land - but there's also quite a lot there that's just kind of dull and messy and, yeah, old. I don't think it's awful, but it's not very good either.
  20. Yeah, the bosses are quite tough, although still a notch down in complexity from Sekiro (thankfully). I was very grateful for the skill that increases the parry window slightly at the cost of some parry damage.
  21. I wasn't sure where else to put this, because it probably isn't worth a thread of its own, but I think the newly released Thymesia definitely fits the description of a great 7/10 game. It's made by a small team from Taiwan and is fairly low budget. Very much another Soulslike, although it looks more like Bloodborne and plays more like Sekiro. Derivative, then, and a bit rough. But I just think the combat is really sharp, with a great parrying game and secondary weapon system, and a handful of top boss battles. It also doesn't outstay its welcome and only costs £20-25.
  22. The GR review was me. I thought the campaign peaked in the middle and needed more ideas in the second half. Although push through that and finishing off the challenges or revisiting earlier levels for high-score runs is worthwhile. It gets a bit of a second wind if you get into completing runs with tighter times, longer combos and larger scores, because you have to take the specific layouts and enemy positions into account more.
  23. I think this is the same issue I had at first as well. If you're pressing up as you go up a quarter pipe you 'air out' or just go over the top. I noticed I kept holding up instinctively, but once Kara starts moving there's no need for it. Just steer. Jumping is worthwhile to get extra air - hold it down as you approach then let go on the ramp.
  24. It's so incredibly stylish and exciting. Yet also a bit needlessly fiddly and short on ideas in the later stages.
  25. A lot of stuff from Molleindustria, e.g. Phone Story, Build a Better Mousetrap, Every Day the Same Dream, McDonald's Videogame, Democratic Socialism Simulator.
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