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  1. I finished the first one on Vita. But TBH I needed a guide for most of the last third or so. A lot of stuff was too cryptic or too well hidden for me, and it's hard to experiment sometimes when things are relentlessly trying to murder you. It's wonderful how much stuff is packed in it, and how rewarding it can be at times, but when you come to a dead end and realise the next bit of progress could be absolutely anywhere on the massive map, it's an exhausting prospect to revisit areas for the 5th time just to see if you can stumble across another route. And I'm a fan of limited hand-holding in games, but I think you've got to narrow it down a bit. It was almost brilliant though.
  2. I've enjoyed playing through some of the acade modes and the occasional vs match that's worked properly, but can't see much point keeping on with it any longer. It's been a nice reminder of how great this series is/was at least.
  3. Oh yeah.
  4. Yeah, I am being obtuse to an extent, and get what you mean. But I do think it's a clumsy title.
  5. It's only the weapon you used the shard on. And you'll need more if you want to upgrade it further - Divine +1, +2 etc..
  6. And leeches are worth farming for shards.
  7. So it's worth the subtitle just to clear up that ambiguity? Brothers: Actual Siblings. With a Dad and Everything.
  8. Back on colons, 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' is also pretty bad. It tells you something about the game, I suppose, but they're brothers, so of course they're two sons.
  9. I'm waiting for the sequel Total Ham: Hamwarmer.
  10. Pretty sure I have the season pass. There's still some other paid for stuff though.
  11. @Minion Just put this on and seems I don't have the car. Would cost me £2.99. If it's just me then no problem, I'll sit this one out. If a number of us haven't got it then perhaps worth choosing a different one?
  12. Nice one. It's good to have another reason to play this.
  13. Finished a 3rd run - on Normal with powered up Zangestsu only. Think I'm done with it now. There's only so many times I can do the same levels and bosses. Maybe have a quick go on boss rush.
  14. Fair enough. I didn't give it much of a chance based on an uninspired opening. Perhaps if it had had a more enticing name...
  15. Colons are far too overused, especially when the first part of the title is some nothing word. 'Beyond: Two Souls' is pretty awful (Detroit: Become Human is better), but the worst offender there is probably 'Stories: Path of Destinies'. I mean, why would you call your game 'Stories'? And how does 'Path of Destinies' make anything any clearer? Is the first impression you want to give of your game really that you have very little imagination, or that you just don't care? I did play it briefly on PS+ and it was pretty dull, so maybe they were just being honest.
  16. Humanity increases item drop rate as well. It also connects to a certain kind of weapon. In case you want a hint about what to do next - in terms of actually advancing through the story you'll need to At this stage it's really not worth doing
  17. Oof. Those top two are definitely too hot for me.
  18. Completed Nightmare mode and had to check what else I could do. I habn't even considered first time round that Very clever in terms of the different options it opens up and the way the levels have been designed to accommodate a range of different play styles. It also now makes sense why the first character was designed the way he was - he seemed kind of redundant on the first run but works perfectly playing it as a straightforward arcade style game.
  19. It's a real shame. The occasional smooth online matches I've had have been great, and I'm pleased to find out I'm still quite good at SF2 even after all these years. I'm also really enjoying playing through the Alphas and SF3s for the first time. These are all still such wonderful games. But it's so rare to get a good connection (on PS4) and it really relies on that for any long term value. I doubt it's even worth selling now, since it's so cheap everywhere anyway. I guess I'll keep playing arcade mode for a bit and hope the online improves.
  20. Thanks. It's still only like 3 hundredths better than the previous best time though. Very little in it.
  21. But anyway, I just did this: Won't be improving on that, so definitely done for the week.
  22. I'm always chase view. Only time I ever got used to anything else was in the original Ridge Racer on PS1.
  23. My fastest times on the second section generally involve clipping the wall after the yellow flag bend. Not really happy about that.
  24. About 3 hours for a first run through, I'd say. I've been playing on Veteran since the start. The lives system doesn't really make a difference, as you get so many score-related extras anyway. I'm halfway through on Nightmare mode now. So far I actually prefer it to the first run.
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