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  1. Colons are far too overused, especially when the first part of the title is some nothing word. 'Beyond: Two Souls' is pretty awful (Detroit: Become Human is better), but the worst offender there is probably 'Stories: Path of Destinies'.


    I mean, why would you call your game 'Stories'? And how does 'Path of Destinies' make anything any clearer? Is the first impression you want to give of your game really that you have very little imagination, or that you just don't care?


    I did play it briefly on PS+ and it was pretty dull, so maybe they were just being honest.

  2. 4 hours ago, Alan Stock said:

    Question, does humanity do anything aside from quest and summoning related stuff? I haven't noticed it affecting my HP unlike embers in DS3 or humanity in Demon Souls. So I've only been using humanity for kindling bonfires, though I have a fair bit of it in my inventory now. Am I missing something key? I guess people want it mostly so they can summon help or invade right?


    I think past the butterfly is the next logical spot. The catacombs have undying skellies, blight town is too hard and the blacksmith said that the Gardens have a divine weaponsmith, which should let me kill the catacomb skellies, so I think that's next. Narritavely though it seems like I should be heading through New Londo to ring the Bell, so maybe I'll be doing things in a weird order.

    Humanity increases item drop rate as well. It also connects to a certain kind of weapon.


    In case you want a hint about what to do next - in terms of actually advancing through the story you'll need to


    do Blighttown.

    At this stage it's really not worth doing


    New Londo. The Catacombs is certainly an option, but may also be best left for a bit.


  3. Completed Nightmare mode and had to check what else I could do. I habn't even considered first time round that


    you could ignore or kill the other characters.


    Very clever in terms of the different options it opens up and the way the levels have been designed to accommodate a range of different play styles. It also now makes sense why the first character was designed the way he was - he seemed kind of redundant on the first run but works perfectly playing it as a straightforward arcade style game. 

  4. It's a real shame. The occasional smooth online matches I've had have been great, and I'm pleased to find out I'm still quite good at SF2 even after all these years. I'm also really enjoying playing through the Alphas and SF3s for the first time. These are all still such wonderful games. But it's so rare to get a good connection (on PS4) and it really relies on that for any long term value.


    I doubt it's even worth selling now, since it's so cheap everywhere anyway. I guess I'll keep playing arcade mode for a bit and hope the online improves.

  5. 31 minutes ago, bradigor said:

    Eh? Doesn't everyone use that view? It's been my preferred view since TOCA Touring Car Championship on the PS1. I ignored GRID2 as a racer because it omitted the view. 

    I'm always chase view. Only time I ever got used to anything else was in the original Ridge Racer on PS1.

  6. About 3 hours for a first run through, I'd say.


    I've been playing on Veteran since the start. The lives system doesn't really make a difference, as you get so many score-related extras anyway.


    I'm halfway through on Nightmare mode now. So far I actually prefer it to the first run.


    Switching between 3 characters rather than 4 works better, especially as Zangetsu wasn't much use most of the time, and the bosses do a better job of forcing you to use all your abilities.


  7. Simple to more complex is one thing, but also showcase a variety of great design principles:


    Tetris; Journey; The Witness; Portal 2; Inside; Super Mario World; Zelda: Link to the Past; Invisible Inc.; Trials; Dark Souls.


    Edit: Deliberately avoiding anything too 'filmy' or dialogue heavy - all games that construct worlds and experiences using techniques specific to games.

  8. On 29/05/2018 at 08:40, Stanshall said:

    For the first time ever, I learned you can see the Moonlight Butterfly at the very start of Darkroot Garden. Where you fight the first ents, look up.


    This game. 

    Just catching up. That's news to me too.


    It was only after playing through it numerous times that I noticed the centipede demon stuck to the wall from near the second bonfire in the demon ruins.

  9. 33 minutes ago, deerokus said:

    Vanilla xcom 2 wasn't bad, but was extremely disappointing to me, this might encourage me to buy the expansion which supposedly makes it a much better game as I only have the base game on xbone which I never play. 

    It adds a lot, but I wouldn't recommend it on PS4 because it runs so poorly and still hasn't had some pretty bad bugs patched out. I played through it, but decided not to do an Ironman run after because it was so unreliable.


    And, even with all the extra content I didn't think it really felt like a £35 expansion. It's still the same game with lots of small new things piled on top, rather than a significantly new experience.

  10. Finally managed to have a proper go on this and have done 6 levels so far. Haven't found it too tricky even in Veteran mode and still have plenty of lives because you get regular extras. Most bosses will kill you once or twice before you figure them out, although losing certain characters can make it tougher.


    It gets the NES feel right, I think, while creating a smoother and less frustrating experience than a real 8-bit game. Nothing spectacular in terms of level design, but it's all well made. 

  11. I thought the problem was that you can't delete a game without deleting its save data. I ended up transfering some to a PC, but there's some I always like to keep on the memory cards because they have records I don't want to lose or may go back to them from time to time. Generally I can free up enough space to download a new game (I have 2 8GB cards), but it is an irritant.


    Still, it's not like I use much at all anymore. Especially as the left stick often thinks I'm pressing up when I'm not.

  12. 28 minutes ago, MegaTrousers said:

    Controls should always be remappable, but curious where you'd put jump? If the player can't jump, manoeuvre and aim at once the game loses its best feature.

    I can't remember all the controls exactly now, but think I wanted it on the right bumper, with fire on the right trigger. I really struggled to do jumps with the left trigger or bumper while moving with the left stick.

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