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  1. Finally managed to have a proper go on this and have done 6 levels so far. Haven't found it too tricky even in Veteran mode and still have plenty of lives because you get regular extras. Most bosses will kill you once or twice before you figure them out, although losing certain characters can make it tougher.


    It gets the NES feel right, I think, while creating a smoother and less frustrating experience than a real 8-bit game. Nothing spectacular in terms of level design, but it's all well made. 

  2. I thought the problem was that you can't delete a game without deleting its save data. I ended up transfering some to a PC, but there's some I always like to keep on the memory cards because they have records I don't want to lose or may go back to them from time to time. Generally I can free up enough space to download a new game (I have 2 8GB cards), but it is an irritant.


    Still, it's not like I use much at all anymore. Especially as the left stick often thinks I'm pressing up when I'm not.

  3. 28 minutes ago, MegaTrousers said:

    Controls should always be remappable, but curious where you'd put jump? If the player can't jump, manoeuvre and aim at once the game loses its best feature.

    I can't remember all the controls exactly now, but think I wanted it on the right bumper, with fire on the right trigger. I really struggled to do jumps with the left trigger or bumper while moving with the left stick.

  4. 12 hours ago, MegaTrousers said:

    26/05/18 Rive: Platformer/twin stick/shmup hybrid. Very polished, everything looks and feels good, there's a fair amount of variety, and loads of great set pieces. Chatty protagonist would be OK - even occasionally funny, if he didn't talk quite so much - and if constant death didn't mean hearing the same lines over and over and over. The real problem is the difficulty. Given the extra modes and nods to speed-running, I assume that for more skilful gamers its very do-able, and I imagine very rewarding, but for my mediocre abilities the difficulty curve is more like a cliff face with overhangs. I was only able to get through thanks to infinite lives and plenty of checkpoints.


    My last completion before this was ruiner, which is also tough, but in it, I would often clear sections with high ranks, feeling like a gore crazed Neo and gaining the confidence to master the harder fights. In rive, I rarely managed more than scraping through. Also, too many enemy types just charge straight at you kamikaze style. Overall, I think enjoyment of rive is directly proportional to the player's skill level. It had its moments, but its just too tough for me to get much out of it.

    I think you're being generous if anything. For me it was just poorly designed. A lot of sudden deaths, some awful checkpointing (on one boss it had saved when I was in mid air over some lava), explosions that obscure your view, getting hit sending you flying across the screen etc. I also couldn't get on with having jump mapped to the left triggers, and not being allowed to change it. Didn't help either that I though the humour was lame - especially when it references other classic games that I'd rather have been playing instead.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Minion said:

    The more the merrier, I've sent you a friend request so just accept that if you can, you can still join in this week as the challenge is set for 7 days so it won't end till next Sunday, glad to have you on board.

    Thanks. I've accepted the request from here, so might get on it towards the end of the week.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Stanshall said:


    Actually, what if I killed a particular guy straight away? Would that save me from you know what? 

    There's a FKS


    in Blighttown and one early in NL Ruins, although I can't remember if you have to drain the area before you can get to it.


  7. Oh right, mine's been shipped too. Still wasn't sure I was going to keep the preorder but looks like that's decided now. Also got an email from Base with my Ultra SFIV code.


    Really no idea how much I'll get out of this, although I played SF2 Turbo to death back in the SNES days. Will at least be worth a run through each one and a quick dabble online to get battered.  

  8. 1 hour ago, deerokus said:

    It definitely captures that 8-bit atmosphere and charm that a lot of retro-styled games don't manage somehow. Just looking at it I am transported back to being 6 or 7 looking at screenshots in magazines of these cool looking castlevania games I never got to play at the time. 

    Only played it briefly so far, but the sound also seems spot on. It's all probably better quality than what a NES could actually do, yet gets the feel just right.

  9. 41 minutes ago, sid said:

    This is delicious 


    any my idea why I can’t use my white soapstone ?

    Edit: Ignore that.


    Are you definitely online?


    If so, you can't use while being invaded. Or just try moving somewhere else.

  10. I did a sorcery basede build on the original version. It's quite underpowered early on then massively overpowered later. Once you get the best spells (as long as you follow the big hat story) it actually gets a bit dull just zapping most things from distance.


    PVP would be a different matter, of course - a lot of the missile type spells are easy to dodge.

  11. I think there's one thing worth knowing about the beginning, and don't think it's really a spoiler (I certainly wish I'd understood it from the start).


    That is, you can't save at all in the opening section, but once you're through it you can save regularly.

  12. BC would certainly be a factor in deciding whether to stick with the same lot or go for the others. I went from 360 to PS4 this time round and being able to keep all the 360 stuff on the XBone would've at least made me think twice.


    Anyway, whatever happens, the chances of me buying any console at launch now are pretty much zero. I waited 2 years before buying the PS4 and that seemed about right. It took that long for there to be enough new games to make it worthwhile, but since then there's been plenty. Paying a premium for the worst version of a console and its likely mediocre 'launch window' lineup feels a bit daft.

  13. Carried on post-credits a fair bit. Have managed to


    get all the strawberries and completed the core. Also done the first 3 B-sides. And now my hands are broken.

    Might come back to it at some point, but that’s enough for now. What a game.

  14. 23 minutes ago, Minion said:


    The games are definitely not for everyone but perhaps Dark Souls 3 would be more to your liking, it's more modern and fluid and not so brutally unfriendly, have you tried it?

    I found parts of DS3 horribly frustrating, even having played the others. Mostly it’s because it demands much more of you in terms of skill (so does Bloodborne, but the character movement and weapons are better suited to it), whereas DS1 is more about figuring out the right strategy. Some of the bosses in DS3 are maddening. Especially any that have


    two health bars.

    I’m also a big fan of the Tomb of the Giants – that first time edging through it with just the lantern was an incredible tense experience.

  15. 2 hours ago, Jamin said:

    Not really spoilers as it's a name, but did anyone else accidentally kill Igwe in a really obvious stupid way (when you first meet him)? :(

    Haha, yes. Had to reload there. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing, to be fair.


    Enjoyed the game quite a lot overall. There are definitely some weak sections, and the enemy design is a bit dull, but the amount of stuff to find and the variety of ways to get to it are impressive.

  16. 17 minutes ago, jonamok said:

    Just for context, I expect this to be my first full playthrough. I part played it last year 360/via XBO b.c. but completely hit the wall at Capra and that area below Firelink with the slashy ghosts. Never even made Blighttown, but from the bits I’ve seen it looks like Valley of Defilement from Demon’s, shudder.


    I’m just looking for tips that will help me avoid hitting the wall, I’m not intending to spoil areas I’ve not played yet.

    I can see how Capra could be a sticking point, especially as it’s a couple of minutes running between each attempt (the bonfire placement for the early bosses is overly harsh). It’s an inspired but brutal piece of boss design.


    Would still be a shame not to do it and to miss out on that path though.

  17. Exactly @kensei. I wouldn’t use the Master Key if you haven’t played through it before. It’s kind of a sequence breaking tool for later playthroughs when you have particular aims in mind and want to get there quicker.


    Plus, the journey down is simply one of the highlights of the game, and a wonderful piece of world building.


    Edit: Oops, didn’t realise there was another page.

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