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  1. I think I could have lived with the bad controls and glitches and sometimes illogical puzzles if the atmosphere and emotional heart of the story had landed for me. But with no words or voices to work with it needs far stronger direction. The backgrounds are sometimes well framed, but there's quite a lot of generic post-apocalyptic stuff in them, and then the animation and sound effects are often weak. I don't think it establishes a strong bond between the family at the start, there's almost no interaction between the man and the dog, and the threats in the game have no weight or presence - there's more panic in trying to run away from one attack dog in Inside than there is throughout the whole of Somerville. It's not just the performance that makes it feel unpolished, it's that lack of detail everywhere. Little things that Inside got so right, and put it in a completely different league.
  2. Just based on a short demo, I think that's unlikely. It should be solid at least.
  3. Hmm. Perhaps the issue is having a 1500 word count for such a thin game - it's difficult to avoid some detail. But I'm generally careful with spoilers. In this case, I felt I need to give examples of my frustrations, and most of the examples I gave are from the opening sections of the game. There's also a certain amount that I felt I had to mention to explain the core mechanic and premise. I was deliberately vague about later plot developments. Anyway, it's a short game on Game Pass that's out today, so reviews in this case aren't a buyer's guide so much as a critique. Perhaps it is wise to read them afterwards. I do think the game's a dud, though.
  4. Thanks. Enjoyed reading yours too. I still had to cut mine down quite a bit because there's so much to talk about with this game. But it was good to have some room and freedom to get into the themes a little.
  5. The reviews are coming out now. Here's my effort for GamesRadar: https://www.gamesradar.com/pentiment-review/ It's a fantastic game.
  6. I thought I'd made it sound enticing, now the history are nerds are scaring people away.
  7. I am, yes. And while I can't say anything yet of course, the fact that I thought it was worth creating a thread might tell you something. I also did the preview piece for Edge recently, and one thing that came up there was that the devs are big fans of Umberto Eco and The Name of the Rose. And even in the demo I played there was a definite Eco vibe to it.
  8. Pentiment is out next week, on the 15th November, and it's on Game Pass. What is it? A kind of detective game made by Obsidian, and set in 16th century Bavaria, amidst the reformation and the peasants' revolts. You play a wandering artist who ends up investigating a murder while staying in a small alpine town. Announcement trailer: Behind the scenes:
  9. It's a decent looking start to the year. All of these are at least a little interesting (although I'm sure they won't all turn out good), and are confirmed releases in Jan or Feb: Fire Emblem Engage Forspoken Dead Space Deliver Us Mars Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Wanted: Dead Wild Hearts Atomic Heart Like a Dragon: Ishin! Octopath Traveler II Destiny 2: Lightfall
  10. Hopefully of interest here - I've interviewed 10 of the folks who made Mass Effect over the last few months, including many of the project leads, to put together this oral history of the first game: https://www.techradar.com/features/mass-effect-the-oral-history-of-a-game-changing-rpg
  11. A Plague Tale was released two years before Village. I think the Edge review was a 7. Either way, for 'an excellent game' with one bad set piece, that doesn't sound off the mark.
  12. I really like the look of it. Hopefully get some time to play it towards the end of the year.
  13. BadgerFarmer

    Edge #378

    So there are actually eight covers, it seems:
  14. BadgerFarmer

    Edge #378

    I really enjoyed reading through the reviews section this morning. If anything, it's improved by the fact that I've played a number of the games in question and disagree with some of the evaluations. There's a skill to taking a reader through a journey they may have already been on and showing them a different interpretation that makes perfect sense. It shouldn't need saying still, but seeing the working and how they got there is a lot more interesting than the number at the end.
  15. BadgerFarmer

    Edge #378

    Alternate cover (from digital sub):
  16. Yeah, increasingly I don't want the final boss to be a huge hurdle. Dark Souls' Gwyn is a great example - not easy by any means when you first meet him, but he's old and flawed and knows when to die. The Sekiro final boss is the other end of the scale, and I really couldn't be arsed with it.
  17. Yeah, I've been playing, and writing about, Astral Chain again recently. It's got some amazing combat systems once you get the hang of it, and all the other stuff fits around them really well. Bayo 1 is still Platinum's best work though. And I've still got enough good will left over from it that I may still buy B3 even though I'm not convinced by what I've seen and read. It would be good if someone here could say 'actually, the new systems are really interesting after all.'
  18. Even increasing the slots to 8 would make a big difference, I think. As Benny says, it's not really even about challenge - it's not a difficult game - just about cutting back on pointless trips across areas.
  19. This does have that same mechanic. It just doesn't get introduced till a little further in. Although with all the item chest backtracking, I always just chose to burn the enemies near save rooms.
  20. This describes my experience with Signalis. You have a six item limit, as in the same as Chris mode in Resi 1, but there are more key items than in a Resident Evil game. Capcom figured out that was too stingy pretty quickly and later Resi games found a batter balance between management and busywork, which I thought worked well. I've never had a problem with those. The limit in Signalis doesn't feel retro so much as archaic.
  21. Yeah, it's definitely better when you have a few days to mull a game over before writing about it. In this case though, I would have preferred a more narrative-led experience than the full Resident Evil treatment.
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