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  1. 1 minute ago, HarryBizzle said:

    So far my build is 7/5/5/1/1. That seems like a thin enough spread as it is but the spirit generation of Fire is good and Earth seems to scale my current weapon so I’m sticking with it. 

    I don’t really understand the magic system but the Earth level 1 spell that boosts your armour stops normal attacks from staggering you which is really handy. 

    Also what’s the deal with weapons having different levels of stars? I have three Pommels of the whatever which all look roughly the same but they’re *, ** and ***. 

    Bit annoyed; I upgraded the ** and then switched back to the *** and upgraded that as well. 

    Stars give weapons mini-perks and bonuses, so the more stars the more of those. You can tailor the bonuses to your liking later as well, but it's not really worth bothering with unless you get deep into it. Generally, just use the one with more stars if you've got two of the same weapons, but don't worry too much about switching if you've already upgraded one.

  2. 1 hour ago, HarryBizzle said:

    I think one of my companions died because I didn’t bother to heal him, assuming that he would stand back up one I beat the big baddie. Now I can’t summon him back. If they die in a level are they gone for the duration of that level? It’s the chonkyboi who tries to kill you but is then on your side. 

    If it's one of the ones that accompanies you by default, they'll respawn once you rest at a flag. If it's one you summoned yourself, you need to summon them again each time they (or you) die.

  3. 1 hour ago, Curtis said:

    The current boss I'm on is 1-shotting me if each and every parry isn't bang on perfection. Doesn't help he has maybe 8 different moves and he never does them in the same order. 


    I'm not under-levelled and I've upgraded my gear best I can with the materials available at this point in the game, it's just feels a little too harsh.


    I'm taking a breather and having a beer cause I'm not having fun.

    Have you got all the flags in the level to start at 20 morale each time?


    Or maybe use the earth spell that boosts defence if it's one-shotting you.


    That was also one of the bosses that I found easier to do solo.

  4. Worth noting that weapons also have a parry difficulty stat. Choose ones with a higher percentage to make it easier.


    And (perhaps obvious), it's always worth tracking down all the flags before facing a boss to ensure your starting level is higher each time you fail.


    I also think it's easier to beat bosses at times without a companion character. It becomes easier to concentrate and makes them behave more predictably. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Lying Cat said:


    It's also worth noting that you can hold Block and still Parry, which hugely reduces the punishment for missing a Parry.

    Yeah, this is key. You can get away with a late parry, effectively. Although blocking drains spirit and red attacks can't be blocked.


    Parrying to reduce the enemy's spirit and then stunning them is the way to wreck enemies quickly, especially bosses. It can be the difference between chipping away at a tough enemy for ages or destroying them in seconds.

  6. 32 minutes ago, Paulando said:



      Reveal hidden contents

    Fire Emblem Engage: 7

    Season: A Letter to the Future: 9

    Jett: Given Time: 8

    High On Life: 5

    Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator: 7

    Dragon Quest Treasures: 6

    Hyper Gunsport: 8

    The Forest Quartet: 7

    Lone Ruin: 5




  7. I think the story is as much about the repetition and the frustration and the madness of the time loop as it is the milestones. I don't think it would be as effective emotionally if it was placed in a structure of constant progression. It's rare that game design matches the experiences of its characters so well.


    Even the save and suspend feature, which was ultimately essential in practical terms, still detracts from the purity of the vision somewhat, in the sense that it encourages you to value a single life in a situation where you have infinite lives, none of which are significant individually.  

  8. 13 hours ago, fragglerock said:

    I like that. The only review I've read that doesn't either ignore the issues or discuss them at a tangent, but instead works them and the background context into the critique of the game itself. 


    I wish there was more room for reviews to break out of the conventional formula. It certainly helps in this case that there's no score at the end, and that Polygon decided not to race to meet an embargo.

  9. 20 hours ago, Flanders said:

    The snootier UK games media more or less don’t get Returnal, which is one of several reasons I don’t treat them as any barometer of what’s good anymore. 

    Too wrapped up in praising tedious point and click adventures and FMV games that remind them of the 90s to appreciate a genuinely next gen game when it stares them in the face. 

    It's nothing quite so sinister - merely a case of a certain game not clicking with a certain reviewer. I write reviews for PCG sometimes and if I'd got this one it would have been a much more positive writeup. Overall, though, surely you want different perspectives out there, and that's what you get when you look at Robin's review alongside the more glowing ones.

  10. I got to review it again on PC for RPS, and I'd say it's a great port as long as you've got a powerful enough machine. Mine pretty much matches the recommended specs (RTX 2070) and managed a fairly steady 60fps at 1080 on High settings. You don't want to go lower than that, though. because it drops down in quality quite noticeably if you play on Medium, and it's the sort of game that really benefits from having everything turned up to Epic with as many bells and whistles on as possible.

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