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  1. Slower than a smaller sword, for sure, but hits harder and is more likely to interrupt your opponent, so you can just keep hitting them (and a jumping R2 attack will do a lot of poise damage). It's always that tradeoff, but if you're focused on STR, you're geared towards using a bigger, slower weapon. If you stick with the broadsword though, try equipping it with a 'Heavy' class ash of war, because you'll get better STR scaling and do more damage. You'll gradually get a lot more incantations, too. The basic fireball is good for getting through the early stages though, when you need a little bit more range.
  2. I used the same sword throughout much of the game. Found it in one of the caravan chests near where you first get the horse. Lordswain greatsword, or something like that. I did level up a few others, which were better for some fights, but went back to that trusty blade at the end. This was on a str/fai build.
  3. It's worth practicing some tricks a few times before trying them for real, and sometimes even noting down sequences and signals so you don't have to remember them all. But once you've got the hang of a trick it's no usually difficult to nail it consistently, I found. There are difficulty levels, if you need.
  4. Well, it's actually here on NME, but for some reason it's only showing the first paragraph at the moment. Hopefully they'll fix it soon: https://www.nme.com/reviews/game-reviews/card-shark-review-3238176 Edit: Finally sorted. It's all there now.
  5. I played on Switch and I thought the controls worked really well. Things like circular motions and careful wine pouring seem made for an analogue stick (although if you have any left stick drift, that would likely ruin it), while the rest is button presses.
  6. Just waiting for my review to be published, but I loved it. One of my favourite games of the year so far.
  7. These games have always had player summons that you could choose to use or ignore. You might even find other players who will do the whole fight for you. That's a core mechanic, but also easy to just not do. ER is more flexible as an RPG than any of the previous games. There are so many different ways of approaching boss battles that aren't ash summons. You might want to save all your FP for magic attacks and skills. The rewards for completing bosses aren't just ashes either, they're weapons and spells - all options you may or may not want to use. Maybe it's fair to say ashes are too powerful, and should cost more - draining FP over time, perhaps. But I'd rather just have all these different possibilities and find the approach that works best for me. I didn't use ashes on all boss battles because sometimes I was enjoying the challenge without, but there are far too many to be getting stuck for ages on every one.
  8. Finally finished the game and polished off the last remaining trophy bosses. I thought Malenia might have been too much, but when she finally fell it was over very quickly. I've got two endings and the legendary weapons trophy left for platinum, but can't get those without another play through, and it's all a bit too much to go through again just yet. One for the future, perhaps. What a game though. I have some criticisms, but it's a game changer in terms of fantasy open-world adventures. The rest of the genre (even BotW2) has some catching up to do.
  9. I think my dream game would basically be one of these open world adventures without combat, just exploration and environmental navigation and puzzles. A bit like the original Tomb Raider, but completely solitary and non-linear. I'm now enjoying playing the end of Elden Ring, after I've beaten the last boss. I'm just going round looking for stuff I'd missed and in most areas the enemies are so weak I can concentrate more on the layouts and architecture and finding my way. I'd love a game like this to be that from the start.
  10. The size of Elden Ring made me think about this recently. I'm going round this huge open world and every time I see something alive my only choice in terms of interacting with it (barring the occasional NPC) is whether or not to try and kill it. I know this all sounds a bit 'what if we could talk to the monsters', but it does seem strange in one of today's most cutting-edge games that all it allows us to do with its populace is hit them with weapons and spells. I mean, maybe you could form alliances...
  11. As far as I can tell, that's just some kind of business registration. The job ads on their website are all for Moscow.
  12. Really? I thought they were based in Moscow. Do you have a source for the Cyprus bit?
  13. I found as long as I could fight one-on-one their attacks weren't too hard to avoid. I saved my ash summon for the middle of the fight when the second one turns up then tried to drag one away and finish him off while the other fought my ash man.
  14. I particularly liked that although it's hidden it's also hinted at just enough that you might go looking for it. First an NPC mentions the sewer under the capital. Then in the initial sewer area you pass through you see an item you can't reach behind iron bars, so you know there has to be more to find. That was enough to get me exploring the area more carefully until I found the well. Very clever.
  15. Fair enough, I've edited mine to clarify that I am indeed voting for Returnal the video game, as opposed to Returnal the fourth studio album by American electronic musician Daniel Lopatin under the alias Oneohtrix Point Never.
  16. I'm 2 episodes into Clark, and it's good fun so far.
  17. It works a little better on Hard difficulty, I think, in that it forces you to be a bit more focused and clinical, which adds a touch of tension to the combat. Although that still doesn't stop it being very repetitive. It's a shame they couldn't make more of, well, everything. All those fantastic views and camera angles are badly underserved.
  18. I thought the video game bit was just for stuff like Doom, when there are different versions with the same name? I didn't include it for The Witness, for example.
  19. 1. Dark Souls 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Street Fighter II 4. Super Mario 64 5. Elden Ring 6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 7. Bayonetta (video game) 8. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade 9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 10. Astro Boy: Omega Factor 11. F-Zero X 12. Super Metroid 13. Super Bomberman 14. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 15. Invisible, Inc. 16. Suikoden II 17. The Witness (2016 video game) 18. The Last Guardian 19. Celeste (video game) 20. Returnal (video game) I don't know where to put Elden Ring yet. It may end up at the top of the pile.
  20. I do like Bloodroots, but in terms of challenge it's one of those die, quick restart, repeat type games, where you keep hammering away at each level until you put together a clean run. The camera does rob it of some precision, which isn't ideal for this sort of thing. But it's often great fun regardless, mainly thanks to the sheer variety of weapons.
  21. I somehow missed that this was leaving early access.
  22. Curse of the Dead Gods is a good solid Roguelike. We have a thread for it somewhere.
  23. It feels like a necessary sacrifice to allow for the ash summons and all the different weapon arts and spells you can potentially use, not to mention that you might meet some of them when you're overpowered, making them much easier. I'd rather have that freedom to tackle them in different ways, I think, even if it means some of them become anti-climatic. But there are still some very good ones anyway. Dark Souls would still be my pick for bosses overall, because of the variety. Almost every one is a different challenge, rather than just a different set of moves to learn. They also don't drag on too long. There are some very brave choices in there, too, even if one or two (Bed of Chaos) don't work. Gwyn is a brilliant finale because it's so low-key - it's so in tune with the tone of the game not to keep going for greater and greater spectacle.
  24. I didn't expect it, and there it was. You could have just listed the names of the games for that bit, no? It's a 100+ hour game that's been out just 2 months.
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