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  1. My usual scope is anything from puzzle games, turn-based tactics, (J)RPGs, ARPGs and 'story-based' games, through to action adventures, open-world games, character action, various roguelikes and retro/arcade stuff.


    I almost never bother with anything multiplayer focused these days. Even when I've played some good stuff, like Monster Hunter World with friends, while it was fun for a while I think I just prefer to work through games at my own pace.


    I've stopped playing football games as well - used to love a bit of PES master league - and barely touch racing games either. Never really got into RTS or city building, although I can occasionally enjoy one that's a little different (quite liked The Wandering Village recently).


    These days of course you can play plenty of different genres and still restrict yourself to a narrow portion of the full spectrum of gaming. From mobile gaming to online time sinks like LoL or Fortnite, and all the stuff in between, nobody can keep up with it all. 

  2. On 15/11/2022 at 17:07, stir fry said:

    Lots of big budget productions tend to go for a very broad style of game writing, you can really feel it in GoW Ragnarok I think. It's the most MCU-ish game I've played in a while (aside from literal Marvel games like GOTG, which I quite liked actually). I do also think that motion capture and voice acting leads to a lack of flexibility these days with games writing, but that has been a thing since the PS2 at this point.

    One of the things that grates is how prolific that Joss Whedon/MCU style of conversation. There's a very singular sense of humour throughout things like GoW and Uncharted, and even TLOU to an extent, plus of course actual Marvel games, and it gives them a really homogenous feel.


    I'm not keen on constant chatter generally, but I found A Plague Tale Requiem to be one of the better examples, in part because it doesn't keep forcing in that same type of humour, but also because it often does a better job of making it feel like characters trying to work through situations together.

  3. Ah, fair enough. It's funny how these things go. I thought that looping cough sound was really ineffective and irritating, for example.


    Anyway, despite my disappointment with it, I'm glad others are enjoying it.

  4. I think I could have lived with the bad controls and glitches and sometimes illogical puzzles if the atmosphere and emotional heart of the story had landed for me. But with no words or voices to work with it needs far stronger direction. 


    The backgrounds are sometimes well framed, but there's quite a lot of generic post-apocalyptic stuff in them, and then the animation and sound effects are often weak. I don't think it establishes a strong bond between the family at the start, there's almost no interaction between the man and the dog, and the threats in the game have no weight or presence - there's more panic in trying to run away from one attack dog in Inside than there is throughout the whole of Somerville.


    It's not just the performance that makes it feel unpolished, it's that lack of detail everywhere. Little things that Inside got so right, and put it in a completely different league.

  5. 2 hours ago, JoeK said:

    I swear, if Planet of Lana ends up being a duffer as well, that will be a big old shame indeed.

    Just based on a short demo, I think that's unlikely. It should be solid at least. 

  6. 17 minutes ago, earlymodernsteve said:

    That and pottage don't travel so well :)


    Here's my thoughts: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2022/11/14/pentiment-review/



    Love that writeup @BadgerFarmer jealous of the word count you were allowed :) Had to cut loads from my musings to fit the house style.

    Thanks. Enjoyed reading yours too.


    I still had to cut mine down quite a bit because there's so much to talk about with this game. But it was good to have some room and freedom to get into the themes a little.

  7. 49 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    Are you reviewing this one, @BadgerFarmer? Got any rllmuk-exclusive 🔥hot takes🔥 for us if so?

    I am, yes. And while I can't say anything yet of course, the fact that I thought it was worth creating a thread might tell you something.


    I also did the preview piece for Edge recently, and one thing that came up there was that the devs are big fans of Umberto Eco and The Name of the Rose. And even in the demo I played there was a definite Eco vibe to it.  

  8. It's a decent looking start to the year.


    All of these are at least a little interesting (although I'm sure they won't all turn out good), and are confirmed releases in Jan or Feb:


    Fire Emblem Engage


    Dead Space

    Deliver Us Mars

    Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

    Wanted: Dead

    Wild Hearts

    Atomic Heart

    Like a Dragon: Ishin!

    Octopath Traveler II

    Destiny 2: Lightfall

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