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  1. I’ve got absolutely no idea. For the ones that you rent out like I mentioned above I’d assumed it was just a case of entering the names, addresses and payment details and maybe then pointing it at relevant products at the relevant websites. If so then for the numbers that we’re talking about here that’s not going to take too long. Like I say though, that’s based on nothing but assumption and I’d be happy enough to chip in on top to make it worth the while of doing that if it can’t be shared out.
  2. How much is lots of money? I’m sure there’s lots of people using this forum that want one of the new consoles or graphics cards but can’t get one. If they all chucked in a tenner would that be enough for some Rllmuk bots that would get everyone what they wanted? Carnagebot look to charge £250 up front and then £25 a month. What does that get you?
  3. Well despite my knowledge of the MCU literally extending no further than the first two Iron Man films and having never heard of Wanda or Vision until a couple of hours ago I watched the first two episodes this evening and really enjoyed them. Reading this thread makes me somewhat concerned that 90% of what’s to come will probably go completely over my head but I’m definitely up for giving it a try.
  4. Nice. I had an email and a text from Royal Mail this morning to say mine will be delivered tomorrow morning. Cheers.
  5. Just had an email from Game to say that mine has been dispatched...so look out for the email if you've not already had one :-)
  6. Ah okay. I’m sure I’d read somewhere that it was actually ever so slightly cheaper to get on All Access but until I saw it pop up at Game last week had never really looked into it or considered it. Not to worry anyway. I’m happy to pay a bit extra just so I don’t need to be stressing about checking Amazon in the right 10 second period they‘re available each month.
  7. I don’t understand. Why would you end up paying more as long as you wait until you’ve got 1 year left before activating the 2 years? I went the All Access route purely because it was a way of getting an order in for one now. It’s interest free so nothing to lose.
  8. I asked the same question above. Seems like you can wait to activate the 2 years until you have only a year left. Hope so anyway.
  9. Yeah I saw the pre-order thing. Oh well fingers crossed it’s soon. Cheers.
  10. Have you heard anything from Game about your All Access order yet @cassidy? I got an email from them on Thursday saying it was ‘packing’, but I can only assume they’ve run out of tape as I’ve not heard anything since ;-p
  11. Ah I wondered what Arcadia was when I saw it in my YouTube recommendations but never got around to taking a look. I’ll definitely chuck $7 at the first issue and see how it is. I’ve had way more than that amount value from his YouTube videos.
  12. Cheers for that. I checked it out yesterday and don't have as much as I thought. I'll have a year left at the end of March and so I'll wait until then to apply the new two years. Thanks.
  13. I’ve had an email to say mine is packing now, so it’s all looking good so far.
  14. Cheers guys. Sounds good. I was worrying I'd wasted my money.
  15. After passing over my launch pre-order to someone more desperate than me I've just managed to bag a Series X from Game on the All Access thing (assuming it ever turns up...this being Game and all). Thing is, I've already got another 18 months of Game Pass Ultimate on my account...I assume that the All Access thing will just be a code that I can apply to my existing account?
  16. I guess we’ll find out later today.
  17. The next 5th Edition title has leaked. Apparently being announced tomorrow and releasing in March.
  18. I still think that at £14 it's extremely good value for what you get when you compare it to the price of a cinema ticket or buying a blu-ray for example.
  19. I thought it was well worth a watch. Maybe you’ve all got far more exciting lives than me, but it’s an hour and ten minutes out of a cold Sunday afternoon in the middle of lockdown. What else have you got to do?
  20. Shame they didn't put as much effort into the voice.
  21. I find the idea that the studios releasing their films to streaming rather than in cinemas means that they’ll make less profit and therefore will have less money to spend on smaller, interesting films rather bizarre too. Does anyone think for one second that the major studios have looked at things and decided to go with the option that will give them the lowest return? If releasing on streaming platforms means that they’re going to make fewer dollars than they have in the past then one things for absolute certain...continuing to operate as they have been doing will be even worse.
  22. I struggle to see how more consumer choice isn’t good news. The films are getting a simultaneous release in cinemas and at home. If you want the cinema experience then you’ve got it. It’s only if lots of people don’t actually really value the cinema experience (which I suspect many don’t of course) that cinemas have a problem. At which point they’ll have to up their game or die. If going to the cinema is such a wonderful experience then they have little to worry about. How many of us would go to arcades these days and pump pound coin after pound coin into a machine when we can have arguably a better experience overall at home for less money?
  23. Tasha has finally landed in the UK.
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