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  1. Ah right. Quite possibly. I’ve only ever used the website.
  2. Yeah the books are very readable (and probably more importantly very very searchable) on DnDBeyond. I’ve got a full physical 5th Edition book collection (or at least will have once Tasha’s is released over here) and so have only bought a couple of bits on there purely due to the cost of replicating things, but I’d have no hesitation in re-buying books I used regularly.
  3. I’ve been upgraded at no additional charge too...which is big of them since I’ve got Prime. Maybe they’ve upgraded me to drone delivery.
  4. Nice variety of stuff to be honest. All pretty lightweight, but there’s a history of D&D, a run down of all the main races and classes, an example of play, some stuff for the aspiring DM, features on podcasts etc, Adventurer’s League, articles about Ebberon and Barovia as well as lots of nice art and puzzles etc.
  5. I’d not heard of the annual until @MDYmentioned it yesterday, but picked up a copy today. It’s really nice, especially for the 8 quid it costs and if I had young nieces, nephews or any other kids I knew who I thought would be remotely interested I’d definitely be buying them a copy for Christmas. Cheapest D&D book I’ll ever buy no doubt too.
  6. Wonder if Heroes’ Feast, the official D&D Cookbook had been delayed too. That was supposed to be out here on Tuesday but that too is currently showing as Delivery Date Pending on Amazon.
  7. As good as this is...and it’s really really good...it makes me feel like a bit of a creep. I think I’m in love with Beth Harmon and I’m easily old enough to be the actresses dad and not a particularly young dad either.
  8. Back in September at the time of the original poll I chose both Xbox Series X and PS5. However since that time I’m more and more coming to the realisation that I have very little if any interest in video games these days and my lust for the new consoles is 50% FOMO and 50% nerdy excitement for new hardware. Now at the end of October I’m pretty sure that I’ll be spending the £1000 I’d put aside for both on lighting equipment instead. I’m not doing a lot of photography these days due to the virus but that’ll basically last forever and definitely will get used in the future.
  9. www.panamoz.com have both models in stock. Grey import of course from Hong Kong, but they come with a 3 year warranty where they reimburse you for any repair bills. I’ve spent a good few thousand there over the last couple of years or so and couldn’t be happier. That’s exactly where I’d be buying from if I was in the market for new camera gear regardless of stock shortages in the UK.
  10. What a difference a few weeks makes. When it was first revealed I thought it was hideous. It looks gorgeous in that photo...in my opinion of course.
  11. Well the demo is lovely and it's encouraged me to order the full game. It looks super super ropey and low resolution on a big tv though (65" in this case). I wish they'd have done whatever work was required to bring it up to 1080p, especially with it being a full price release.
  12. Well they've certainly managed to polish Halo up a bit if that trailer is anything to go by!
  13. Have they done anything yet about the glowing yellow bar in the bottom left hand corner of the screens that builds up for 'super moves'? I'd love to get into Destiny again when the Series X or PS5 arrives, but that bar left a permanent mark on my plasma tv a few years ago and there's no way I'm risking it damaging my OLED.
  14. Good news that there seems to be fairly easy access to the fans for cleaning when they get shitted up with dust anyway. It's just a shame that it's a 2 man lift.
  15. Either that bloke is a really little fella or the PS5 is even bigger than I thought it would be!
  16. MS have done really well so far. Hope their success doesn’t get spoiled by a load of heat related failures brought about by people sticking the console in inappropriate places (ooer!) I’m beginning to wonder if Sony have played a blinder by making sure the PS5 was so big that it wouldn’t fit into most AV cabinets.
  17. The money that Series X owners will be saving on their heating bills this winter means that more may be able to afford one than you’d think.
  18. If they emit so much heat then how sensible is it to place them in your average AV cabinet where there might only be a couple of inches clearance on some sides?
  19. I’m sorry you feel that way. Do you disagree with what I’m saying or is it just the way I’m saying it?
  20. I’ve never been to a drive in and so I’ll bow to the judgement of those who have, but what’s the appeal? I can understand why people would prefer to watch a film in the cinema rather than at home (I personally don’t but that’s just me). I can’t however for the life of me understand why someone would want to sit in their car and watch a film through their mucky windscreen with the sound coming from a single crappy speaker (assuming that’s how it’s done?) with no doubt sub standard projection in a non light controlled environment. I’d rather watch a film on my phone, never mind in the comfort of my own home on a big OLED with decent if not cinema quality sound. I could perhaps fancy it as a one off for the novelty on a nice warm summer night but as a way to regularly watch films? No thanks.
  21. Hopefully independent cinemas that have put the effort into building a loyal audience that view film as something more important than just a distraction on a Saturday night will be a bit more secure but who knows.
  22. It’s self fulfilling isn’t it? They may well be giving the people what they want. Which is fine. McDonalds give people what they want too. However when the burgers run out then they’re shit out of luck. They could have been using their position to open peoples eyes to all the different cinema that’s out there and cultivating an audience for it, but instead they took the easy way and provided nothing but easy to digest Hollywood films and cartoons. That decision has come back to bite them.
  23. Will cinema survive Covid-19? Without a doubt. Will cinemas survive Covid-19? Possibly not and probably not in the numbers we’ve been accustomed to. Thankfully cinema doesn’t need cinemas to survive anymore than than the food industry needs McDonalds. Cinema that’s provided by cinemas is just a fraction of what’s out there and if cinemas do go under then hopefully it might level the playing field somewhat and allow more people to see that there are more films out there than what they’ve been force fed by the cinema chains.
  24. I’ve ordered the new Sony headphones to go with the PS5 but now I’ve seen the new Astro A20 Gen 2 solution above that’ll hopefully work well on both PS5 and Xbox I think I’m going to cancel the Sony ones and see what the reviews are like for those before making a decision. I’ve got an Astro A40 TR headset that I can use plugged into the pads for the time being until I know I’m making the right decision.
  25. This is what you want if you’re concerned about scratches. Quick waft over it with one of these every day or so will keep it looking perfect...
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