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  1. Have the figures for this been published anywhere yet? I'm intrigued as to how well or not this has done compared to both expectations and a normal release.
  2. I don’t particularly care what the reviews have to say...when I can pay £20ish to watch this at home then I’m definitely in, no questions. But as much as I love Heath Ledger playing the Joker, Christopher Nolan hasn’t made a single film that’s even close to risking death to see so he needs to make the best of the new landscape he’s operating within IMO.
  3. Include a little Sega Ashtray like they all have in Japanese arcades and I'm 100% in.
  4. The first computer games I ever owned were these that I got for Christmas 1983 when I was 10 and got my Acorn Electron. I remember finding them hidden one of my parents wardrobes a few weeks before the big day and sneaking a look at them whenever I got a chance. I put some serious hours into them back in the day, far more than I do most games now.
  5. Download the latest Adobe DNG Convertor and convert your proprietary RAW files to DNG using that. Then just import your files as DNG instead. https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/photoshop/using/adobe-dng-converter.html
  6. The only thing that could tempt me to upgrade my coming up to 1 year old 5D MkIV any time soon is the eye auto focus. Pretty much all of my photography is portrait stuff and so it’s something that I’d really benefit from. However while photography is a nice side line, it’s not one that pays enough for new £4K bodies just a year after buying the last.
  7. Well the console is cheaper than I thought and the headset is more expensive. Swings and roundabouts. Digital only console and headset on day one if those prices are accurate.
  8. How about creating an understanding that if they over run one day then it gets knocked off the next day and vis versa? Would possibly have the benefit of teaching them time management skills at the same time. I don’t have and know nothing about kids so if that’s ridiculous then apologies in advance.
  9. I’ve long fancied a gaming PC but really only for the stuff you can’t get on consoles or really needs mouse and keyboard control such as Civ and other strategy games. Are the pre-built PCs mentioned above good choices for this or would they be overkill? Rather than FPS should I instead focus on 4K at a lower framerate perhaps? Apologies if these are daft questions. I’ve always only had consoles.
  10. Also the Mac client is finally being released at the end of this week for anyone interested.
  11. I hated it last night, but this morning I'm beginning to warm to it...slightly. Who knows how I'll feel by the end of the year. Digital for me no question. I've not bought a physical game since the PS4 released and I've already got a couple of better Blu-ray / UHD players (Oppo).
  12. Only if you want me to dig up the offending article and pop it in the post for you ;-p
  13. I think you’re right. From this angle you can see the window light shining on it...
  14. Possibly. I’ve not noticed it until just now and have been playing most of the day.
  15. I don’t think so. It’s a bright pink. I’m no expert at all on hybrid stuff as I’ve not started breeding but I was under the impression it was the whole flower. This is just a single head.
  16. The picture doesn’t show it up too well but on the actual screen it’s considerably more brighter. Never seen anything like it.
  17. Sorry if this is a silly question but can anyone advise what this single brighter coloured flower head is and why it’s bright?
  18. Going out with the dog for an hour but i’ll leave this it turned on while I’m out...I’m not being rude if I don’t reply / interact with anyone who comes.
  19. No problem. I’ll leave it on most of the afternoon.
  20. Buying Turnips here for 609 Bells...feel free to pop on over to Belle Isle... DPOWK
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