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  1. it's not a person. it's a city in Brazil. a city on the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and the capital of this state is Porto Alegre, where Yonlu lived.(I just know about it because I'm brazilian). but on the music "Luana/mecânica celeste aplicada" he said something about Erechim. "e eu aposto que ele nem sabe onde fica Erechim", and the meaning it's like "I bet that he doesn't even know where Erechim is" the problem here is to know who is the "he" Yonlu is talking about. but with the context and interpretation you can know it. I'm not gonna try to explain here because I'm not abs
  2. I don't know how to feel...[actually how to react] Actually i can't describe what I'm feeling. This is so close to me, but also so far away. When I was 4 years old, in 2006, Yonlu was 16. Now, in 2018 I'm 16, and I just knew about his story this year. I wish I had been able to 'join' him on this site, before it was too late, as it is now. If I was able to, I would say that I feel so thankful for ''he''. Was the first time, in this 16 years of my life, that a song, a music, and a person really reached me. And coincidentally, I start with music and stuff when I was really young
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