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  1. I've dreamt about a real release of this for many years. This RE4 mod might do the job until it inevitably happens one day. https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/see-resident-evil-1-remade-in-resident-evil-4s-engine/
  2. Due to the reverse engineering on Mario 64 and painstakingly restoring all C code from the original machine instructions (accurate to the point where you can build the ROM using the SDK and it will produce the same checksum as the actual ROM images - insane work) - there is now a complete port of Mario 64 to directX 12. Videos on YouTube, and various downloads around. 4k support and buttery smooth. Nuts! Thanks for reading
  3. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/resident-evil-4-remake/ Led by a new team that contributed to the significantly downsized Resident Evil 3. Would've preferred CV, Zero or a whole new game in the Remake style. Both Resi 2 and 3 Remakes suffered from obvious development issues and seemed oddly rushed. I'd welcome the news they were returning to finish either as definitive editions next gen. This means we have... RE8 in 2021. RE4R in 2022? Feels like to do this properly the release date will slip by a year or two.
  4. https://www.asos.com/pqube/dataeast-classic-collection-snes-cartridges/prd/10538581?affid=23983&socialadref=23844563382290439&fbadid=23844563383510439 Just saw this on my FB, wonder if they have others
  5. Have we got one? There's so many coming out it's hard to tell what the better ones are. Any sites or YouTube channels for reviews?
  6. There must be lots of examples like this. But I've never noticed this on the SNES before. Not sure if it's on the pal version. The little 1p/2p dots, carried through to the n64, GC, and Wii GC controller ports. Also the neo homecart system has premade cutouts and mountings for a cartridge lock bar that slotted into the cutout on the side of all homecarts. Someone actually 3d printed and made one which worked.
  7. Maybe Edge will ask them what's up with this? They could do a feature on tax avoidance and developer crunch and never get an exclusive feature again! Ha... ha...hmmm. https://www.taxwatchuk.org/rockstar_2019_tax_relief/ https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/29/grand-theft-auto-maker-uk-corporation-tax-rockstar-north-games So... as a dumb person, what's the deal? Is VGTR just a way of bribing Rockstar to keep it's studio and jobs in the UK? It seems a little bit cheeky (or should-be-criminal) to drain a government money pot (presumably tax payer's money) without paying anything back in tax, whilst turning over a ridiculous profit with one of the most successful franchises/studios in the industry.
  8. Taito are releasing a new Bubble Bobble sequel on Switch this November. It’s 4 player. I don’t care if the game turns out jank, gonna take that physical edition. And hopefully Bub & Bob get a Smash Bros DLC slot as well. Would love this to lead to a Bubble Bobble 1-3, Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars collection on Switch. More here: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/4-player-switch-bubble-bobble-to-launch-exclusively-first-in-europe/
  9. People need to get down from their high horses. Many of us (me included) watched it in the cinema and will also add it to the blu-ray collection.
  10. Recently I've found I'm having more reasons to want to use things like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign and of course Photoshop for professional use and obviously pirating is right out if I'm not just retouching family photos or whatever for my own purposes. I qualify for educational pricing for the forseeable future but that's still endless renting of software with no end in sight. So, I was wondering how everyone was managing with/without the Adobe in various ways? What's replaceable? And what isn't? I've just gone all in on Affinity software, starting with a "what the hell, it's only £40" for Affinity Photo, then trying the Publisher beta which rapidly turned into a special beta tester discount. Then why not, should get Designer too to complete the suite, right? And aside from the ridiculously competitive pricing, the software itself is really good. Lots of well thought out features (high-pass filtering in Photo is a real highlight), copious video tutorials on their website, official learn-by-doing workbooks for every tool and a surprising number of high quality guides on youtube too. I've got some conferences coming up and I'll be doing a lot with the Affinity suite for producing quality research posters, slidedecks that aren't awful and that kind of thing. That got me to wondering what else was out there. Affinity Photo doesn't do raw collection management so I gave Darktable and RawTherapee a shot and I think I might actually prefer RawTherapee to Lightroom. Which is great, because it's free! I also found out Google still offer the Nik Collection for creative photo processing at the free version before it got sold on to DxO (who also offer a free version). DaVinci Resolve has managed to fill the gap for both Premiere Pro and After Effects, while at the same time having just phenomenal colour grading tools. And it's free (unless you want denoising and hardware accelerated encoding and a few other sort of essential things...). I'm not sure you could honestly replace After Effects but Resolve comes with Fusion built in, which serves just fine for particle effects, 3d titling, keying, motion tracking and other stuff. I definitely love the node graph workflow over having a massive layer stack. Full pro version is a little pricey for casual use, but if you like to own software it seems like a really solid option. I haven't tried Krita yet, but I have played around with Autodesk Sketchbook which is sort of free for everyone and it's got a lovely brush engine and some clever workflow design. I've got it on my Surface Pro for doodling, turning on the symmetry tool to bash in some linework and then going to town colouring is really relaxing So yeah, what else is out there? Have you tried out the alternatives to Adobe for professional or home use and what did you think of it?
  11. Does anyone remember this game? A friend and I used to play it constantly as it really grabbed your imagination. Hard as balls but running away from 4 vampires and a large spider was terrifying. Music was a Hubbard special and is fantastic. Check it out if you haven't. I played it mainly on spectrum but bought it later on c64.
  12. I've personally little interest in retro gaming nowadays, the pal N64 sucked ass, why on earth would I ever want to play it again? I have a neo with 38 games that's my main machine, over the PS4 (2 games), and an ngpc with five games. I've never been one for omg 2500 retro games including a sealed tomorrow never dies for PS1. It does literally nothing for me. What kind of retro gamer are you? Do you just hoover up any old shit at car boot sales because it's a gaming item from the 90s - regardless of what it is or condition, or do you have a specific interest in a nice library for a single machine? When I see people's retro setups with 9000 consoles and a separate CRT, I'm like nah mate
  13. Generally remakes are seen as money making and unnecessary, however there are surely some that need a reboot. Post your suggestions, no matter how controversial. I'd suggest Spawn needs a remake. The character is ace but the film made him out to be pretty crap. I'd like him to be more like Venon. Don't get me started on the bad guys too. So annoying.
  14. Anyone a regular or been? Seriously impressed, kudos to the owners. The upstairs is the best retro arcade I've been to, bar none. Literally a 25yr time warp.
  15. Hiii I'm only looking to play up to PS1 at most so it doesn't need to be outrageously powerful. Any idea? I haven't kept up with the latest gp32 devices. Mainly for SNES, and mame, keyboard would be cool for c64 or dosbox. I see some running Windows 10 nowadays?
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